I'm Getting a Life

I'm Getting a Life

by Rosalind Waite


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Did you ever wish you could uncover the secret to your own happiness? Did you want to just turn a key and find that it was incredibly simple? Well, you can.

The answers to your questions will become clear to you and you'll wonder why you never decided to make these changes before. I'm Getting A Life will offer you just that: a new life. A new you will emerge before your eyes and you'll want to delve further - the desire to know who you can really be will grow and grow. You'll feel renewed and powerful in the knowledge that you are simply in control of your life.

Right from the start, we're encouraged to think that we're defined by our family; our finances and our surroundings. Well, listen up, if you want to change all that, then you can. It's not rocket science. There are secrets to know, and this book explains them in a way that you can't possibly ignore. You will recognise things about yourself, and be stunned at how simple they are to change, when you thought it wasn't possible to change. Don't live your whole life on the internet - start living your life on the planet - it's so much more fun. Take a look inside 'I'm Getting A Life'. It is a short, punchy guide to sorting yourself out. You won't need counselling; you can do this yourself. It's child's play. I have used all the techniques myself and become so happy with my life that I ditched my well paid job and launched myself into writing, and sharing it all with you.

You will be proud to take control of your life, and make yourself a better person in the process. Did you not realise that life was meant to be happy? It may not seem like it when you look around but it's true. Reading this book could be your breakthrough, helping you to promote the changes you've been looking for. Solve problems; create new pleasures and begin to quench your own passions when you get in the driving seat of your life. There are secrets to unfold but before you read this book, I want you to know that life may never be the same again for you. So, fasten, your seatbelt because things are about to change.

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ISBN-13: 9781519271112
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 11/13/2015
Pages: 48
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