Illerup Adal 15: Kleinfunde von ziviler Charakter

Illerup Adal 15: Kleinfunde von ziviler Charakter

by Aarhus University Press


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Illerup vol. 15 is the last volume in the many publications about the sacrificial weapons find by Danish Illerup Adal from the late Iron Age. This volume is about the many non-military finds, such as dice for board games, beads, jewellery, amulets, etc. - things that the soldiers have worn as jewellery around their necks, or in purses on their belts. These items therefore give a unique insight into the soldiers' everyday lives, their appearance and identity. Illerup vol. 15 differs from the previous volumes by emphasising the Eastern European items. Much of the jewellery and the amulets show close connections to the current Poland and Ukraine, and the beads are the kind produced by the Roman Empire's boarder on the Continent. The Eastern European items have not previously been accessibly to a Scandinavian audience. This is therefore a unique chance to get an insight into the trade relations and military alliances that we (because of modern boarders) have found difficult to identify. With vol. 15, the publication of the almost 16,000 items found at Illerup Adal is done. The publication is one of the most influential in Danish Iron Age research and is being used and cited as an absolute principal work for researchers across the globe. At the same time, the find is also known by ordinary people, who have had the opportunity to enjoy the great and popular presentations and as well as the new exhibition at Moesgaard Museum.

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ISBN-13: 9788793423398
Publisher: Aarhus University Press
Publication date: 12/01/2019
Series: Jutland Archaeological Society Publications , #25
Pages: 235
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