If These Ears Could Sing!

If These Ears Could Sing!

by Michael James Gannon
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If These Ears Could Sing! 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
JoeSabah More than 1 year ago
Michael Gannon has touched my life in a very positive way. His philosophy on The Law of Attraction in Action and his support are giving me new hope in my Stroke Recovery. I read his book, If These Ears Could Sing! in just three sittings. A real page-turner. Get it, read it, change your life. Joe Sabah Author - How to Get on Radio Talk Shows All Across America Without Leaving Your Home or Office
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
"It is not easy to do a review on this fabulous, life changing book - the reason why, much to say about how you feel, enjoy, and learn from the author's writing and life experience. This is one very hard to put down and wait for the next chapter book. If These Ears Could Sing is such an engaging, wonderful reading. The way the author walks you into each life event is brilliant. The story will touch your heart and the writing is beautifully accomplished. At the end of the book you are left with heartwarming feelings and priceless wisdom. Mr. Gannon, thank you for a beautiful read and story that will encourage and inspire people for life."
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
From the moment I saw the cover of If These Ears Could Sing, I knew this book was a must read. This creative masterpiece of Mike's defining moments from childhood through his adult life, is a sterling tribute to what can be achieved through the law of attraction. Although Mike was profoundly deaf at birth, this was not a deterrent for him. On the contrary. What some people may perceive as obstacles in life, Mike viewed them as opportunities. His story is compelling, humorous, heart warming, fast paced and brilliantly written, inspiring readers to live their dreams.
MacGraphics More than 1 year ago
Mike's book spoke directly to my heart. Right from the very first chapter, I was hooked. I don't want to sound corny but the first chapter was so powerful that it brought tears came to my eyes. I've been hearing impaired for 46 years and many of Mike's childhood experiences resonated with me. Often people with handicaps find themselves separated, picked on or bullied by other children because we're "different". As a hearing impaired child it's taken me most of my life to create a belief system that would support me, and take me out of the victimization mentality that was molded during my childhood. Mike's book shows us how he did this. He also draws the parallel to how the Law of Attraction is always working in our lives, and how we can change our life by changing our belief systems. Someone once told me the stories in our minds become the stories of our lives. How true. Thank you Mike for writing this book. Karen Saunders Author of Turn Eye Appeal into Buy Appeal MacGraphics Services
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Mike Gannon is masterful in telling his story in the book "If These Ears Could Sing". He allows you to experience the good, the bad and the funny aspects of his life. He is refreshingly honest and transparent as he tells his story. As I read this work I went through more than a few tissues, and was surprised at how often I heard myself laughing out loud. Gannon's book is a testimony to what is possible. "If These Ears Could Sing" tells how Mike has done the impossible many times over, and it made me rethink what is possible in my own life. Excellent read. Jacquelyn Martin, Manager, SendOutCards
JWebber More than 1 year ago
"If These Ears Could Sing" is an inspiring story of Mike Gannon's life and the application of the Living Law of Attraction to create possibilities in his life in spite of being born profoundly deaf. It is a spellbinding story, you won't put it down. This book is for everyone....all will be moved as you cheer for Mike as he shares his life journey. Jeff Mike Gannon is not only a brilliant writer but a wonderful person and gentleman. He tells his life story with kindness and humor. "If These Ears Could Sing" should be read by everyone as it gives new insights into the lives of the hearing impaired and can help everyone overcome their challenges in life and understand The Law of Attraction. The book is amazing and I loved it! Deborah Webber
solarMAS More than 1 year ago
This book took my breath away! Congratulations on a true work of art. It takes so much heart and soul to create just one book...this book is filled with heart and soul throughout. The timing for this book is perfect...the world is so ready to receive these deep messages of challenges, hopes and dreams that can come true as they have for you, Michael Gannon. What an incredible work of art the author paints with his words and his heart. As an avid reader, I always know that I am reading an incredible book when I cannot put it down...and I read If These Ears Could Sing from cover to cover! It is not easy to write a book from emotional/spiritual memories but Mr. Gannon has achieved it par excellence. I was recently telling a friend about it and said, "I felt exposed when I wrote my book until I read Mike's book!" What a tremendous leap of faith his entire life has been. He gives his readers a new outlook on what one can achieve if they are but willing to follow their inner guidance. Instead of burying his head in the sand, he moved in rhythm with the forever shifting sands...accepting that life shows up when it is least expected...that the past eventually catches up to the present and can lead one straight into his future dreams. Reading this book was like entering a familiar room that was warm, inviting, comforting and totally open. Even though it had not always been easy to tidy up the many-tangled threads, Mike Gannon was relentless in his quest to clear the clutter of the past and create a future that once held not even a remote possibility. Perhaps it was in the silence that he recognized the deep ache of others' souls at the heart of all human existence. ...only the most skilled artist can reveal the brilliance that lies within his masterpiece...and then let it go so he can begin his next creation. Instead of living life from a place of deliberation, he paid more attention to the next bend of the road ahead, a knowing that it is only when one is willing to wing it that one can arrive at his soul's purpose. Thank you, Mike Gannon, for sharing the beautiful gifts of your life and giving others the hope that they need to move forward with the Law of Attraction as their guiding companion. You have certainly been an inspiration to me! Marti Soler Author of Whispers of the Soul: Reflections on Love, Loss & Healing