I'll Be There

I'll Be There

by Samantha Chase

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ISBN-13: 9781492615842
Publisher: Sourcebooks
Publication date: 12/01/2015
Series: Montgomery Brothers , #7
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 352
Sales rank: 25,019
File size: 881 KB

About the Author

New York Times and USA Today Bestseller/contemporary romance writer Samantha Chase released her debut novel, Jordan's Return, in November 2011. Although she waited until she was in her 40's to publish for the first time, writing has been a lifelong passion. Her motivation to take that step was her students: teaching creative writing to elementary age students all the way up through high school and encouraging those students to follow their writing dreams gave Samantha the confidence to take that step as well.
When she's not working on a new story, she spends her time reading contemporary romances, playing way too many games of Scrabble or Solitaire on Facebook and spending time with her husband of 25 years and their two sons in North Carolina.

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I'll Be There

By Samantha Chase

Sourcebooks, Inc.

Copyright © 2015 Samantha Chase
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4926-1584-2


Very few things threw Gabriella Martine for a loop, but this conversation had done that and more. "I don't think I understand," she said carefully, her blue eyes wide with confusion.

Robert Montgomery smiled serenely at her from behind his desk at the Montgomerys' corporate headquarters. "Zach isn't getting better," he began. "He's fired every home health worker who's shown up, and most days he refuses to work with the physical therapist. Technically, he should still be in the rehab facility, but he pitched such a fit once he was free of the casts, we made arrangements for him to continue his recovery at home."

Gabriella nodded. While she had done her best to stay out of her boss's way during his recovery while still taking care of things for him in the office, she had kept up with his progress through Ethan Reed, the company vice president and her friend. It had been hard to adjust to Zach being absent for so long, but she also knew it was in his best interest for her to stay away. The last time she had seen him, he all but burst a blood vessel.

Not the most glowing recommendation about their work relationship.

"Mr. Montgomery," she began patiently, "you and I both know my presence seemed to ... agitate Zach the last time we were together. I don't think I'm the right person for this particular task. Maybe you could ask my assistant, Carolyn. She's very efficient, and she has a good relationship with Zach."

Shaking his head, Robert folded his hands on his desk and leaned forward. "I don't know the cause of all the animosity between you and my son, and I don't want to know. What I do know is that you run this office like a drill sergeant, and that's exactly what Zach needs right now."

"I ... I don't know," she said and began to feel a bit panicked. Gabriella cared about Zach — probably more than she should — but that didn't mean she was willing to work so ... closely with him. The office was safe; there were other people around to act as buffers. But working from his home? It would just be the two of them. Looking around the office, she was just about to make an excuse to get up when a knock sounded at the door. Both she and Robert turned to see William walk in.

Gabriella just about collapsed from relief. Out of all the Montgomerys — and there were a lot of them — she felt the most at ease with William. She knew all about his matchmaking hobby, but he'd never even hinted at anything along those lines with her so she felt relatively safe with him.

"I'm so sorry to interrupt, Robert, but you left your cell in my office earlier and Zach's doctor is on the phone."

Robert jumped up, took the phone from William, and quickly excused himself. As soon as he was out the door, William pulled up the chair next to Gabriella. "I didn't expect him to leave." He chuckled. "I thought we'd excuse ourselves to give him some privacy."

Gabriella couldn't help but chuckle with him. Although, if she were being honest, she'd say she was relieved to have Robert out of the room. He was making her uncomfortable with all the talk about working from home with Zach. In a perfect world, she would have been able to jump right on board with the idea. But with the way things had been between the two of them in the months leading up to Zach's disastrous climb, it was impossible.

"So tell me," William said, interrupting her thoughts, "how are things going around here without Zach? I know Ethan is doing the best he can and everyone is pitching in to help out, but it can't be easy without Zach's presence."

"Well, we were kind of fortunate in that we were prepared for Zach to be away for the month he was on the climb. We had done a lot of special scheduling with some of our bigger clients, so nothing new was happening for the length of Zach's scheduled vacation time."

"I hate to say it was fortunate, but I suppose it worked out for the best," William said thoughtfully. "And now? It's been quite a while since the accident, surely everything hasn't been in a holding pattern?"

Gabriella shook her head. "Everyone's been great at stepping up and taking on certain aspects of Zach's work. I know Ethan talks to Zach every day and he's been kept up to date with what's happening, but I don't think he's really ...engaging. You know what I mean?"

William nodded. "That's what has us all worried. Ethan can't possibly work with Zach as closely as needed to keep him in the loop on everything as it's happening, and I'm afraid it's the only thing that might help him get out of this funk he's in." He smiled at Gabriella. "Although I think 'funk' is too mild a term. He's out-and-out belligerent and completely detaching himself from everything and everyone."

"That's not good," she murmured. "I don't understand why he's not trying harder to get better. Knowing Zach for as long as I have, I would've thought he'd be beyond anxious to get better and get back to his old self."

"We all did." He sighed. "That's why it's going to be devastating to have to remove him from his position in the company."

"What?" Gabriella cried out in disbelief. "What do you mean, remove him? He's the president of the company! He started this office, you can't just ... just ... replace him!"

"We don't have a choice," William said. "We knew he was going to need time to recuperate and get well, but he's not improving. He's not making any effort, and at the end of the day, we still have a business to run. Obviously, we'd rather run it with Zach at the helm, but he's given us no other option. He doesn't want to work and we need someone who does."

"It's going to kill him, Mr. Montgomery," she said imploringly. "You can't do it. This company means the world to him ..."

William shook his head. "I used to think so. Maybe there's something more going on with him, I don't know. All I know is it isn't fair to make Ethan take on so much. He and Summer have put their plans on hold for their engagement party and their vacation to see how their house in North Carolina is coming along, all for Zach's sake. How much longer are they supposed to wait?"

"It hasn't been very long, William. Please. Just ... give him a little more time," she begged.

If there was one thing William excelled at, it was his ability to observe people and see where they were really coming from. Everything in his gut was telling him what Gabriella was feeling had way more to do with Zach as a person than Zach as her boss. He just needed to be sure.

"Look at it this way — considering the way things went when you were up in Alaska with Zach, you'll get a reprieve from all the stress and his attitude. We'll move Ethan up to president and possibly make Summer the vice president if she's interested, or maybe start interviewing some of the junior executives. I prefer to promote from within. You won't have a big transition to make, and I'm sure you'll want to stay on and help — for Ethan's sake."

Gabriella felt like she was going to be sick. There was no way she could possibly wrap her head around this. How could this family be so cold? Didn't they understand that Zach had nearly died? He was struggling with his recovery for reasons none of them could understand. "Why aren't you encouraging him rather than preparing to pull the rug out from under him?" she asked William.

"Gabriella, we've talked to Zach until we've exhausted ourselves. He's not interested. He needs help. More help than any of us can give him, and he's refusing outside help as well. Until he can get his head back in the game, our hands are tied."

"What if ..." She cleared her throat. "What if I went and worked with him? Like you just said, he needs someone who can keep him up to speed with the day-to-day operations of the company."

William's eyebrows rose at the offer. "Really? You'd do that?"

She nodded. "I'm not saying I'll make any more of a difference than the rest of you have, but I can try."

"Oh, I don't know," William said and nearly had to bite his tongue to keep from smirking. "Robert and I talked about asking you, but I don't think it would be a very good idea."

"Why not? Robert and I were talking about it when you came in."

"You were?"

She nodded again. "I didn't think it was the best idea either, but now that I know what you're planning to do to Zach, I have to at least try."

"Well, that's very commendable of you." He squeezed her hand. "Unfortunately, I don't think it's the right thing for you."

"But ... but Robert just said ..."

"I know, I know. Like I said, we discussed it, but the more I think about it, the more I think it wouldn't be beneficial to anyone."

Her spine stiffened. "I've worked with Zach for many years. I know how to handle him where work is concerned better than anyone. I've been dealing with his moods and his frustrations, and I've broken up my share of fights between him and Ethan. I think I would be the perfect candidate to go in there and help out."

"It's really sweet of you to offer, but I think I know what's best for my nephew," William said as he patted her hand and stood. He cringed at his own intentionally condescending tone, but knew it would galvanize Gabriella's decision. "Tough love. It's time to stop coddling him. If we take his title away from him and let him stew for a while, he'll eventually break out of his pity party and get his head back in the game."

Gabriella stood and faced the man who she had always thought had a soft spot for his family. "That is the coldest thing I have ever heard!" she said with disgust. "You may be willing to throw in the towel but I'm not. Give me a chance to help him."

"We don't have the time ..."

"Just a couple of weeks," she begged. "A month, tops. If I haven't made any kind of impact or if Zach hasn't shown any signs of getting better, then I'll step aside." Her eyes pleaded with him just as much as her words. "Please, William. Let me try to help him."

William shrugged, feigning indifference. "I don't see why you'd even want to bother. From what I saw back in Alaska, Zach didn't seem too thrilled with your being there. How do you think he'll react to you practically moving into his house?"

"I ... I'm not moving in," she clarified, taking a step back. "I'm going to be there just as I would on a normal workday and try to establish some sort of routine to help Zach get reacquainted with what's going on in the company."

"It may not be that easy, my dear. You may have to take your cues from Zach."


"Meaning you may not end up working an eight-to-five shift. He's supposed to have physical therapy twice a day and you'll have to work around their schedule. His physical recovery is first and foremost."

"Of course," she agreed.

"Are you willing to essentially put your life on hold to work around a man who might not appreciate the effort?" William hated wording it quite so harshly but he had to know with great certainty that Gabriella knew what she was getting into and was committed to it.

Straightening to her full height, she nodded. "I am. I believe Zach deserves a chance."

William couldn't help the smile that spread across his face as he held out a hand to Gabriella. "Then it looks like we have a deal."

* * *


"You heard me. I know you banged your head pretty hard when you fell off that mountain, but your hearing is just fine."

Zach Montgomery looked at his father and felt nothing but rage. With everything he had been through, this was what he got? "So you're firing me?"

Robert shrugged, trying to seem indifferent to his son and the situation at hand. "I'm not saying fired, it's an ugly word. I'm just saying with everything you have going on, maybe it's best for you to have one fewer responsibility."

"I made this office what it is!" Zach yelled. "You and Uncle William didn't want to branch out to the West Coast. You were more than happy with things as they were. I took the chance and started things out here, and I've made millions for the company! How can you just forget that?"

"I'm not forgetting anything, Zach," Robert said wearily. "We all know what you did and how hard you've worked. But with things the way they are right now, we need someone at the helm and that's not you. We need a full executive staff. I need to get back home and so does William. Ethan can't handle everything by himself, and you're not willing to pitch in and help out."

"So I'm out and Ethan's in?" he sneered. "Who's going to take Ethan's position?"

"We've approached Summer about it."

That felt like a slap in the face. A couple of months ago, Zach had found the idea of his sister working in his office to be laughable. She was more like a damn camp counselor than a business executive and now — after one massive deal — everyone saw her as vice president material? Maybe he had hit his head harder than he thought. "This is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. Summer isn't ready to take on that kind of responsibility. Besides, doesn't she have a wedding to plan or something?"

"She did," Robert said, rising to get himself something to drink. There was no way he could look at his son with a straight face right now. The look of sheer shock on Zach's face at the mention of Summer stepping up into his league had been comical. He almost felt bad about it.

"What do you mean, did? Has something happened? Is Summer all right?"

"Yes. But you had an accident, Ethan's been running the company, and Summer has really stepped up. They haven't had time to talk about wedding plans or see how their house back east is coming along. You are their main concern right now. Their lives are on hold right now for you. I know Summer was hoping to have her engagement party back home, but she won't plan anything until you're better. She wants you there. We all do."

It didn't sound like it to Zach. It sounded like everyone was gearing up to wash their hands of him. "That's not fair, Dad," he said. "There's no timeline for when I'll be better, or even if I'll be better."

"There would be if you'd do the therapy your doctor prescribed and make an attempt to help yourself."

"You don't think I've tried?" he snapped. "Do you have any idea how freaking much I've been through already? They tell me I'll walk again and be just like I was before, but I don't see it happening. I still have spells where I can't feel a damn thing, and when I can feel, it hurts like hell! So until you've had your entire body broken, don't think you can preach to me about hurrying up and healing. It's not that easy!"

"And when have you ever walked away from a challenge?" Robert yelled back. "For crying out loud, Zach, ever since you were a kid, you've refused to be told you couldn't do something. You challenged your mother and me in every aspect of your damn life! But now? Now that it really counts and it's really hard, you're going to sit here and quit?"

"I'm not quitting! I'm just —"

"I think," Robert interrupted, "that up until now, everything in your life has come easily to you. You were a naturally gifted athlete. School and academics required very little effort from you. Starting this office and getting it off the ground, while challenging, still seemed to go according to your plans. But this injury? This accident? It's messed with your psyche. When you didn't see immediate results, you gave up and quit. It's not happening fast enough for you. Well, news flash, son, no one said it was going to."

"You have no idea how painful it is," Zach said through clenched teeth.

"I don't," Robert said solemnly, "and I hate more than anything that you have to go through it. If I could, Zach, I'd do it for you; I'd take the pain on myself. But I can't. This is something only you can do. You have to decide if you're going to fight for it or if you're going to let it defeat you."

Zach stared defiantly at his father for a solid minute. Seriously, did the old man have any idea the level of pain he was dealing with? Did he even know most days it took a Herculean effort just to get out of bed and move to a chair? Or the humiliation of needing someone to help him get dressed or take a shower?

"I think by taking the responsibility of the company off your shoulders, you can put your focus on your physical therapy," Robert said to break the silence.

"This branch of Montgomerys is mine," he growled. "I know Ethan was there with me from the beginning and I appreciate everything he's doing, but you have no right to put him in charge. It wasn't your decision to make."

"What choice did I have?" Robert said with frustration. "We can keep going around and around in circles on this. You can't have your cake and eat it too, Zach! You don't want to work and there's a company to run! Enough now! The decision is made!"


Excerpted from I'll Be There by Samantha Chase. Copyright © 2015 Samantha Chase. Excerpted by permission of Sourcebooks, Inc..
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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I'll Be There (Montgomery Brothers Series #6) 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 15 reviews.
Techgranny More than 1 year ago
I'll Be There is a story about love that simmers below the surface between to co-workers. Samantha Chase has mixed life changing events for main characters Hugh and Gabriella to bring them both to realize how important they were to each other on a personal level not just as co-workers. After a climbing accident injures Hugh, his assistant starts to work with him from home. His anger over his injuries as well as his trying to hide his felling for Gabriella cause Hugh to strike out at her. Because of her feelings for him, she keeps trying even though he treats her badly. So we have trouble that finally finds the love that then hits the skids again before finally meeting romantic success. Lots of family interaction that many may not understand.  I have enjoyed all of Samantha Chase books. This one too I recommend for those who like easy romantic reads.
ReesesSH More than 1 year ago
I received an ARC of I’ll be There for an honest review. I was excited to read I’ll be There after I read Meant for You a while ago. Zach Montgomery was in a terrible accident that almost killed him. Now he’s been homebound trying to recover and being a total jerk about it. Gabriella has worked for Zach for a long time. The two of them used to be really close until one day Zach came to work and began treating her and everyone else coldly. Now either Zach takes Gabriella’s help or he has to hand over his company to his best friend. Zach has been struggling with feeling like less than a man since he fell and doesn’t want anyone, especially Gabriella to see him weak. Zach for most of this story was a total jerk to everyone, especially Gabriella. He really struggles with something not being easy for him and for him not recovering right away. He takes everything to the extreme and is just a total butt head. Honestly Gabriella is the nicest person every to put up with that abuse. I think it’s good Samantha Chase gives us a look at what’s going on inside his head otherwise I swear no one would be rooting for him in the end. Especially after you see the reason why he’s so rude to Gabriella, which is for a big nothing. Ugh. He makes A LOT of mistakes along his journey throughout this book and I think he comes out all, the better for it. Gabriella has had a hard life. She’s never been good enough for her family and after a bad experience at her last job she enjoys working for Zach and his family. She finally has the stability and friendship she’s always craved. When Zach is injured she takes over working for him and helping his best friend take care of the company. Gabriella is super smart and super sweet. I’m glad she found her own path and put her foot down a bunch of times with Zach, she’s exactly who he needs. I really enjoyed I’ll be There. I’ve only read this book and Meant for You but I enjoyed I’ll be There so much more than Meant for You. I think because for a lot of it I wasn’t rooting for the two of them to be together and a lot of the time it seemed like they wouldn’t which was definitely a twist I enjoyed. Really good book hope to one day read the rest of the series.
Irena_BookDustMagic More than 1 year ago
Maybe it wasn't the smartest choice for me to start the series with the 6th book, but it is whatit is. Despite the fact that this is a 6th book, it is easely readable as standalone. But, there is one fact you should be warned about if you decide to read just this book: you won't get attached to characters and, because of that, you won't be so pleased with the story. At least, that is what happened in my case. The story follows Zach who is a complete control freak that had a terrible accident while mountain climbing and now he is a mess. He has to use crutches to support himself and, like a little kid in a fifth grade, he is afraid other people will making fun of him because of that (actually, he is afraid other will see him as weak but I liked my perspective better). As a control freak who loses control, he starts to behave as a grumpy spoiled brat who drawns in self-pity. It was so hard to like him. As someone who knows how does it feel to have a terrible accident that leaves you unable to move for two whole months, make you learn how to walk again and go to phisical therapy every single day for months, I just couldn't feel sorry for Zach. In my opinion, he didn't make any affort to became stronger and walk again, he was just angry at the whole world. Gabriella took female book characters on a whole new level. She purrs and smells like Heaven (and no, this isn't a fantasy. It's a contemporary romance). She is also oh so hot and an ideal girl for Zach since she doesn't mind being treated horrible. She loves her family who is making fun of her all the time and looking at her like she is some kind of marriage wracker. And she loves Zach who is being rude to her constantly. The writing style is simple and is easy to read. The novel is written in third pespective and although it does have some cute scenes, it has more boring ones. Reading this book felt like watching a movie, falling asleep and then waking up after hearing main charaters screaming at each other, wondering what actually happened. It had a slow pace and then, all of the sudden, characters were just screaming at each other. It felt like drama came out of nowhere and I knew I must have lost my concentration while reading, but I just wasn't motivated enough to go back and reread what led to that. Even though my review may sound harsh, I don't think this is a bad book. I know some people that would love it and I would recommend it to romance lovers that do not overly analize what they read.
LynnB888 More than 1 year ago
Really good read! Gabriella Martine is being played. The patriarch's of the Montgomery Empire are scheming to get her to help Zach get well after his horrible accident while mountain climbing. Zach Montgomery is mad at the world, cursing his body for failing him, and scared that he will never be any semblance of the man he was before his accident. He has no interest in working, or being among the living and he's seriously pissed off when his Assistant, Gabriella, shows up at the door to goad him into getting off his duff and actually doing the work to get well again. Throughout the process of getting serious about his physical therapy and getting caught up on work issues, Zach and Gabriella spent hours a day with each other and find they can no longer fight their attraction for each other. Will Zach be able to allow himself the luxury of having a future again or will he continue to second guess himself? ** Received free in exchange for an honest review **
BuckeyeAngel More than 1 year ago
Zach has been hurt and refuses all help to get better. Until his father, Robert, goes to his assistant Gabriella for help. This was a great story. All that Zach went through to re-find himself to lose and regain the person he loved was awesome. Gabriella worked so hard until everything blew up in her face but she eventually faced her demons and had the love of her life. I loved this story and plot and especially the characters. I highly recommend. **I received an ARC of this story in exchange for an honest review
Majorly_Delicious More than 1 year ago
3 1/2 Stars I'll Be There is the sixth installment of Samantha Chase's Montgomery Brothers series. This book really can't be read as a standalone, it has characters from previous books and it makes it a little difficult in my opinion to follow everything if you don't know their backgrounds. This is the story of Gabriella and Zach. Gabrielle and Zach had been friends for a long time but once Gabrielle started working as Zach's assistant good friends turned to them being hardly civil. After some hurtful words by Zach, the two part ways. But when Zach is injured during a mountain climbing accident and needs help (even though he won't admit it), his family sends Gabrielle to help Zach. I will have to say Zach is pretty much a jerk 80% of the book and Gabrielle easily accepts his attitude and apologies. I would like to have seen her develop a backbone a little sooner towards Zach. It was a good story, I just wish Zach could have had a little better attitude. I received an eARC of this book compliments of the publisher for my honest review and opinion. All ratings and opinions stated are my own.
TheSassyBookster More than 1 year ago
I have been waiting for this Montgomery brother to fall in love for quite some time and while I'm glad to finally get his story, I'm sad to see this series coming to an end. A powerful and successful businessman, Zach Montgomery has always prided himself in being the best, being in control of his life and making his own rules. Zach is a go-getter and an overachiever, so his inability to rally quickly from his climbing accident and having to depend on others for help is a big blow to him and he's pretty much given up on himself. His family has just about had enough of his bad moods and general surliness and in a two-for-one deal conspires to manipulate him into fighting to get better and get him together with the woman he's been interested in for the last five years. Gabriella Martine has been attracted to her boss for as long as she's worked for him but knows to keep things between them professional. Her resolve is about to be tested as she works closely with him while he recovers from his accident, but she'll do anything to keep him from losing his position as president of the company. Zach was such a meanie (I know, grade school word, but that's the only one that kept flying through my mind) and I can understand how for such a confident person, having his body fail him could be the worst thing ever but he was just terrible. Gabrielle on the other hand, was a saint in my opinion, for taking the constant lashing out and coming back for more, but as their story unfolds it's clear that there is a lot more going on. Zach hates to be vulnerable at all but that Gabrielle has a front row seat makes it even worse and their unresolved personal issues are like an eight-hundred pound elephant in the middle of the room. The time alone was just what they needed for their relationship to flourish and I like that Zach was all in once he realized how he felt about Gabrielle, even though he was quick to bail when she needed him the most. I know I wouldn't have stuck around for so long if I were in Gabrielle's shoes and that was my only gripe about this book. That and the fact that she forgave him so easily. I would have milked it for what it was worth and made him grovel really hard (yeah, I'm mean like that!). However, I loved this story and I think that it's fitting that Zach's road to happiness would be such a tumultuous one because of his personality. He had to hit rock bottom to get an appreciation for the prize he had in Gabrielle and his wonderful family. I'LL BE THERE is all about resilience, healing, family and love and is guaranteed to elicit a lot of emotions from readers, from the feel-good pleasure and happiness to the less than pleasant unease and anger, as Zach and Gabrielle fight for their happy ending. Disclaimer: I received this book for free from the Publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great family series
Sailon More than 1 year ago
I’ll Be There is a story about triumphing over life’s obstacles. Zach is a successful business man who finds himself is severely injured during a mountain climbing excursion. He is not handling his new life circumstances well, so his family and business partners conspire to get him back on his feet. Gabriella is Zach’s administrator assistant. She has had a crush on Zach forever but never acted on it. Gabriella has been seriously burned by an alleged past relationship at work and has kept their relationship extremely professional. Zach has heard the rumors and judged Gabriella. What was once a cordial relationship has turned sour. But that is about to change because Zach’s meddling family thrusts Gabriella into Zach’s post injury self-isolation. Zach is going through the gambit of emotions that follow loss, while Gabriella continues to accepts emotional and verbal abuse from those she holds dear. This is a heartwarming story of healing. Chase masterfully tackles difficult life circumstances while still managing to bring you through the range of emotions one must achieve to truly heal. I received this ARC copy of I'll Be There from Sourcebooks Casablanca in exchange for a honest review.
Sandy-thereadingcafe More than 1 year ago
3.5 stars--I’LL BE THERE is the sixth installment in Samantha Chase’s contemporary, adult THE MONTGOMERY BROTHERS romance series focusing on the Montgomery family. This is CEO Zach Montgomery, and personal assistant Gabriella Martine’s storyline. I’LL BE THERE can be read as a stand alone without any difficulty, although I would recommend reading the series in order for backstory and cohesion. SOME BACKGROUND: Uncle William Montgomery considers himself a matchmaker and his focus now centers on his brother, Robert Montgomery’s family. Zach Montgomery is William’s nephew and latest target-a man whose personal and physical recovery from a fall will depend upon his battered relationship with the woman who calls to his heart. Uncle William and Zach’s father Robert have devised a plan to push Zach and Gabrielle together-even if it means destroying Gabrielle’s heart and soul, in the process. Told from dual third person perspectives (Zach and Gabriella) I’LL BE THERE focuses on a second chance-of sorts-for Zach and his assistant Gabriella. Zach is in recovery and rehab following a mountain-climbing expedition that went horribly wrong leaving Zach a virtual shell of his former self-in pain, slow to heal, and having a difficult time with his mobility, Zach has become an angry, self-absorbed, broken man, and with it comes threats against family, friends and the people who love him the most. Enter Gabriella Martine-Zach’s long suffering personal assistant, and the woman who bears the brunt of Zach’s fiery temper and caustic personality. For five years, Gabriella has been all but ignored by the man with whom she has fallen in love, and Zach is none the wiser or aware of how much his attitude and personal attacks against Gabrielle have broken her heart. The relationship between Zach and Gabriella is one that began as employer to employee where the forbidden attraction between two people was hindered by a mistaken perception and hurtful words. Gabriella has become a virtual punching bag for her family’s attacks, and Zach’s abrasive attitude, acerbic rants and bully behavior that have left our heroine a victim of circumstance and office gossip, and the recipient of venomous anger. Gabriella is a smart, competent woman who can’t seem to say no to the man that she loves. Zach’s five year ‘temper tantrum’ and his treatment of Gabriella is nothing short of cruel, yet our heroine endured until the bitter end, when Zach, once again, took everything out of context and allowed jealousy and hate to rule his mouth and his mind. Their attraction to one another has not gone unnoticed by family and friends, but Zach is unwilling to acknowledge the truth about the woman who calls to his heart and his issues with his lack of independence and need for help. Just as their relationship becomes loving and romantic, Zach comes face to face with Gabriella’s past, and pushes Gabriella out of his life – one final time. The $ex scenes are seductive but mostly implied. I’LL BE THERE is an emotional storyline; a heartbreaking romance about healing and recovery; acceptance and denial; moving forward and letting go. The premise is a story of second chances and making amends; the characters are passionate and intense; the romance is full of anguish, anxiety, and slow to build. My anxiety level over Zach’s attitude and treatment of Gabriella and his family, as well as Gabriella’s willingness to accept Zach’s verbal and emotional attacks left me feeling uneasy and dis
Rhondaz More than 1 year ago
I'll Be There by Samantha Chase, is my favorite Montgomery Brother book so far. As I read this book I had tears in my eye one moment and smiling right after. You will find romance, love, family drama, wealth and overcoming a bad fall with injury. The characters Zach and Gabriella are perfect for each, but will they make it through all the obstacles. I highly recommend this book or any book written by Samantha Chase. I was given an ARC of this book by publisher via NetGalley, for my honest review.
ReaderGirl87 More than 1 year ago
I have been waiting for this book ever since the last Montgomery book came out in April. Zach Montgomery is an angry hero and yet you don't hate him. You want to, but you can't. He has good reason to be that way. This was a complex story which I loved - no sunshine and unicorns here. You're dealing with two people with a lot of issues who ultimately find a way to heal each other. A very satisfying read. We need more Montgomerys!!
esgute More than 1 year ago
Personally, I love a story where a couple has to overcome hurdles to see that instead of flinging frustration and angst at each other, they should come together for a common goal. Such is the story of Zach and Gabriella. Zach, one of the brothers from Samantha Chase's incredible Montgomery family, becomes hurt physically and needs help, but his pride is in the way. Gabriella, a pro, is the perfect woman to set him on the right path, but refuses to put up with his moodiness, but supporting him at the same time. The spark ignites, and the story is fantastic! Make sure you live this incredible journey with Zach and Gabriella!!
Lashea677 More than 1 year ago
I was ecstatic when I found out that Samantha Chase was releasing a new Montgomery Brothers novel. This family is such a joy that it is no hardship to visit time and again. I'll Be There is Zach's story. Zach has been successful at whatever he touches. His personality, focus, looks and even his family name has opened doors but his ambition is the key to all of his triumphs. When larger than life Zach is forced down to earth after an accident he is anything but happy. Gabriella is a formidable match for Zach. She has worked hard to accomplish her achievements and has managed to do so despite the odds. Gabriella is no pushover. She speaks her mind. With I'll be there Samantha Chase wrote a story full of triumph but she also introduced two characters afraid of letting anyone too close for fear of appearing weak. The lesson I took away from I'll Be There is that showing emotion is not weak. Emotions are a part of the maturity process that leads to a well rounded happy life. I received an ARC of I'll be There in exchange for an honest review. 10+ Stars.
LisaD More than 1 year ago
I think the Montgomery series books Just keep getting better and better. I had to make myself out it down to get some sleep. Zach is dealing with real life issues like physical therapy recovering from his accident and anxiety. It nice to have the characters deal with some of the same stuff you and I could. Gabriella is an amazing assistant who tries to help Zach recover, and is very determined, which helps her while trying to deal with Zach and his moodiness. I found myself having to message the author because I was feeling so many emotion towards the Zach and Gabriella, and needed to talk about them. I loved this book and would highly recommend it!!