Illiana: The Border Area Between Illinois and Indiana

Illiana: The Border Area Between Illinois and Indiana

by Acie Cargill


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This area encompasses the southeast side of Chicago and northwest Indiana. It is heavily populated. Maybe a couple million people. A lot of industry. A lot of degraded natural areas. Hard working people with modest homes and lifestyles. Many are religious. They have worked for everything they have and never expected any more than that.
Many of the people no longer accept pollution in their environment. They stand up and complain. Their world has already been abused, but they are against it getting any worse.
There are also poems here about events in the area, some good and some bad. Also some good and some bad individuals. This book is about the past and the present. Explanations and observations. Some tragedy, some light. A neutral outlook tempered by a love for nature, animals, and humanity.

List of Poems
1. The Night The Clocktower Burned / Pullman
2. Hobos In Pullman
3. I am Pullman
4. Asa Philip Randolph and The Pullman Porters Union
5. Young Jennie Curtis / Pullman
6. Pullman Recollection / Marlene Broderick
7. Bud Billiken Day Parade / Bronzeville
8. Gwendolyn Brooks / Poet Laureate / Bronzeville
9. Jazz Giants / Bronzeville
10. The Great Migration / Bronzeville
11. Ida B. Wells - Barnett / Activist / Bronzevile
12. Chess Records / Bronzeville
13. Little Jimmie Blues / Bronzeville
14. Leopold and Loeb / Murder of Bobby Franks / Hyde Park
15. South Shore Cultural Center / Nature Center
16. Black Clouds over the East Side
17. Petcoke Train
18. Oil Trains
19. Southeast Environmental Task Force / Tom Shepherd / Peggy Salazar
20. The South Works, Republic, and Wisconsin Steel
21. Republic Steel Massacre / Chicago
22. Walking on the Picket Line
23. Eugene Debs
24. The Popovich Brothers / South Chicago
25. Calumet Dutch Settlers / South Holland
26. Calumet Flyway
27. Marian Byrnes
28. The Birds Remain / Margo Milde
29. Lake Calumet
30. Thismia Americana
31. Wolf Lake
32. Big Marsh
33. Never Defile This Sacred Place Again
34. Altgeld Gardens
35. Baseball on the South Side
36. Richard Speck and the Nurses / South Deering
37. On the Great Lakes
38. Cruising the Ave.
39. Blessing the Waters / Blue Island
40. Old Dolton and New
41. Acme Steel / Riverdale
42. Dumping the Calumet River Dredgings
43. She Jumped In The Thornton Quarry
44. Sin Strip / Calumet City
45. Jimmy Reed at the Goat Club / Chicago Heights
46. Raceway Park / Calumet Park
47. Old Momence
48. US Steel the Gary Works
49. Paul Henry Art Gallery / Hammond
50. St. Sava Merrillville Serb Fest Kolo Dance / Merrillville
51. South Shore Line Railroad
52. Walking in Marktown / East Chicago
53. The Casinos
54. John Dillinger Escapes from the Crown Point Jail
55. Rock and Roll McDonalds / Highland and Olympia Fields
56. The Great Fire 1955 / Whiting
57. Hegewisch Marsh
58. Phragmites
59. USS Lead / East Chicago
60. Calumet Containers Cleanup / Hammond
61. Little, Grand, Calumet Rivers
62. The 1940 Hammond Tech State basketball Championship
63. The Beautiful Dunes / Dorothy Buell
64. Tommy Dorsey at Midway Ballroom / Cedar Lake
65. Diana of the Dunes/ Chesterton
66. The Great Blue Heron Rookery / Highland
67. Cruise Night Blue Top Drive-In / Highland
68. Calumet Truck Farming / David Zandstra / Highland
69. I Fell In Love on Ridge Road / Munster
70. Jasper-Pulaski Sand Hill Cranes / Medaryville
71. The Hammond Migratory Bird Sanctuary / Carolyn Marsh
72. Swingers Club / Lowell
73. Route 30 and Route 41 / Schererville
74. 41 Trooper
75. The Big Mills in East Chicago
76. The Death of Paul Komyatti, Sr. / Hammond
77. Indytucky / How Did I Come To Live In This Land
78. Valparaiso, America
79. I'll do my Job , But I Ain't No Puppet
80. Terre Haute / Going Home / Andrea Stevens
81. University of Chicago Folk Festival / Hyde Park
82. Dixie Highway
83. The Killing of Indiana State Trooper Scott Alan Patrick /Gary
84. Chuck's Gun Shop / Riverdale, Illinois
85. Sherwin Williams
86. Park Forest, Illinois

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Publication date: 07/17/2015
Pages: 206
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About the Author

Acie Cargill is a poet, a songwriter, and a prose writer. He studied poetry with USA poet laureate Mark Strand and Illinois poet Laureate, Gwendolyn Brooks. He studied novel writing with Thomas Berger who wrote Little Big Man. Cargill also studied journalismwith Jean Dailey. His work is a synthesis of all these styles.

He is a member of American Mensa and formerly edited the Mensa Journal of Poetry. He is also a member of the Grammy Association and the Quill and Scroll Society.
Cargull is a vegetarian, a former holistic physician, a musical performer on several instruments, and environmental activist, a lecturer, medical reviewer, a lover, a cannabis user, and a seer

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