Illegal Drugs, Economy, and Society in the Andes

Illegal Drugs, Economy, and Society in the Andes

by Francisco E. Thoumi



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ISBN-13: 9780801878497
Publisher: Johns Hopkins University Press
Publication date: 12/11/2003
Series: Woodrow Wilson Center Press Series
Pages: 440
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About the Author

Francisco E. Thoumi received his Ph.D. in economics from the University of Minnesota. He has been a professor at the Universidad de Los Andes, in Bogotá, California State University, and the Universidad Nacional de Colombia, and has worked for the World Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank, and the United Nations Office of Drug Control and Crime Prevention. He is a member of the Colombian Academy of Economic Sciences.

Table of Contents

List of Tables and Figuresxiii
1Introduction and Overview1
Part I.The Illegal Drug Industry's History and Structure
2Psychoactive Drug Perceptions and Attitudes in the United States and the Andean Countries15
3The Socioeconomic Dimensions of Illegal Drug Production48
4The Development and Structure of the Illegal Drug Industry in the Andes79
Part II.The Effects of the Andean Illegal Drug Industry
5The Size of the Illegal Drug Industry141
6Economic, Environmental, Social, and Political Effects of the Illegal Drug Industry159
7The Illegal Drug Industry's Effects in Colombia181
8The Illegal Drug Industry's Effects in Bolivia and Peru232
Part III.Country Vulnerability to Illegal Drugs
9Illegal Drugs, Violence, and Social Differences265
Part IV.Antidrug Policies
10The Nature of the Drug Policy Problem301
11Policy Case Studies of Alternative Development in Bolivia and International Cooperation in Colombia315
12A Short Survey of Antidrug Policies in the Andes and Policy Conclusions352

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