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If You Knew This One Thing You Could Know and Do Everything: Undeniable Truths

If You Knew This One Thing You Could Know and Do Everything: Undeniable Truths

by William G Baker
If You Knew This One Thing You Could Know and Do Everything: Undeniable Truths

If You Knew This One Thing You Could Know and Do Everything: Undeniable Truths

by William G Baker


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Book SynopsisConsciousnesses, life, the universe, are expressed through vibratory frequencies. These vibrations move in accordance with thought and beliefs and reach sub-human to celestial frequencies.William G Baker, a renowned explorer and author of higher awareness in consciousness, makes undeniable truths easily understandable using formulas and examples that raises vibratory frequencies to levels above the physical plane, where all physical laws become subservient to this higher vibration. Desires, health, past events, and understanding are either instantly or rapidly experienced.The raw materials to create our bodies can be metaphorically purchased at a hardware store. But what can't be purchased is the real you-the consciousness and mind that together make your body function. The real you and your body are separate entities. The body is physical; that is, a body condemns us to the laws of nature and physics. But if it is comprehended that we are our consciousness, mind, intelligent information, and energy; not our bodies, then we are able to live our lives in higher laws of vibrations. By having ourselves in these higher laws of vibrations, the physical world's lower laws of vibrations become secondary.It is in this way that all desires can be instantly fulfilled, that past events can be changed, that health can be renewed, that one can experience any aspect of life, and that one can cross through the thin veil of death and see life the same there as here. It is not forbidden. From Yellow Bonnet publishing, William G Baker has published the ultimate, world-renowned, self-help book.

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ISBN-13: 9781512214628
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 05/27/2015
Pages: 82
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.20(d)

About the Author

William G Baker is not a scientist, a theologian, a guru or a psychic. For over fifty years, William has been a traveler - an explorer, if you will - of higher awareness in consciousness. However, his childhood and youth held no indication of his future life's work.

When he finished his tour of duty with the Marines, he curiously met a 101-year-old woman in San Diego, CA. Sensing a kindred spirit in him; she invited him to her home because she had a gift for him. Unexpectedly, she pulled out a set of books and winked at him saying, "These have been awaiting your arrival." The books held the findings from a team of scientists from the early 1900s that spent a year living amongst the so-called Masters of Life in the Himalayas. He was astonished because he instinctively knew he found the true power of mankind. Then and there, he discovered the purpose of his life's work.

Throughout the years, Williams documented and shared his findings with his closest friends and family, who in turn shared them with others. Soon, they all urged him to publish his astonishing findings.

From William's own findings,
All can pursue the same adventure and achieve the same understanding. It need not take years or a lifetime of struggle. It can happen in a very short period of time, even today. I have cleared a well-lit path for you to follow with easily understandable instructions and examples. When you begin to live your life at this higher level, all things become possible. Your desires will rapidly be realized in pure perfect order with no strings attached. You will understand the meaning of the word God. You will step through the thin veil of death and see the same life that you see here; it is not forbidden. You will see how the simplest thoughts travel through your cells before they are reflected into your outer experience as things, places, or events. Disease and suffering can be transformed into perfect health. Past events can be changed.

His book-If You Knew This One Thing, You Could Know and Do Everything-shows locations in consciousness where the lower laws of the physical world become subservient to higher laws. From this vista, much can be realized and understood. Through trial and error, he created formulas that he has developed, experienced, applied, and proven throughout his life. It is now your turn to use them.

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