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If You Disobey, The Whoopee Cushion, Tinker, the Reindeer

If You Disobey, The Whoopee Cushion, Tinker, the Reindeer

by Lili Rhoss


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Bluebell Dell is a beautiful quiet place, near Brockley Hill. It's home to Mother Badger and her month-old adorable cubs, Haze and Fog. Mother Badger is very protective of her babies and never lets them out of her sight. But one night, when she takes them out of the sett to go foraging for food, Fog disobeys his mother's instructions and strays from her side.
Jack's mum won't let him out to play in the park with his friends because they are expecting visitors for tea - Aunt Agatha and Father O'Toole, as well. Jack hates having to get changed into clean clothes and be nice to Father O'Toole. So he comes up with a cunning plan to embarrass his mum in front of the buck-teethed priest.
Young Tinker's sleigh-pulling skills were not very good, in fact they were very bad. He had practiced a lot but still made a mess of things, in fact he recently crashed on landing and got his antlers stuck in a bucket! But nevertheless he still longed to be in the team to pull Father Christmas' sleigh on Christmas Eve.
A new collection of short stories for children illustrated with bright pictures your children will treasure. Short and sweet, full of adventure, humour, and an engaging stories to help your children learn to read.

Lili Rhoss lives in Wales where she writes short stories to help young children learn to read. Her new series of stories for children, illustrated with funny pictures, are also available on Kindle for everyone to enjoy.

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ISBN-13: 9781515382881
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 08/18/2015
Pages: 52
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