If You Were Me and Lived in... Mexico: A Child's Introduction to Cultures Around the World

If You Were Me and Lived in... Mexico: A Child's Introduction to Cultures Around the World

by Carole P. Roman, Kelsea Wierenga


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"If You Were Me and Lived in ...Mexico-A Child's Introduction to Cultures Around the World" is the first entry in an exciting new children's series that focuses on learning and appreciating the many cultures that make up our small planet. Perfect for children from Pre-K to age 8, this book is a groundbreaking new experience in elementary education. Interesting facts and colorful illustrations help children realize that although the world is large, people all over the globe are basically the same.

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ISBN-13: 9781947118270
Publisher: Chelshire, Inc.
Publication date: 04/25/2017
Series: If You Were Me and Lived in...Cultural Series , #1
Pages: 28
Sales rank: 678,256
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.07(d)

About the Author

Carole P. Roman is the award-winning author of the Captain No Beard series. Both Captain No Beard-An Imaginary Tale of a Pirate's Life and Captain No Beard and the Aurora Borealis have received the Kirkus Star of Exceptional Merit. The first book in the series was named to Kirkus Reviews Best 2012. Captain No Beard and the Aurora Borealis has been named to Kirkus Reviews Best of 2015. Each book in the series has won numerous awards including the NABE Pinnacle Award, IAN Award, Moonbeam Award 2014, National Indie Excellence Award Finalist, Shelf Media Outstanding Series Award, ForeWord Review Five Star and Finalist in the Book of the Year, and Reader's Views Children's Book of the Year 2013. Roman is also the author of the award-winning non-fiction culture series If You Were Me and Lived in... that explores customs and cultures around the world. She has co-authored a self-help book, Navigating Indieworld A Beginners Guide to Self-Publishing and Marketing. She lives on Long Island with her husband and near her children and grandchildren.

Kelsea Wierenga graduated with a BFA in illustration from the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design in 2016. After working in the publishing industry for four years, she became a freelance children's book illustrator and began her partnership with author Carole P. Roman and the award-winning "If You Were Me and Lived in..." series. Kelsea lives in West Michigan with her husband and three daughters.

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If you were me and lived in... Mexico: A Child's Introduction to Cultures Around the World 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
coziecorner More than 1 year ago
Carole pens "If You Were Me and Lived in... Mexico" in a tale that is a pleasure to read and in basic everyday words that introduces children to other cultures. Her colorful illustrations clearly show what each message she is portraying in an easy and simple way. Honestly, I actually learned something about Mexico from her book and I'm sure there are other adults that would also. This review is based on a complimentary copy from the author which was provided for an honest review.
MyBookAddictionandMore More than 1 year ago
IF YOU WERE ME AND LIVED IN .....MEXICO...A CHILD'S INTRODUCTION TO CULTURES AROUND THE WORLD by Carole P. Roman is a delightful Children's Book. For ages pre-K to 8 years of age. Another great book from this author for children. A definite for children of all ages who wish to have a beginning learning tool in the Mexican culture. What a wonderful experience that will help children appreciate and better understand other cultures. Educators and children alike will enjoy this title. A great read for all ages. I enjoyed this title with it's vivid illustrations,and introduction into the Mexican culture. A must read! Received for an honest review from the author. RATING: 4.5 HEAT RATING: NONE (CHILDREN'S BOOKS) REVIEWED BY: AprilR, Review courtesy of My Book Addiction and More
Kissablysweetone More than 1 year ago
This book is a wonderful look at life in Mexico.  It introduces Spanish and traditions of the Mexican people.  It's the perfect way to introduce other countries and cultures to children. It's simply written and easy to understand.  Many children will be able to read this and understand the traditions from Mexico from other shows.        I love books like this. When my children were little I used books like this to show them people of the world.  We used some of the traditions to make them sink in just a bit more. Carole P. Roman is fantastic at capturing what children love most to read about. Your children will love this book as much as her others.      I found no issues.      I gave this one 5 cheers out of 5 because this is a fantastic teaching tool.   ~Copy of book provided by author in exchange for a fair review~
PJtheEMT4 More than 1 year ago
If You Were Me and Lived In Mexico.... A Child's Introduction to Cultures Around The World By Carole P. Roman is a new picture book introducing young readers to a new country. This book is first in a series of picture books focusing on a particular country. The young reader will learn about the geographical location of Mexico and will be briefly introduced to historic buildings, coinage, tourist attractions, local foods, national holidays, sports and other social norms. Full color, simply drawn cartoon drawings compliment the text. The drawing of the market for example, features traditional patterned blankets, authentic local foods as well as vague unidentified gray colored objects hanging from a string. I imagine these are either fish or animal pelts. Apparently in Mexican shops there is no attempt to separate produce or meat from the nonedible items and textiles that are also for sale. On the page that shows a boy watching "futbol", the TV screen has an actual photographic image of an actual game. This is a unique and unexpected touch which will be certain to surprise the reader. The last page includes pronunciations of some of the words used in the book. I feel this book would be suitable for the school market for grade school children. Although it clearly isn't a text book it would make an appropriate quick story to supplement a geography lesson. It would also be a good book to read to children before a family vacation to Mexico. As a blogger I received this book for the purpose of writing this review.
Teresa_Konopka More than 1 year ago
This book is just one in a series about different world countries.  This one focuses on Mexico.  It is simple enough for children to understand, but, to be honest, people of all ages can learn from this book series.  The book goes over the country's capital, geographic location, popular tourism sites, sports, and a major national / cultural holiday of that nation.  Readers will also learn some words in the native language of that country.  For this book, since we are in Mexico, reads learn some Spanish terms for names, monetary units, food, and more.  There is even a page in the very back of the book that helps readers with pronunciations if they are unsure how to say certain phrases that are used in the book.  As a children's book, I like how this book was geared to both girls and boys.  As we turn the pages, we see both the boy and girl characters getting involved in learning about Mexico.  This series is great in that it not only educates children on social studies but that it promotes peace and cultural / ethnic equality.  
TheStuffofSuccess More than 1 year ago
Carole does a great job in this book of providing some strong examples of what Mexico is like in a fun way for kids to understand.  She has excellent illustrations to go along with her messages.  In a less entertaining way she could have used flash cards.  But a child will view flashcards as more work versus fun.  This book makes learning about Mexico fun.  The end of the book even has a list of terms and pronunciations.  My children participate in Little Passports and this education about Mexico will be a great addition to their suitcase... I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Vernita Naylor for Readers' Favorite Author Carole P. Roman does a great job in providing educational books for children. Not only are they full of beautiful, colorful illustrations, but her books educate the young reader on the culture of the country that is being discussed in the book. If You Were Me and Lived in... Mexico: A Child's Introduction to Cultures Around the World doesn't disappoint because it offers the same concept and style of Carole’s other books within the series. In this book, children will learn about the words, foods and terms that make Mexico so special. Like did you know that Chichen Itza (Che-chin It-sa) is a complex of ancient Mayan ruins in Yucatan, Mexico that is formed and shaped like a pyramid? What are Mayan ruins? Get this book to discover the answer to this question and many more. I am a fan of Carole’s work because of the simple way that she presents the information, yet the educational aspect of the material shines through. With any of her books you will discover that your child is continually learning about the different cultures, foods and historical aspects behind each country. I come away after reading one of her books having learned something new that I wasn't aware of about that country. If you are looking for a book or a series of educational books for your child or school, pick up not only this book, but the others that Carole P. Roman has to offer; you will not be disappointed.
PennyMindingMom More than 1 year ago
My kids are getting more and more interested in the world around them. We recently sponsored a little boy from Mexico and have been exchanging letters with him and learning about his life.  The more this little boy shares with my kids, the more they want to learn.  They want to know things like his favourite food and what sports he plays. "If You Were Me And Lived In Mexico" by Carole P Roman takes you and your child on an exploration of Mexico. The author takes facts about Mexico and presents them in a kid friendly way.  As a parent I love that the author takes the time to show how the words are pronounced.  When I am reading out loud to the kids I hate when I don't know if I'm saying something right. The illustrations that accompany each fact help my kids visualize what we are talking about.  The picture of the Mayan temple lead to a discussion on how high it must be and why it has so many steps. It really captured their interest and they want to research it more when we get to a computer. "If You Were Me And Lived In Mexico" helps my children learn more about the lives of children in Mexico.  We learned about favourite foods, money and even what they call Mom and Dad. The book helped my children learn that even though the world is a large place we are all basically the same. Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for my review.  All opinions are 100% my own.
Autumn2 More than 1 year ago
We received this book to give an honest review. Love how we get to learn a bit about different countries in this awesome series. With this one we learn about Mexico. And being as how we live in Texas Mexico isn't very far from us yet we don't know too many fun facts about it.  K loved the book and enjoyed trying to say the pronounce the Spanish words which was quite funny. Perfect read for not only at home but in school as well. There is a guide in the back that is meant to help you pronounce the words if you need it.