Ignorance and Knowledge Foe and Friend: Truth and Life Motivation

Ignorance and Knowledge Foe and Friend: Truth and Life Motivation

by E. T. Ezekiel


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In this book, the Bible passage that really pointed out the main problem faced by humanity was quoted; Hosea 4:6 says, "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge . . . ." Here, God is actually referring to His people or chosen ones. We may say, the so-called children of God. But the question is why will the people who are called God's children still get into judgment of destruction, since it is God who created all things, has all good things, and owns all powers?

The simple answer is exactly what God said. If we read further, we will discover that the priest was mentioned. This means no one was left behind in this matter.

The issue of ignorance and knowledge is a great issue that does not only attack the people who did not know or believe in God but also the people who knows and believes.

This book will give you the deep meaning and truths about ignorance and knowledge. This book will also open your eyes of understanding to weapons that ignorance uses to capture its victim and how to be free from them.

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ISBN-13: 9781490712277
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
Publication date: 10/07/2013
Pages: 150
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