If You Could Be Anything, What Would You Be? A Teen's Guide to Mapping Out the Future

If You Could Be Anything, What Would You Be? A Teen's Guide to Mapping Out the Future

by Jeanne Webster




...And if you believe that, I have some ocean front property in Nebraska I would like to sell you. Here are a couple of other facts you need to know before you get out there in the real world. There are no toilet paper fairies -- you will have to buy and replace the roll yourself. Opportunity knocks, but fame and fortune hide from you. Your cell phone, heat, rent, and electricity will have end-of-the-month bills attached to them. Not every job you choose will make you successful and happy. If you're ready to get clear on who you are and what will make you abundant and fulfilled in your life, then it's no accident you picked up this book. It was written for you. If you don't know where you're going or how to get there, then read on. Find out what your real genius is and how to maximize it. Design your perfect life and learn how you can achieve it. Avoid derailing your plans and learn how to make your mistakes and failures work for you.

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ISBN-13: 9780974919904
Publisher: Dupuis North Publishing
Publication date: 05/28/2004
Pages: 152
Product dimensions: 8.25(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.33(d)
Age Range: 12 - 17 Years

Table of Contents

Chapter 1The Trip of A Lifetime: How big is your dream?1
Believe in Your Greatness2
Take One Step At A Time2
Take the Time You Need For Learning3
Develop Your Own Standards4
Think for Yourself5
Know Who You Are5
What This Book Is All About6
Chapter 2Choosing A Destination: So What Is your dream?9
Be Clear About Your Dream9
It's Okay Not To Know What You Want To Do At This Point10
But Again ... Get To Know Yourself11
Your Introduction To Life Mapping11
The Life Map/The Immediate Future12
The Life Map/Your Perfect Career or Profession14
The Life Map/Your Perfect Dream House and location16
The Life Map/The People Who Will Share Your Life18
The Life Map/Your Friends and Social Life20
The Life Map/Relaxation and Hobbies22
The Life Map/Adding Meaning To Your Life24
Believe Your Answers, Be True To Yourself26
Be Aware of Any Subconscious Core Beliefs26
Do Not Let Yourself Be Stopped By A Mere Thought28
Do Not Let Anyone Else Stop You Either28
Now It's Time To Rate Your Life Design30
Don't Be Afraid To Change Your Mind31
Chapter 3Travel Preparation: Choices, Perspectives, and Luck33
Be Aware of Your Choices33
So What Are Perspectives?34
Understanding How Choice and Perspective Work Together35
Make Certain That Your Choices Support Your Goals36
How To Get To Know Yourself Clearly37
It's Not About Luck37
Back To the Smaller Steps38
Your Natural Talents39
Your Learned Skills41
Your Hobbies45
Time To Review Your Lists of Talents, Skills, and Hobbies47
Your Strengths and Weaknesses48
Sorting Out the Information52
Chapter 4Plotting Your Course: The Sum of Your Parts53
It's Also Good To Know What You Don't Want53
See If You Find Any Matches on Your Lists54
Let Your Lists Guide You55
What To Do When You Find Discrepancies on Your List56
You Can Always Change Your Life Map57
What If You Enjoy A Lot of Things58
Potential and Possibility59
Chapter 5Getting Directions: Begin To Create Your Perfect Life Now61
Make Active Choices Right Now62
Be Sure To Prepare and Plan63
Be Realistic in Your Expectations and Don't Just Look for Fame64
Start Setting Short-Range Goals65
Try To Experiment on A Small Scale What You May Want For Your Career66
Other Ways of Researching Careers68
Invest in Your Life--Including Your Education69
Be Responsible and Accountable For Your Actions69
Try To Communicate With Your Parents71
Chapter 6One Mile At A Time: Chunking Down Your Goals73
Set Up A Structure For What You Need To Accomplish73
Be Aware of Your Choices74
Separate Your Goals Into Steps and Time Limits74
Begin With What Is75
Determine Your Possibilities76
Choose A Route, or Several Routes, To Achieve Your Goal76
Pay Attention To the Details of Your Life78
Practice, Practice, Practice78
A Challenge For You79
Chapter 7Falling Asleep At the Wheel: Self-Sabotage81
The Easiest Way Out Really Isn't Easier81
Try Not To Rush Into Life83
There Will Always Be Roadblocks and Problems, But That's Okay83
The Big Three84
The Laziness Factor86
Don't Limit Yourself87
Leveling and Hosing88
Respond, Rather Than React89
Don't Set Unrealistic Goals90
Chapter 8Flat Tires and Engine Trouble: Mistakes, Failures, and Subconscious Core Beliefs93
Your Subconscious93
Let's Talk About Mistakes95
And Now, About Failure95
When You View Mistakes, Failures, and Accidents Negatively96
How To Short-Circuit Your Negative Subconscious Core Beliefs98
Mistakes and Failures As Learning Tools99
Chapter 9Road Rage: Coping With Your Disappointments and Emotions101
Life Changes and Things Happen102
What To Do When Things Go Down the Drain103
Quitting Life Altogether103
Choosing Another Option104
Sticking To Your Plan105
Coping With Disappointment106
Managing Your Emotions109
The Breath Moment112
Chapter 10Rules of the Road: Building Your Life On A Strong Foundation113
Negatively Impacting Another Person's Life113
Your Standards and Rules114
Self-Esteem or Self-Care124
Chapter 11It's Not About the Destination, It's All About the Journey: The Ripple Effect129
About Coaching137

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