Illusive (Illusive Series #1)

Illusive (Illusive Series #1)

by Emily Lloyd-Jones


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ISBN-13: 9780316254564
Publisher: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
Publication date: 07/15/2014
Series: Illusive Series , #1
Pages: 416
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.40(h) x 1.50(d)
Lexile: 730L (what's this?)
Age Range: 12 - 17 Years

About the Author

Emily Lloyd-Jones grew up on a vineyard in rural Oregon, where she played in evergreen forests and learned to fear sheep. After graduating from Western Oregon University with an English degree, she enrolled in the publishing program at Rosemont College. She currently resides in Northern California, working in a bookstore by day and writing by night. Illusive is her debut novel. Visit her online at

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Illusive 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
It was really fantastic.
MariahEllis More than 1 year ago
When the MK virus took over the world, a vaccine was created by Fiacre Pharmaceuticals called Praevenir. Everybody thought that with the new vaccine, things would return to normal, but they didn't. Some unexpected side affects came along with the drug, side affects that nobody saw coming. Not everyone was affected, but .03 percent of the world's population began to experience immunities, superhero-like powers. Seventeen-year-old Ciere Giba is part of the .03 percent. She has the ability to change her appearance at will, which makes it all too easy for her to be a thief. When a routine robbery goes wrong, Ciere gets involved with a mob who tells her she either has to pay, or face the consequences. ILLUSIVE takes the concrete lines between good and bad and makes them blurry. Suddenly, nothing is as it seems. When I first picked ILLUSIVE up, I was very wary. The book is being described as the X-Men meets Ocean's Eleven, and that just sounded way too hokey for anything that I would ever enjoy. Despite going into the book expecting not to like it, after the first chapter I was hooked. The fact that the good guys are self-professed criminals gave things a very interesting vibe. It was hard at times to know who was good and who was bad. I like that Emily Lloyd-Jones kept me guessing. This assured that I was never bored and kept me fully engaged the entire time. The humor was awesome! So many funny jokes are contained within the pages, which made this such a fun read. The way that things are connected and intertwined is amazing. References were made throughout the book that mentioned events from the beginning in both big and small ways. All of the characters were very enjoyable, even the ones that you are supposed to dislike. They were crafted so well, and the ways they interacted with each other were very believeable. I am incredibly glad that I picked this book up and gave it a chance. It has definitely turned into one of my favorite reads, and I am so excited for the sequel, Deceptive! You will definitely want to get your hands on this one, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The foreshadowing was amazing, if you pay attention to small details it really pays off! Overall I love this book and it's slight resemblence to the glorious The Darkest Minds!
Viszay More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed how this story focused on the character's powers and the struggle with the government rather than on a romance.
DahlELama More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed this book so much I literally want to throw it in people's faces. And yes, I know what "literally" means. I don't think I've ever seen comparative titles done justice like ILLUSIVE does to "X-Men meets Ocean's 11." It's suspenseful, thrilling, witty as all hell, full of fantastic characters and great dialogue, and really well paced. It's probably the longest YA I've read this year, and I wasn't nearly ready for it to be over when it was. As it is, I'd punch a lion for the sequel in my face right now. Basically, if you like fun things, read it. Like, if you like fun AT ALL, you should be reading this book as soon as you can get your hands on it. Plus, if you're tired of every YA being consumed by romance, THIS ONE IS NOT. Though I'd happily romance pretty much anyone in it, to be honest.
Alyssa75 More than 1 year ago
***Review posted on The Eater of Books! blog*** Illusive by Emily Lloyd-Jones Book One of the Illusive series Publisher: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers Publication Date: July 15, 2014 Rating: 4 stars Source: ARC borrowed from a friend (thank you, Jess!) Summary (from Goodreads): The X-Men meets Ocean's Eleven in this edge-of-your-seat sci-fi adventure about a band of "super" criminals. When the MK virus swept across the planet, a vaccine was created to stop the epidemic, but it came with some unexpected side effects. A small percentage of the population developed superhero-like powers. Seventeen-year-old Ciere Giba has the handy ability to change her appearance at will. She's what's known as an illusionist...She's also a thief. After a robbery goes awry, Ciere must team up with a group of fellow super-powered criminals on another job that most would consider too reckless. The formula for the vaccine that gave them their abilities was supposedly destroyed years ago. But what if it wasn't? The lines between good and bad, us and them, and freedom and entrapment are blurred as Ciere and the rest of her crew become embroiled in a deadly race against the government that could cost them their lives. What I Liked: What a novel! I had been excited to read this one for a very long time, so I was really happy and slightly nervous to start reading it. Big thanks to Jessica @ Step Into Fiction for offering to lend me her prized ARC! Otherwise I'd never have had an opportunity to read this book, pre-publication.  Ciere is a thief, working with Kit Copperfield, an art fence who gives her jobs and takes care of her. When Ciere and her friend Devon rob a bank in mobster territory, Ciere finds herself in huge trouble. Pay Brandt back the forty grand, or else. But there are other problems - Kit wants Ciere to finish a job that Daniel, a boy that Ciere and Kit have worked with for years, hasn't completed. Daniel was taken by Aristeus and Co, an organization that apparently works to help the immune. Meanwhile, the FBI, UAI, and Ciere/Kit/Devon/Marcus are all searching for an old lady's will, that might contain the formula for the vaccination that caused the immune to exist - those with the "superpowers". I know. This book is complicated. I loved the complexity of everything. There is the mobster plot - in which Ciere has to figure out how to pay back Brandt. There is the overall plot, in which everyone is searching for the will - and in essence, the formula (which was thought to be destroyed). There is Ciere's plot, in which Ciere learns to grow into her illusionist powers (something she's struggled with since her mother died, years ago). There is Daniel's plot, in which Daniel is taken by Aristeus, and used to find out what Kit and company are doing and looking for. There is a touch of romance, not much at all. In fact, the romance is kind of nonexistent. I might be building the romance a little. What a fascinating world this author has created. A vaccine that was created to prevent MK from spreading had serious side effects ("adverse effects"), causing those injected to develop an immunity, or a supernatural power. There are mentalists, with the ability to see into people's minds. There are illusionists, like Ciere, who are able to allow people to see what she wants them to see, by creating illusions. There are others, like a dominus, eidos, dathos (I think dathos is one of them? The ones that can fight really well because they can bend their muscles and reshape themselves like craziness). It's SO COOL, all of the different powers, and how the immune affect the world. The government wants the formula to create more immune, to create a human army with superpowers. UAI (Aristeus's organization) and the FBI also want to round up the currently living immune, like Devon and Ciere. So I liked the story, the plot, the world building. This book is really solid, especially in those areas. The characters are solid as well. I liked Ciere - her strength, her indecision, her impulsiveness, all of her traits made her a likable character. I didn't just see her as a thief, I saw her as a teenager with a difficult life, with no way out. Devon, ehhh, I liked him. He was hilarious, always making me life. I don't think he belongs in the crime world, but I really liked in his presence in this book. I loved Kit and Marcus - they're like the "parents" of the story, except neither of them act like parents. Yes, they look after the teenagers, but for jobs, not necessarily for anything else. Although, that's not fair, Kit takes care of Ciere. Kit and Marcus were friends and colleagues before, and Aristeus was a protegee. Oops? Aristeus is kind of a bad guy (though not really), if you haven't picked up on that yet. Alan is an excellent addition to the cast of characters. I REALLY liked him, and hope to see more of him in future books. The romance is so so so subtle in this book, if it exists at all. Throughout the book, I thought Devon and Ciere were a thing. Ciere definitely treats Devon in a platonic way, as a friend. But I'm pretty sure Devon has feelings for Ciere. Which is whatever. But I like Ciere and someone else. I'm hoping that the next book has a smidgen more of actual romance, because romance and kickbutt thriller action is an okay combination by me! Yes, this book is totally kickbutt. There is so much action and thieving and scheming and plotting, I love it. I haven't read a crime-based book in a while - maybe since Natalie Whipple's Transparent? Except this book is more crime-based, more action-riddled, more kickbutt. I never wanted it to end! There is a science fiction aspect to this book - the whole thing about the vaccination and the inhuman abilities. It's scientifically explained as side effects from the vaccination hastily created to combat the MK virus. Makes sense! I didn't think too much of it. You'll notice that I've tagged this book as "Post-Apocalypse" as well - the MK virus, and the vaccinations, can be considered as an apocalypse, right? And this book takes place after those two tragic phenomena.  The writing style is really interesting. This book is written in third-person, present tense. I'm not used to books written in present tense, so I was a little caught off-guard at first, but I found that I really liked the use of present tense! I love third person narrations, so I had no problem with that. Third person, present tense combinations are rare in Young Adult literature (I think? I personally haven't read too many books with both), so it was awesome to read a book with such unique writing (and a really original story)! All in all, I can't wait to read the next book in this series. I didn't think there would be a sequel, because Goodreads doesn't have a sequel listed, but I chatted with the author, and she said that there will be a sequel next year! YAY FOR THAT! What I Did Not Like: I can't think of anything for this section. I know, I know, I'm giving the book four stars, but I can't think of anything that I didn't like. This is another "feel" novel, in which I'm giving this one four stars because that's how I feel about the book! Would I Recommend It: YES! You don't need to be a science fiction fan to enjoy this book. This book feels like primarily a thriller, so I feel like any type of audience will love this book. And there is basically no romance, which I think some people will really like! I think this book is an excellent package. Rating: 4 stars. This book was EPIC! I don't think I've read such an action-packed novel in a while. The writing and the story was refreshing and thrilling. Basically, you need to go read this one as soon as (legally) possible. I'm glad there will be a sequel - I will be all over that!