If It Has Not Been the Lord

If It Has Not Been the Lord

by Florence A. C. O. Uzoechi


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If It Has Not Been the Lord by Florence A. C. O. Uzoechi

The reason and purpose of this book is to testify to people how God delivered me from the hands of the agent of chaos. It is also tabled in order to glorify God's name for being who he said he is. Some situations can be caused by us or another resident of the world, but we need to understand whichever way it gets to us. We should not forget Mother Nature by standing our ground and replenishing things when it goes wrong. Always let nature take its cause. All suffering is part of life, but it will not ensnare us with God on our side. With patience, perseverance, positivity, and faith in God, we can reach our destination.

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ISBN-13: 9781504984799
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 03/21/2016
Pages: 62
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.15(d)

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If It Has Not Been The Lord

By Florence A. C. O. Uzoechi


Copyright © 2016 Florence, A. C. O. Uzoechi
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-5049-8479-9


Positive and Negative Supernatural Power

This positive supernatural refers to God's realm. Christians draw on the power of the positive supernatural. To whom all power and authority belong, every tongue confess, and every kneels bow that he is our God and our maker. God is above all powers, kings, nature, kingdom, thrones and wisdom. With my grateful heart, I give you thanks, God you are above man's way, wonders and magic. You are even known above the treasures and wealth of the earth. We exalt thee Lord Tower of refuge and fortress, our comfort, strength and shelter. Our all powerful God your truth shall forever reign. Your river of love never ceased running for us. You are awesome God. My life, my strength and my hope are all in you. Help me to use them for your praise, my deliverer and my bulldozer this I asked in the name of my resurrected Lord whom all creation adore.

The negative supernatural is governed by Satan, (sham). The Cultist, the false religion draws on this power for evil practices. Satan does not look on the heart, he does not play fair his aim is to destroy God's work. When he was thrust out of heaven, he determined to make the earth his kingdom. When he tempted and overcame Adam and Eve he thought he had gained possession of the world. He thought it is impossible that forgiveness should be granted to the sinner and, therefore, everyone on earth were his. Sin entered human race and to save man from sin, God have to send Jesus to redeem the lost humanity as Jesus defeated Satan who was authority of death Jesus provided salvation for mankind on the basis of his sacrifice, his sacrifice was eternal no further sacrifice was required. In the ancients time, some rich sinners used an animal for sacrifice to wash away their sin. It has to be done once a year, but Jesus performed the last sacrifice for atonement of our sin and there is no sin that cannot be cleansed by the blood of Jesus. There is no sinner who cannot be saved by Jesus be it rich or poor his unconditional love is for all man. All our sins and suffering were erased that very moment Jesus died on the cross. It is finished he said.


My Family

I was born in Nigeria after eleven months I know I wasted a lot of time in my mother's womb, I don't really know why it took that long this is by the way. My family were strongly devoted Christians. I know there were many believers in the world, but my parents dedicated themselves to God I could not remember any time they quarrel, gossip or back biting with any body's name, every of their discussions was only about God and all their hope also was in him They were one of the best people I had ever met and I loved them so much, and some people do too.

When I was growing up, my parents taught me about God and encouraged me to always go to church and never tried to miss except when being ill. I adhered to my parent's advice even though I go to church with no intention in mind at that time, I always go with them to the church but the reason of going to the church and whom we are going to seek was not known to me or explained until the day I asked my parents why do we have to go to church on this particular day called Sunday, and my parents replied and said they have longed awaited for this type of question from any of us and explained in details to me and how great God is. They told me how God has been with them and how merciful God is to everybody in the world and they said to me always pray all the time for God loves little children especially when they prayed. Because of all these information and their effort in things concerning God, I started trusting God.

There is one powerful prayer my father taught; God we have taken you for who you are even though we have not seen you, but your words say blessed are those who did not see but believed. We believe in you and we ask you to take us for who we are. We thank you, father, for you will not let the will of man be done in our lives. My family continued to be in peace till when some problems arise between him and his nephews regarding his own portion of land which was not allocated when his brother was alive. My father settled in Kano state when he returned from the Second World War, but during the tribal war, he returned home and asking for his own portion of land as custom demands caused a very big crisis between them ... This is normal it happens everywhere in Africa, But my father been a nice and educated person decided to travel out with us to another state to give peace a chance and when people asked why he did not fight for his right, he always said to them a fearful man saves his own life and that of his opponent.


My first encounter with God

In 1979, God spoke to me in the dream. What brought about the closeness to God and the dream I am about to discuss was, there a was day I missed a confession as we usually do in Catholic monthly because my parents forgot to provide me with the money to pay for the card before they went out, and is getting late and I have never missed out any confession ever since my first holy Communion, and this made me to cry bitterly and I prayed to God to forgive me for not going to confession and also to forgive my parents for not playing their part. In the dream that same night, God spoke to me and say he has seen my heart towards him and ask me to walk with, as we got to a place there were lot of people from different origin and he said 'mark' that place and have it in mind for he will take me to that place and will be with me. He said he protected me for eleven months in my mother's womb so will he protect and bring me back to where he will send me, and will never let me get into trouble or fall into the hands of those that will destroy my life for there is going to be a very big battle but victory will be mine if I wait upon him. When I asked him where and when he replied I will find out when the time comes. When I woke up the morning I asked my mother how many months I stayed in the womb she told me eleven months. So on our way to school, which was still a primary school I remembered the dream and started to tell one of my friends she burst into laughter and said to me that I am suffering from malaria fever when I got home from school I should ask my parents for malaria tablets. Secondly, she further laughed and said she never seen a lizard playing a band, I should carry on dreaming while it last because is not going to happen in the physical, This is bad mouthing can't you see she has placed curse on me and this is why we should always watch how we speak to people about our progress, or even our problems. The same night, I had the same dream and God spoke to me to keep the dream to myself should not discuss it with anybody. I forgot the dream for many years till in the year 1986 when I was involved in a road traffic accident which ended me up in a hospital for some time.

In my dream during the last day of the coma, God showed me a woman who was blinded in the right eye, still unconscious in the physical but in the dream was up and doing he said to walk with him as we went along, I reorganized the place was the previously place he took me in 1979 ... we managed to walk under the cold he stopped and say continue as I walk on my own I became afraid when I turned around I saw him watching me from far away and that gave me assurance that I was not alone when I finished that walk, he came back and bade me goodbye that was when I woke up from coma after four days as they told me in the hospital. This dream and that of the 1979s was similar with the exception of the woman blinded on the right eye. Although, it took me time to remember things. But When I have fully regained conscious, I had the same dream almost three times and wanted to share the dreams with my sister, something seems to stop me and I went blank, same night, the same man came back and said I should not tell that dream to anyone but as I woke up the next morning and was about to tell my dream something touched me and I bit my tongue and became very tired and could not speak till I have forgotten the dream ... When I was discharged from the hospital the dream keeps coming back and being taken away at the time this continued for weeks and stopped. When the memory of the dream was taken it came to my mind to tell God to use me to work for him I did actually asked God, but don't know exactly the type of work but let him do with me what so ever he will. The accident I had been fatal I wondered how I escaped without many scratches I learnt other casualties have broken legs, and arms but I only sustained a minor injury on my right eye. I believe God has a reason for saving my life from such terrible accident. I gave my life totally to God and started to attend the Church regularly as I already fallen out of the church before the accident.

One weekend at home when I was alone with my father while he was busy mending some few things I remembered the dreams, and wanted to tell him but, he kind of spoke to me and said he is proud of me that he has seen that even if I am left alone in place where there are no one to render any help he is not going to be worried about it as he has seen that I will always stand on my feet to solve any problem that confronts me. He further said he has seen me emerging from difficult situation in the future, but he advised to refrain from fighting which was the only weak point that the enemy would use to get me. In those days, I fought other people's battle I hate to see someone being cheated or deprived of their rights. My father continued by telling me his life stories and experiences which put me off from telling him mine and remembered the word not to say until it has happened. In 1991, I started attending the Catholic prayer ministry and volunteered as an offertory girl. I dedicated my life to God at the Blessed Sacrament altar during one of the pilgrimage services, I asked God again to use me. Two days after the service in my dream I was given the scriptures from Jeremiah 1; 4-5 which read thus before I formed thee in the belly I know thee: and before thou came out forth out of the womb, I sanctified thee and ordained thee a prophet unto the nation. I wrote it down and also read it but did not understand what it meant, This same year I developed a severe pain on one section of my body and was taken to the hospital, but nothing was diagnosed as the pain continued friend invited me to a different Church the Minister prayed with me and gave me some messages which were similar to what I was told in the dream. For the fact, I have not told my dreams to anyone made me believe the Minister. She said not to accept any medical treatment as spiritual problems cannot be treated with medicines and that I still have hard ones coming up, but God will give me victory and will also use me somewhere.


Preparing to travel/ life in the UK

In 1994 I was preparing to travel to Britain, I had a bad dream about myself as I looked for help everybody turned their back on me both friends and relatives I did crawl bit by bit and scaled through after much struggle and this made me nearly gave up travelling but my mother persuaded me not to give up what I have already achieved. On August 25th of he same year, the man who spoke to me in the previous dreams came and said to me I will be with you always where ever you may be and he will not let me fall into trouble nor into the hands of those that will destroy my life. After speaking with me he said let us go for a walk as we went along he walk fast away from me and said to me carry on and stood to watch me as I go through lot of bad things that was shown me in the previous dream, but he came back to rescue me then I woke up Things drastically changed from bad to worst on entering Britain, everything that was shown me in the dream began to happen in the physical. I understood the place we visited in the dreams was Britain. Things get worse in 2001 a friend invited me to her church and the Rev, gave me some counselling, on our next visit to the church he then gave me 21 days fasting. During the fasting my eyes were opened spiritually I memorized everything God have been saying to me I gained more strength, my potentials and talent were released I started having a feeling on what to do, and what to become in the future as people make my decisions in those days. I wonder where I could have been today. Although I did lose that strength as I travelled from one Church to the other.

On the eighteenth day of the fasting, in the dream many people were marching towards me very angry with the saying she has a gift that they could not have let us get her as they were coming towards me, a voice said to me run, as I started running a bicycle was given me, as I was riding very fast I saw Jesus on the cross and decided to get off the bicycle and walk towards him on reaching there a new song was given and I started to sing and it goes like this 'I am covered in the blood of Jesus and I have taken refuge in the blood of Jesus'. As I sang probably those chasing me may have heard me and started coming to the direction, as I heard them coming I raised my voice higher and all fear was gone and some of those coming towards me turned their back and walk away. But the stubborn ones who insisted was chased back by group of soldiers with branches of the oil bean tree and they all fled After they were driven away, I was given another song which goes like this "my father original" and on the last day of my fasting, I went through a lot in the dream in which at the end another song was given me and this is the song: 'Father, remember that we are sinners from our mother's womb,' I sang it many times in the dream and when I got up the morning which was the day to break the fast I sang the same song in the physical realm too and God spoke to me record those songs to glorify his name, as I listened to the voice, for I have heard that same voice many time in my dreams, and it spoke for the second time, that same night the man who spoke to me in the dream came and told me to record those songs to glorify God and other tones and songs were given. Some chapters from the Bible Matthew, Luck, and psalms were given me to sing from. So when I woke up I decided to sing them in a tape recorder in order not to forget and that was how I started to sing.


My Career ruined

In 2003, I gained admission to study adult nursing at the University; I completed my foundation and gained 120 credits just after I started my branch problems emerged from all-comer I tried to keep my head down because my course has been my dream ever since I was a child. But few months to complete my course was around 2005-2006, everything that was showed me in my dreams both here and abroad started to happen in the physical as if they are reactivated. The pressures became unbearable only because I can tolerate with patience so I was able to endure all. People started to control me, lying against me, was never taken serious everybody complained always have something to say about me, denying and robbing me of my success in the school placement, refusing to give me a pass mark even when I have done my best. I was demoted that I am not qualified to be a nurse, and taking that right away from me and ended up sending me to attend a mental assessments, which I could not object as I have to prove to them that I am not who they think I am. On reaching the mental assessment the couples who interviewed me were just as the way I saw them in my dreams before I came to this Country and the position they sat were exactly the same The place that I sat was also the position I sat in the dream ... After the interview, they could not find anything wrong with me, just as in the dream, and was asked to return to my placement. So I was free and decided to share my victory at the service in one of the Churches that I was attending, I gave a testimony of what God have done for me hoping that people would rejoice with me instead on the following Sunday, one of the Rev, or assistant, who introduced me to the church, called and said to me he was not in on the Sunday that I gave my testimony, but one of his sister-in-laws have given detail of my testimony and said she has thought it through and came up with the idea that I may be suffering from mental problems and I said to him what he think he replied since his in-law is a nurse, she may be right that I should let them help me, and I said how, and he said by going to the hospital to commence a treatment and once I got the treatment that every attack will vanish and I said to him I have been in this church almost four weeks why now that I have just given a testimony about how God delivered me. As I looked at his temple (face) I could only see a wild wolf trying to bounce, and this frightened me when he noticed I have gone quiet he tried to put words in my mouth he tried to dominate me to accept what he said, when I discovered whom he is and his actions I can remember whenever I took off from my house and gets into his car as he always comes to pick me up for service, I always get polluted by evil smells from his car, and thanks be to God on that very day his true colour was revealed.


Excerpted from If It Has Not Been The Lord by Florence A. C. O. Uzoechi. Copyright © 2016 Florence, A. C. O. Uzoechi. Excerpted by permission of AuthorHouse.
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Table of Contents


Acknowledgement, vii,
Apologies, ix,
Foreword, 1,
Preface, 3,
Introductions, 6,
Positive and Negative Supernatural Power, 9,
My Family, 11,
My first encounter with God, 13,
Preparing to travel/ life in the UK, 18,
My Career ruined, 21,
More dreams revealed, 27,
The prey on human life, 35,
Spiritual truth, 41,
Conclusion, 47,
About the Author, 51,

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