If You Give a Pig the White House: A Parody for Adults

If You Give a Pig the White House: A Parody for Adults


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A coiffed and blustery pig has shoved his way into the White House! A cleverly worded and illustrated picture book, this is the adult parody of the beloved children’s cautionary tale, If You Give a Pig a Pancake.

Watch in dismay as the presidential pig gets into trouble, binges on too much Fox News and fast food, and cavalierly threatens national security. If You Give a Pig the White House both lovingly caricatures the original children's book and shows just what can happen when a greedy anti-hero tracks his hooves all over America.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781250256416
Publisher: St. Martin''s Publishing Group
Publication date: 10/01/2019
Pages: 32
Product dimensions: 8.10(w) x 9.10(h) x 0.50(d)

About the Author

Amy Zhing grew up in the city of Plymouth in Devon, England. She studied fine art at university, but realized a career as an award-winning fine artist was far too serious for her. So, she has decided to try to make it as an award-winning illustrator instead!

Faye Kanouse writes cautionary tales for deep-thinking adults.

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If You Give a Pig the White House: A Parody for Adults 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 26 reviews.
Anonymous 10 days ago
I heard about this book because of people freaking out on social media, and I knew I had to buy it! When I got the book I was glad I did. So many funny little details in the art made this book fun to read many times through.
WN31 10 days ago
Love it! Wouldn't worry too much about all the fake negative reviews. If the pigs supporters could read they wouldn't be his supporters.
Anonymous 10 days ago
What a great book!!! A MUST Buy!!!! Bought several to hand out as gifts!!!
Anonymous 10 days ago
Anonymous 10 days ago
What makes it even funnier are all the Trumpers reviews thinking it is a children’s book. It never ends with them.
Anonymous 10 days ago
Anonymous 10 days ago
What kind of books are published is not up to barnes and nobles. If you truly feel you do not like this book . Don't purchase it . Instead of not supporting barnes and nobles right to carry all books protest the author/ publisher by voting with your wallet. Barnes and nobles should carry all types of book for people to decide for themselves. I for one found this book hilarious.
Snowflake_in_a_Blizzard 10 days ago
Love it! This administration has given satirists so much material to work with, and pretty much all of it is so much more intelligent than the crassness and idiocy thrown at the Obama family primarily because of their race. This book is not for children - it's for adults who understand what this country is going through right now and how much we have lost without decent leadership for almost 3 years. We truly do have a pig in the White House, one who believes whatever criminal behavior he chooses to engage in is just fine. As we watch our formerly-great country's standing in the world lowered by trump's craziness and Congressional Republicans' willful decision to put "party over country", we all need a break to be able to laugh. Hopefully, those around him will recognize the glaring signs of mental decline soon, and understand that he needs to be out of office and into treatment. B&N, as much as the trumpers on this review have screamed that they're "never buying from you again", I don't think you've lost any sales. His base are not folks who are big on books or reading - or education - in general, so it's highly doubtful that they were frequent purchasers to begin with!
Anonymous 11 days ago
Hit the nail on the head! It would be even more hilarious if it wasn't so real.
Anonymous 11 days ago
Greatest book ever written. Most of these 1 star people dont even own a book let alone know how to read.
Anonymous 11 days ago
Buy it! A great true to life parody of the trash that currently sits there.
Anonymous 12 days ago
love it.
Anonymous 12 days ago
Freedom of speech is alive and well despite attempts to silence it. Don't be badgered into removing this by book burners.
Anonymous 2 days ago
Absolutely brilliant! Everyone should buy a copy or two to hand out or donate.
Anonymous 5 days ago
For those complaining. Have you ever read "If you Give a Donkey the White House". Guessing no. Poor, Poor Snowflakes
Gestalts 8 days ago
This is a fun book. It's worth every penny. I would've enjoyed it more if it were more readable as verse. The artwork could've been more developed.
Daniel Polk 8 days ago
Great book and sadly accurate but hilarious at the same time! All you Trump supporters can go cry in their safe room like they told all those liberals to do.
Anonymous 8 days ago
Right on, thought it was a little gentle on subject.
Anonymous 9 days ago
As hilarious as it is clever! The best humor is based on truth! A pig in the white house, LOL! This is a great gift for the humor-impaired republican in your life.
Anonymous 10 days ago
Lol, good for laughs... glad to see this retailer is not afraid of the deplorable backlash. But who are we kidding, most of them can’t read.
Anonymous 10 days ago
Can't wait to read it. Everyone should buy one!
Steve Smith 10 days ago
I loved this book and it couldn't have came out at a better time! It's almost as if it's not a parody at all. I mean, it's almost as if there is a pig in the white house. Fantastic book! It's too bad all of these snowflakes keep giving it a 1 star review, without, I would bet good money, having even read it. Their tears make this book all the better. I can't recommend it enough! It's a fantastic book and it's worth collecting it if for no other reason than to mark the time there was an actual pig in the white house. I plan on giving these out as stocking stuffers this Christmas.
The_Knit_Addict 9 days ago
Thanks to the mighty uproar about this book, which I had never heard of prior to the uproar on social media, my interest was piqued, so I went on over to the B&N website and reserved myself a copy to pick up in the store. The cashier at my local branch was lovely, and let me know of another client who had asked for as many copies as she could get her hands on, who also learned about this book thanks to those who oppose the first amendment crying about this book online. She also let me know that no, this book is not in the Children's section of their store as it is not a children's book. It pretty clearly says that on the cover, in fact. I see it's now only available as a Nook download on this website, which means B&N sold out every physical copy they had. I really appreciate the viral campaign bringing this book to my attention! As far as the actual book goes, my teenagers and I laughed and laughed while reading this book. I used to read If You Give A Mouse A Cookie to them when they were small, so there was a lot of fond nostalgia in reading the book. The artwork was great with fun little Easter eggs throughout the book. The attention to detail was fantastic, and the artwork and prose very closely resemble the original series it is parodying. One daughter pointed out that some portions of the book are already outdated, for example Ms. Sanders is no longer the White House press secretary though she is depicted in this book. Turnover sure happens a lot in our current White House! I hope the authors continue writing political parodies. This is something I will be recommending to all of my similarly-minded friends as a great way to have a laugh at the depressing timeline we're in.
Anonymous 10 days ago
What a disappointment to see B&N participating in the division of our country.
Anonymous 10 days ago
How disgusting that you would sell this book. No wonder the younger generation has no respect for God, Country, Seniors, and Vets, because of Liberal bias crap that is shoved in our faces each day. A Lie is a Lie, and NO you don't get a trophy for showing up. A total disregard and disrespect for for the Highest Office in the Land. Any parent that would purchase this book well...... you deserve what your children will give you which will be the same thing you taught them, to be disrespectful. Barnes and Noble you have lost my business and I purchase numerous books a month. I'll shop elsewhere until you can prove that you are NOT a liberal, socialism, supporting snowflake.