If You Dare: Erotic Stories of Female Bondage, Submission and More

If You Dare: Erotic Stories of Female Bondage, Submission and More

by Jude Mason

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Jude Mason is one of those amazingly prolific authors who just has a knack for writing great female bondage and BDSM stories. These seven erotic, edgy tales push the boundaries of erotic sadomasochism, and will leave you panting for more. All you need to do is keep reading, and as her website’s tag line says, “Come, explore with me…if you dare!”

“Lady Catharina’s Comeuppance” - Born into high society, Catharina gets everything she wants. That is, until the day she abuses a stablehand and her father has enough. Deciding that an eye for an eye will teach her a lesson, "Daddy" lets him decide on the punishment. But neither Daddy nor Catharina know he’s aware of her kinky sexual antics, or that he plans on taking her punishment into bondage and BDSM territory she’s never known.

“From Cowboy to Indian” - The frontier is hard enough for Caitlin as it is, but her husband's lackluster performance after dark makes it even worse. She wants more. She wants it rough, but he never quite obliges. That all changes on the day the indians come and one native, in particular, takes a keen interest. The moment his eyes fall on her ample breasts, Caitlin knows he'll give her all the 'rough' she can handle.

“A Gift of Sky” - Sky was raised to be a gift to the king. Her entire life has simply been one long training period to prepare her for, to want, and to enjoy his sadistic pleasures. Yet, all the training in the world could not have prepared her for the handsome mystery waiting for her when she is finally brought, naked and shackled, to his throne. Nor could it have readied her for the other surprises he has in store.

“A Job for Mandy” - Mandy has been married just a few months and, already, Frank spends far too much time at the men's club. When she sees the ad that reads, "Waitresses needed at men’s-only fetish club. Some nudity required. Excellent benefits," she sees her chance. Going undercover, she soon finds that "excellent benefits" mean all the pain her lovely assets can take at Frank's hands...and at those of the other patrons.

“Memories of a Masochist” - She was barely nineteen when her father married her to the first man that would have her. She knew little of pleasure and nothing of pain until he taught her about his desires—breast fetishes that she quickly began to love despite, or maybe because of, that pain. As the years pass, her submission never wavers and her desires only grow stronger. But her memories—those may be the best of all.

“Peeping Johnny” - Life in the city is great. With buildings crushed against each other, his curvy, kinky neighbor lives just a few feet away. Separated by just two windows, he eagerly watches each night as she masturbates to wide variety of self-inflicted sexual torment. But on this night, just when his peep show passes from nipple clamps to needles, another woman walks into view. That's when it really gets good.

“An Uninvited Guest” - Living alone, she does whatever she wants, whenever and wherever she wants to do it. This time, just like every other time, she gets naked, gathers her toys, ties her breasts brutally tight, and settles in for an hour or so of wonderfully agonizing self-torment and masturbation. That's when HE walks in, uninvited and unaware, and she learns what erotic bondage and sexual punishment are really all about.

(Editor's Note: This work contains graphic language and sometimes extreme sexual depictions of consensual female bondage and sadomasochism. It is intended for mature audiences only and is not suitable for persons under eighteen years of age.)

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BN ID: 2940045262279
Publisher: Darker Pleasures
Publication date: 09/04/2013
Series: Red Label Short Stories - Intense Female BDSM, Breast Bondage and Tit Torture
Sold by: Smashwords
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 257,635
File size: 192 KB
Age Range: 18 Years

About the Author

Jude Mason has written most of her life, but until she found the Internet in the late 1990's, she’d hidden all the naughty tales that would eventually creep onto her pages. Once she was bitten by the Internet bug, she found that others wanted to read what she’d written, so, she worked to improve a skill she’d always loved, but had never tried to polish. Since then, Jude has become a quite a success. She is a long-standing member of the Erotica Readers and Writers Association. She has written for several e-zines, including Darker Pleasures, two spanking sites, a couple of other BDSM sites and has scattered work at all sorts of other places. She has other published work at several houses, including Amatory Ink, Renaissance E-Books, Venus Press, Phaze and Total E-Bound. She also has a blog and a Twitter thing, as well as the obligatory website.

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