If I Could Save Rhyme in a Bottle: From Another Place...Another Time

If I Could Save Rhyme in a Bottle: From Another Place...Another Time

by E. Fay Dyer-Austin


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If I Could Save Rhyme in a Bottle: From Another Place...Another Time by E. Fay Dyer-Austin

Everything you never wanted to know about rhyming poetry, but were afraid to ask.

If I Could Save Rhyme In A Bottle is an all new collection of over 250 people-pleasing poems. The variety of subject matter ranges from delightful whimsy to exploring life's shadows.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780595137251
Publisher: iUniverse, Incorporated
Publication date: 12/28/2000
Pages: 288
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.65(d)

Table of Contents

If I Could Save Rhyme In A Bottle1
Happiness In A Box Under The Stairs2
A Tribute To: Lobo Diablo Petrovich Kanuuk Austin5
Celestial Blue Eyes7
I Would But Follow Thee8
Oh! Sweet Was The Sound10
Day Into Night12
Silly Flying Torches16
That Omnipresent Moon18
Why They Call It Poetry20
Sometimes Things Scare Me22
La Paix Que Nous Avons Connue (The Peace We Knew)24
She Moves Through The Heather27
Ghosts Of Time29
Diamonds In The Ruff31
Between The Dreams32
Somewhere In The Willows36
Taken By The Wind38
Ugly Is...43
Singing The Publishing Blues44
Stars Of Desire46
In The Palm Of My Hand49
The Heat Of Passion's Sun52
The Death Of My FireFly54
Ghoulish, He Was56
In Softness58
Celestial Nightmare60
When Violins Cried61
The Calm Before The Storm64
You Painted Her66
Four Line Versettes #169
You're Beautiful78
A Long Way Back80
With Thee82
That Dusty Southern Ground83
Damsel In Distress85
Coldness Of A Star87
The Fall88
Flowers Flowers89
If Only I Were Poe90
The Midnight Raven92
Like A Daffodil95
Only For A Little While97
She Took The Flower99
How The Sun Rose101
Of Oaks And Willows104
My Little Patch Of Green107
I Love You109
She Does111
Your Painted Garden112
Was It Me Living Destiny?115
She Was A Dreamer117
On The Outside Looking In119
Maybe Come Summer122
If You Should Ask125
Nocturnal Plight127
Self Reflection129
Where Did The Words Go Today?131
Look Into Me133
Four Line Versettes #2134
Dear Friend Of Mine142
He Knew146
I Want Spring148
Of Good And Evil150
Something About September153
The Walls156
An Illusionary Mirage159
Dancing On The Sea161
Don't Ask Me163
The Hand Of Destiny165
I'll Make You A Rainbow167
Midnight's Endless Arms169
Little Ditty170
Mistress Of Darkness171
Of Dark and Light173
The Nightingale174
Poet's Last Refrain176
The Silence Remembers178
Star Struck182
The Purple Haze And She184
At Midnight In The Soft Moonlight186
Vincent, Dear Vincent187
A Tiny Spark189
The Invisible Spot On The Floor190
Tied Together With A Star193
Four Line Versettes #3195
Dreams That Die (Said The Girl With The Sunflower Eyes)204
The Flower In The Stone207
My Thoughts And I209
You Hated Winter211
Upon Blue Velvet213
Where The River Runs215
This Thing217
Somewhere Somehow220
Poems From The Edge222
Oh Love!224
In My Hand225
Grant Me Solitude When I Die227
Dreaming In Metaphors229
Celeste Amour (Celestial Love)230
Eden Lost232
I Died Before235
If Three Should Love Me237
Summer's Frozen Dreams239
Through The Whisper Of A Dream240
Walking On The Streets Of You242
The Wind Will Whisper244
You Cannot Own The Heart245
The World Is Beautiful Just The Same247
Four Line Versettes #4248
This Masochistic Thing (Called Love) Trilogy--Part One257
Something Sadistic (Cruelly Creeps) Trilogy--Part Two259
Towards The Dawn (Goes The Eternal Optimist) Trilogy--Part Three261
Haiku Parody263
Dance with the FireFly264

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