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Illustrated Children's Bible

Illustrated Children's Bible

by Jude Winkler


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The Illustrated Children's Bible by Rev. Jude Winkler, O.F.M. Conv. is a wonderful collection of Bible stories for children. Set in large easy-to-read type, children will learn about key stories from the Bible that are enhanced with beautiful artwork in this fine publication. This title provides summaries and explanations of 89 important stories from the Bible, 48 stories from the Old Testament and 41 stories from the New Testament. This book makes an excellent gift and is a valuable resource for children seeking to know more about the Word of God. 

Among the features of this book are:

  • full-color Presentation Page
  • magnificent, vibrant full-color illustrations
  • durable sewn hardcover binding
  • a short caption accompanying each illustration
  • references to the Scriptural books, chapters, and verses for the included stories
  • a foreword and an afterword written by the author, Rev. Jude Winkler, O.F.M. Conv.
  • informative and engaging introductions for both the Old Testament and the New Testament
The following Old Testament topics and figures are covered in this title:
  • God Creates the World
  • Adam and Eve
  • God Decides to Punish the Earth
  • A Covenant with Noah
  • God Calls Abraham and Sarah
  • God Visits Abraham and Sarah
  • God Tests Abraham
  • Isaac Marries Rebekah
  • Isaac and His Blessing
  • Jacob and His Dream
  • Jacob Marries His Beloved Rachel
  • Joseph and His Brothers
  • God Protects the Baby Moses
  • The Burning Bush
  • God Frees His People
  • Forty Years in the Desert 
  • The Ten Commandments
  • Israel Enters the Promised Land
  • Samson
  • Ruth
  • Samuel, The Judge and Prophet
  • Saul Is Made the King of Israel
  • Saul Is Rejected
  • David Is Chosen to Be King
  • David and Goliath
  • David Becomes the King of Israel
  • David and Absalom
  • King Solomon
  • Solomon Builds the Temple
  • Solomon Sins
  • The Kingdom Is Divided
  • Elijah the Prophet
  • Elisha
  • Isaiah, the Prophet of Holiness
  • The Exile of the North
  • Jeremiah, a Prophet to the Nations
  • Jerusalem Is Destroyed
  • Ezekiel and the Promise of a Return
  • The Suffering of Job
  • The Exile Ends
  • Nehemiah Rebuilds Jerusalem
  • Ezra and the Law
  • Jonah and the Whale
  • Queen Esther
  • Daniel and the Writing on the Wall
  • Daniel and the Lions' Den
  • The Revelation to Zechariah
  • Zechariah and Elizabeth
The following New Testament topics and figures are covered in this title:
  • The Annunciation
  • The Visitation
  • Jesus Is Born
  • The Presentation
  • The Three Wise Men
  • The Flight into Egypt
  • Jesus Is Found in the Temple
  • The Baptism of Jesus
  • The Temptation in the Desert
  • The Wedding Feast at Cana
  • A Great Catch of Fish
  • Jesus Heals the Crippled Man 
  • The Sermon on the Mount
  • The Centurion 
  • The Widow of Naim
  • The Calming of the Storm
  • The Daughter of Jairus
  • The Mission of the Apostles
  • The Multiplication of the Loaves and Fishes
  • The Transfiguration
  • The Good Samaritan
  • Martha and Mary
  • The Prodigal Son
  • Jesus and the Children
  • The Rich Young Man
  • Jesus Raises Lazarus from the Dead
  • Palm Sunday
  • The Last Supper: Washing the Disciples' Feet
  • "This Is My Body"
  • The Agony in the Garden
  • Judas Betrays Jesus
  • The Trial
  • Jesus Is Beaten
  • "Behold the Man"
  • Jesus Carries the Cross
  • Jesus Dies on the Cross
  • Easter Sunday
  • The Road to Emmaus
  • Doubting Thomas
  • "Peter, Do You Love Me?"
  • Pentecost

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ISBN-13: 9780899426358
Publisher: Catholic Book Publishing Company
Publication date: 09/10/2003
Edition description: ILLUSTRATE
Pages: 176
Sales rank: 743,002
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Age Range: 7 - 9 Years

About the Author

Rev. Jude Winkler, OFM Conv., has published numerous books and articles, mainly in the area of biblical theology. Under his direction, a board of highly qualified Scripture scholars engaged in producing a fresh, faithful, and reader-friendly translation of the complete Bible—the New Catholic Bible (NCB), published in fall 2019. His versatility is demonstrated by the fact that he has taught on all educational levels from kindergarten to graduate school. In addition to his scholarly writings, he has produced numerous works for children, including over 30 books in the St. Joseph Picture Book Series of bestselling titles, including those on Prayers, Saints, Sacraments, Church Beliefs and Celebrations, and the Blessed Virgin Mary.

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