Illinois Civil Procedure 2019-2020

Illinois Civil Procedure 2019-2020

by Jeffrey A. Parness

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Authored by experts in various facets of civil litigation and reviewed by general editor William C. Bochet, LexisNexis Practice Guide New Jersey Trial, Post-Trial, and Appellate Proceedings offers quick, direct, New Jersey-specific answers to questions that arise in day-to-day civil litigation practice. Topically organized, LexisNexis Practice Guide New Jersey Trial, Post-Trial, and Appellate Proceedings covers a range of civil practice issues and takes task-oriented approach to each subject in its action-oriented section headings (e.g. Moving for Relief in Limine, Preparing for Direct Examinations of Experts at Trial, and Making Objections or Requests for Curative Instructions) and multiple checklists in each chapter that guide the reader through each step of a task. This publication covers critical topics such as jury charges, bench trial, opening statements, burdens of proof, trial motions, party and non-party witnesses, expert witnesses, summations, and bringing appeals. It includes numerous practice tips (Strategic Point, Warning, Timing and Exception) to ensure best practices and help the attorney make choices, avoid practice pitfalls and recognize important time limitations and exceptions to general rules. The online product includes practice forms.

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ISBN-13: 9781522175735
Publisher: LexisNexis
Publication date: 06/07/2019
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
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Table of Contents

•  Chapter 1 The Illinois Court System
•  Chapter 2 Choice of Law
•  Chapter 3 Timing Requirements for Civil Actions in the Illinois Circuit Courts: Limitations, Repose, and the Like
•  Chapter 4 Subject Matter Jurisdiction of the Illinois Circuit Courts
•  Chapter 5 Alternatives to Circuit Court Adjudication
•  Chapter 6 Personal Jurisdiction
•  Chapter 7 Venue
•  Chapter 8 Pleading a Cause of Action: The Content and Form of Affirmative Pleadings
•  Chapter 9 Provisional Remedies: Relief Pending Final Adjudication
•  Chapter 10 Defending Against a Cause of Action: Responsive Motions and Pleadings
•  Chapter 11 Amendments to Pleadings
•  Chapter 12 Simple Joinder of Claims and Parties
•  Chapter 13 Complex Joinder of Claims and Parties
•  Chapter 14 Formal Discovery
•  Chapter 15 Informal Information Gathering: Prelawsuit and Postlawsuit
•  Chapter 16 Gathering and Disclosing Electronically Stored Information
•  Chapter 17 Summary Judgment
•  Chapter 18 Case Management Conferences
•  Chapter 19 Involuntary Dismissals and Defaults
•  Chapter 20 Voluntary Dismissals and Settlements
•  Chapter 21 Court-Supervised Alternativ Dispute Resolution: Arbitration and Mediation
•  Chapter 22 Jury Trials and Bench Trials
•  Chapter 23 Structure of Civil Trials
•  Chapter 24 Judgments: Entry, Enforcement, and Modification
•  Chapter 25 Sanctions for Civil Litigation Misconduct
•  Chapter 26 Review in the Circuit Courts
•  Chapter 27 Review in the Appellate Court
•  Chapter 28 Review in the Supreme Court
•  Chapter 29 Res Judicata
•  Chapter 30 Collateral Estoppel
•  Chapter 31 Other Effects of Judgments
•  Appendix: Annotated Bibliography
•  Table of Cases
•  Table of Statutes
•  Index

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