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If You Believe, You Can Fly.: An Alphabetical Guide to Spiritual Growth and Personal Happiness.

If You Believe, You Can Fly.: An Alphabetical Guide to Spiritual Growth and Personal Happiness.

by Sean G. Cochrane
If You Believe, You Can Fly.: An Alphabetical Guide to Spiritual Growth and Personal Happiness.

If You Believe, You Can Fly.: An Alphabetical Guide to Spiritual Growth and Personal Happiness.

by Sean G. Cochrane


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Sean Cochrane has worked in the energy efficient and sustainable products field for the past twenty years. Over that time, he has gained experience across three continents, building several businesses and a green franchise model in Australia. In 2010 he and his family moved to West Palm Beach in the USA to join forces with United Franchise group, become the president of SuperGreen Solutions and roll out the SuperGreen Solutions Franchise model. Sean plans to continue opening stores in the United States and cementing Master franchise agreements worldwide.

He lives with Clare, the love of his life, in Florida in the USA and or in Queensland Australia. Together they work to make the planet a better place through helping others. They continually strive to educate people to become more sustainable thus minimizing pollution. All the while promoting the triple bottom line maxim of People, Planet then Profit.

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ISBN-13: 9781452569277
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 02/10/2014
Pages: 168
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.50(d)

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If You believe, you can fly.

An alphabetical guide to spiritual growth and personal happiness.

By Sean G Cochrane

Balboa Press

Copyright © 2014 Sean G Cochrane
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4525-6925-3



Think of abundance and abundance shall come. In other words, think the thought, walk the walk and talk the talk. Visualize what you want and project that outwardly.

If you want an abundance of love, money, success, or health, create it, write it down, focus on it, want it, place it in a mental bubble and release it out into the universe to have it fulfilled for you.

When you combine your powers with the universal powers, with creative focus you make miracles come true. Say to yourself that you can get what you want.

The universal knowledge cannot provide you with a 'no' when you are focused on 'yes'. The universe is ever expanding and abundant -so don't confuse the delivery system by sending confused signals.

Stay focused and bring abundance to yourself by focusing on the goal and being positive.

You can only bring negative things to yourself by thinking negatively; don't waste the time or energy!

Stay focused, be positive, create it and it shall come to you abundantly.

If we only get what we think we deserve, then we should convince ourselves that we deserve more abundance.

Acceptance of yourself

Accept what you are and who you are and know that you are perfect. Even your, problems are perfect for you. (No change can take place without first accepting what you want to change and what cannot be changed.)

If you can't accept yourself warts and all, you will never be able to grow and find self.

Study each layer within your personality, as well as your sub-personalities.

You will then need to accept each part of you, for what it is, and why it is in you - like it is.

Then you can identify what you would like to retain and what you would like to change, as this is the foundation for change.

You can only be whole once you accept all the parts of the whole. If not you leave a 'hole' in yourself.

Most of man's problems are derived from him not accepting a part of himself.

Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh says this on acceptance in 'The sound of one hand clapping', "The moment you accept yourself as you are, all burdens, all mountainous burdens simply disappear. Then life is a sheer joy, a festival of lights".


Take action - Now is the time! If you leave personal development and search for self for later, you will stunt your own growth by your inability to take action.

Your growth curve is directly proportional to the time it takes you to get back to doing what you really should have done before, but chose to procrastinate about.

Yesterday is lost, the future is not yet ours, we only have the present and by acting on the present and by dealing with a troublesome past we can create a better future.

Accept the past, and then leave it where it belongs.

Act in the present, the present is just that, a present that should be opened, enjoyed and explored in every way.

Now! Is this moment, and all too soon ... it becomes the past.

Just as you can't live in the future you should not squander your present by living in the past.

Take heart, take action and live in the now.

Just think of all the fantastic things that you would not experience over your lifetime, if you don't start by swinging into action now!


Anger is often better expressed than suppressed, as bottled up anger causes self-suppression.

I'm not saying that you go around expressing your anger to all who you meet. What I am saying is, by dealing with the deeper emotions or causes and knowing what makes you angry, will set you free of its grasp and bring release.

Excessive anger that is not dealt with in a healthy manner leads to dis- ease.

By identifying with what makes you feel angry, by accepting it and by venting it in a balanced, calm and controlled way, through exercise or even screaming into your pillow, you achieve release and move on.

You may wish to write it down and throw it into the ocean or burn it. It is best done on your own, quietly, with focus and balance.

Anger is based in the past and it is often related to hate and fear.

The cure for anger is realizing what it has to say.

Deal with it from the love that is within you.

Holding on to anger can only make you angrier and more detached from source.

Just release it - and feel the release!

An old Hindu saying, expounds, "You should overcome anger with love, as hatred can never cease hatred – but love can".

Attacking attack

Attack may be the best form of defense in sport and war but in the pursuit of personal growth and happiness the opposite applies.

When we attack someone else or what we see in someone else, what we are really doing is attacking what we most despise or are lacking in ourselves.

Identify, when and what triggers this attacking response, and evaluating it in yourself before you judge it in another.

Attack involves defense, hate, blame or retaliation for a perceived wrong or fear.

Look to the love within to dissolve the barriers erected around the heart.

When this is done the need for defense and attack melts away and brings the soul happiness.

So by attacking the 'attack mechanism' within yourself, you can dissolve it and find out what the initial injury is.

Then by dealing with that injury, you progress beyond it.

Awareness expansion

Expanding your awareness is one of the first steps required for positive change and growth, as there can be no effective and lasting change without first being aware that positive change is required.

By expanding your awareness to take in the internal world as well as the external world, you will feel and experience more of life at the same time.

Open yourself and unlearn the narrow focus of your rigid perceptions of life.

Still yourself, calm your body, free your mind and let your soul expand.

There is no limit to the expansion within as the expansion without widens and grows.

There are no limits or boundaries, as energy can never be stopped. It only changes form.

Expand your peace and love to all beings.

The reward is inner joy and happiness.

Bake a love muffin

Try baking a love muffin in your mind. Somebody else has had a similar recipe. Use this one or make your own.

Try baking, enjoying and savoring this love muffin.

It is a simple mind recipe. Think of it often and enjoy the happy feelings it leaves at your centre.

Mix together:-

One part compassion,

Mix one part of love.

Blend with one part of respect,

Add a handful each of sensitivity and peace.

Stir in good measures of honesty, trust, humility, harmony and forgiveness being careful to sift out ego.

Fold into the cup of self.

Sprinkle on fun and laughter then decorate with a smile.

Then bake over time.

If done correctly it is shared and love is savored and enjoyed while ensuring a light, balanced, and happy journey.


We could never walk the tight wire of life without balance.

Balance in life is the key to happiness.

The symbols of the Yin and Yang are the perfect depiction of balance and unity.

No being can continue to grow and be happy without balance; however we all too often tend to lose our balance and perspective.

When our lives are turned upside down and we are surrounded by negative thoughts, we must try to focus on bringing positive thought patterns back into our center.

The balance will return soon enough if you want it to, just as a balanced diet can help to create a balanced body.

So too, when a balanced body is combined with a balanced mind, it helps to create a balanced soul.

Our inner voices will always tell us when we are out of balance.

Listen to the voices of self as when balance is restored calm returns and love spreads.

Be a master

A master is a teacher, a helper, a leader, a confidant, and a friend.

Most importantly, masters are humbled by never forgetting that they will always remain servants, as masters serve those who wish to learn from them.

A master is someone who has mastered so much of his own life that he serves others and enriches the lives of those he touches.

A good master is not just a master that has many students and teachers learning from him.

A good master is one that spawns many masters, yet knows that even he never stops learning.

A grand master is one that keeps learning from not only other masters, but also from their students.

Be the force

Be a positive force in your own life first, this will then positively impact on the lives of others.

By being positive you authorize the universal power to start empowering you, to work in you and through you.

Choose only to do things 'in perfect ways'. What you do, or want, or want to become, should only be for your higher good and the higher good of others.

Being in tune with yourself, being calm and being happy allows the channels to open up for you to become a conduit for the greater universal energy, power and spirit.

When you tap into this conduit you will start feeling the energy force that has always been.

You become more and part of that energy, hence part of the universal force.

It is then, that you become part of the awakening energy.

Befriend yourself

In order to grow, you have to let-go.

Letting go involves openness.

Just as we need to be open outwardly in order to make friends, we have to be open within and with ourselves to befriend ourselves.

Nothing, lasting or good can grow in a closed environment. So open your mind, your heart and reflect on who and what you are.

Befriend yourself, love yourself and others will follow and wish to befriend you too.

By being a friend you open others hearts, which opens yours still wider. A true friend you can tell anything to.

Try telling yourself everything, as it is uplifting, rewarding and developmental.

But first, be a friend with yourself, for when you befriend yourself, you can love and centre yourself, thus never stop changing or growing.

Being and - not being vulnerable

Sooner or later we all feel exposed and vulnerable.

On our journey to and within ourselves, we discover that we may not need others, as much as we need a sense of dependence on ourselves.

Be in tune with this feeling and accept that it is one of the keys to spiritual development.

By being vulnerable, you are open and exposed to being attacked.

The thought of this is often more frightening than actually being exposed.

The enlightened, are comfortable with being open with their needs and feelings and realize that they are open to attack.

Yet somehow this exposure and defenseless approach leads to an almost childlike sense of release and freedom.

Allowing vulnerability, opens the heart and allows love to enter and germinate.

So open, grow and be exposed. It will release your being - to be more.

Being or doing

If one studies the words of Shakespeare "To be or not to be" one can spend much time thinking about this thought alone.

But I think that the question is – Am I able to 'be' by sometimes not doing anything at all?

We often think that by doing, we 'are'.

Yet, by not doing and by just being, we can often re-charge, re-energize and re-focus.

We become more aware of who we are and where we are going,

Enjoy the freedom of taking the time to just 'be' and feel.

Rather than getting caught up in the spiral of 'doing' what you think is thrust upon you or you choose to thrust upon yourself.

Take the time to reflect on what you feel and what your inner voices are saying to you.

Doing this, you will enable to 'be' more 'do' more, and therefore, 'being' more of a being.

Belief patterns

Certain belief patterns can hold you back.

Beliefs are ideas that sometimes become rituals, and are often handed down; they are not necessarily true, yours or original.

Many wasteful wars have been fought over erroneous belief.

Are the beliefs that you have right, are they yours, do they work for you, do they serve your higher good?

If they serve, you keep them, if not why hold onto them?

Create a belief in yourself, in your part of the oneness, and believe in the universal energy that you are part of.

Believe in unconditional love, that you are perfect, and that you are here to learn in perfect ways.

Believe that change is ok, that you will prosper and succeed and that you are safe.

Believe these things and you will be able to release your inner power.

Believe in your ability to draw on the universal energy and its knowledge pool, allow it to ultimately accelerate you as a part of that one power.


Blame is just a word that is supported by two false crutches - anger and fear.

When you have taken control of your "self" and your own life, blame slips from your vocabulary.

Blaming other people or events is like walking with crutches. Sure you can walk, but how well?

Stop using excuses, stop blaming, and stop holding "you" back.

Drop the two false crutches and walk tall by not blaming anything.

Getting rid of blame means, getting rid of your anger, your fear and your dependence on using blame as a scapegoat.

When you stop using blame as a defense and accept responsibility for your actions and take ownership of your life, you change your destiny.

You can do it. It is worth it in the long run.

Call on compassion

Compassionate people give direction and guidance.

They are compassionate because they have a mind-set that is not aggressive or antagonistic.

They recognize that by being caring, calm, sensitive, helpful and giving they can ease suffering and thus assist others to achieve happiness.

They control only their own thoughts and actions, yet with love and compassion impact favorably on the thoughts, actions and lives of others.

They assist others to free themselves of pain and suffering and by doing so gain respect.

They have respect because in being compassionate they freely give respect to others.

So call on your compassion, for it sends energy to your wings and helps you soar into happiness, as you lift above your own discomforts, while you provide comfort to a fellow traveler.


Know how to calm yourself.

Use breathing and focus on becoming more mentally serene, meditate and use mental and muscular relaxation techniques to rid yourself of the stress that you feel.

By doing this you will become calmer.

Tension and stress are the enemies of calm.

Being able to feel when you are not at ease, and by taking positive action or time out for yourself to re-centre yourself is a key to inner calm.

When you gain balance within, calm will return.

A calm person will always handle stressful situations with a sense of ease and knowing, rather than being flustered and confused.

Calm does not live within the home of confusion. Therefore confusion cannot be present when serenity and calm are in charge.


Remember that only change can cause a change, and change is the only constant.

Just as a lack of change brings stagnation.

Change brings growth and growth brings evolution. As we continue to evolve, we will continue to become more functional and ultimately happier and more contented.

Fear of change will ultimately evoke forced change.

If we choose to stagnate, the universal desire for change and the intelligence within and without ourselves somehow forces change upon us.

Welcome change into your life as a positive energy force, evolve and adapt to the changes.

Change yourself inside in order to make the outside change.

Embrace change, embrace life and the universal power that flows through you will improve your chances of achieving your goals.

Shakti Gawain has this to say on change in 'Creative Energy'. "The most powerful thing you can do to change the world is to change your own beliefs about the nature of life, people, reality, to something more positive ... and begin to act accordingly."


Excerpted from If You believe, you can fly. by Sean G Cochrane. Copyright © 2014 Sean G Cochrane. Excerpted by permission of Balboa Press.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


Foreword, xv,
Preface: How to use this guide, 1,
Abundance, 2,
Acceptance of yourself, 3,
Action, 4,
Anger, 5,
Attacking attack, 6,
Awareness expansion, 7,
Bake a love muffin, 8,
Balance, 9,
Be a master, 10,
Be the force, 11,
Befriend yourself, 12,
Being and - not being vulnerable, 13,
Being or doing, 14,
Belief patterns, 15,
Blame, 16,
Call on compassion, 17,
Calm, 18,
Change, 19,
Change only what you can, 20,
Choice, 21,
Communicate with self, with source, 22,
Connect, 23,
Conscience, 24,
Count your blessings, 25,
Courage, 26,
Create a bubble, don't live in one, 27,
Credit, 28,
Cry 'enough' and awaken, 29,
Decide, 30,
Defensive and dependent feelings, 31,
Dependency to self-reliance, 32,
Do no harm, 33,
Dream your life, live your dream, 34,
Dreams are the beginning of 'self', 35,
Embrace, 36,
Energize, 37,
Energy: exchange & replacement, 38,
Fear, 40,
Finding fun, 41,
Fly Away!, 42,
Forgiveness is for giving, 43,
Generosity, 44,
Give, 45,
God force, 46,
Gratitude or Thankfulness, 47,
Guilt Barriers, 48,
Happiness is a journey, 49,
Happiness needs time, resolve and work, 50,
Harmony works from within, 51,
Hate is a cancer, 52,
Heart, your heart has the answers, 53,
Hiding is hindering, 54,
Honesty works, 55,
Humble respect, 56,
I am the power, 57,
Identify what you are, 58,
Ignite your heart, 59,
Initial injury, 60,
Inner wisdom, 61,
Inspirational note taking, 62,
Know who you are, 63,
Laughter lightens the load, 64,
Let up, why worry?, 65,
Listen, 66,
Love, 67,
Love - Unconditional love, 68,
Love is inside, 69,
Love is not dependent, 70,
Love Yourself, 71,
Make a miracle happen, 72,
Manifestation (from 'man' and 'feast'), 73,
Mediocrity is less, 74,
Meditation rebuilds, 75,
Never say never, 76,
Now is the time, 77,
Overcome and overflow, 78,
Pain, 79,
Part of the oneness, 80,
Passion, 81,
Peace, 82,
Peaceful mind, 83,
Perfect ways, 84,
Positive attitude, 85,
Positive un-learning, 86,
Power of creation, 87,
Problems are opportunities, 88,
Problems are presents to grow from, 89,
Procrastination, 90,
Project your future, 91,
Purity, 92,
Pure of heart, 93,
Purpose, knowing yours, 94,
Reality check, 95,
Relating to people, 96,
Release through admission, 97,
Religion and tolerance, 98,
Respect is 'passing it forward', 99,
Responsibility, 100,
Responsibility and obligation, 101,
Restraining anger, 102,
Reveal your 'self', 103,
Risk, 104,
Say your affirmations, 105,
Self-centred or selfish, 106,
Self Respect, 107,
Self-preservation is being selfish, 108,
Self-suppression, 109,
Smile, 110,
Spiritual recognition, 111,
Stillness, 112,
Stop and listen, 113,
Surrender to essence, 114,
Take control, 115,
Teach, 116,
Tension and stress, 117,
Think positively about yourself, 118,
Thoughtful, thought energy, 119,
Time out – take some, 120,
Tolerance takes you higher, 121,
Trust, 122,
Turn on your magnets, 123,
Visualisation, 124,
Well of knowledge, 125,
When self finds source, 126,
Work with all of you, 127,
Wound removal, 128,
You echo yourself, 129,
You save your own spirituality, 130,
Your primary purpose, 131,
Your reflection, 132,
Conclusion, 133,
The end, or is it?, 137,
Your Notes, 139,
About the Author, 140,

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