I'm Not Her

I'm Not Her

by Janet Gurtler

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ISBN-13: 9781402256370
Publisher: Sourcebooks
Publication date: 05/01/2011
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 304
Sales rank: 630,975
File size: 793 KB
Age Range: 13 - 17 Years

About the Author

Janet Gurtler's work has appeared in magazines such as Today's Parent and Luxury Living Lifestyles. She now spends her time reading and writing edgy, meaningful books for and about teens. In 2007, she finished her first triathlon. She lives beside the Rocky Mountains with her son and husband in Calgary, Canada.

Janet Gurtler lives in Calgary, Canada with her husband and son and a puppy blessed with cuteness rather than brains. Janet does not live in an Igloo or play hockey, but she does love maple syrup and says "eh" a lot. Visit janetgurtler.blogspot.com.

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From the Publisher

"Stories about teenage illness can easily slip into maudlin tear-jerkers. This one rises above that level because it focuses on Tess' ambivalence and strengths. Readers will be unable to look away from the unflinching descriptions of the chemotherapy and the surgery that Kristina endures, but Tess's struggles to connect with boys will lighten the tension and keep readers interested. The dialogue is up-to-date and so true to both teen awkwardness and rapier wit. Told in the first person, I'm Not Her moves along smartly and will easily hold the attention of the intended reader. Recommeded." - Canada Magazine

"An undeniably awesome debut... The characters were fabulously brought to life and what a captivating storyline. The voice. LOVE the voice! Love the humor. I couldn't get enough. It reminded me of a witty Jodi Picoult. Beautiful writing. Awesome voice = a must read." - Martha Ramirez Book Reviews

"This book was amazing and I felt like I was in the book, living the story. This book was indescribable. It was so good! ...I would defiantly read this book again and again. :)" - Love Romance Passion

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I'm Not Her 4.1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 184 reviews.
BlkosinerBookBlog More than 1 year ago
This was a really powerful and emotional story, about love, family and discovering who you are. I'm not her addresses popularity and letting who you are shine. Tess breaks my heart, and I'm able to relate with how she feels and what she battles with. It's hard watching her learn about her friend, who her sister is to her, and discovering new things about what she once mocked. It's really eye-opening to see how cancer really effects the community and to see how even little things can make an impact. The family dynamics are well written and very believable. It's hard to read, but at the same time, I can see pieces of my family, my behaviors in each and it's hard to look down at all when you know where they are coming from. If you like emotional reads, contemporary, then I'd definitely recommend giving this a read.
valentines-salena More than 1 year ago
As i read this book, i smiled and i cried alittle bit. this is one of my favorite books i EVER read. Normally, i get books and takes me to read for 1 day with stopping few chapters for a break. but for this book, i couldn't put this book down at all! i read this book in 2hours! ahhh! my new record! i would recommend this book for people who loves to read, and read sad stories. it's worth it.
Pam Senek More than 1 year ago
I couldnt put this book down. I cried. I smiled. The end is not something you see coming! Loved the book! I hope janet writess more! This is a must read. Its worth the money.
doggis More than 1 year ago
Sweet and well written. finished it in half a day. Very enjoyable
Balina More than 1 year ago
This book is amazing. I loved every minute reading this.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I cried, i smiled, and was shocked. Overall its an amazing book!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Im Not Her was single handedly one if tge best books I have ever read. Period. I would recomend to a teen audience. Im 13 years old and ibread this book last summer. Ever since then i couldn't stop thinking about how good it was. Like I said it was amazing and i would recomend it to anyone. The plot twists and climax points keep me one edge. And the bond between to sisters shows its powerful stength.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Good story, some surprises in the plot, easy and quick to read.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book is emotional and inspiring. Tess always envied her popular, sporty older sister until the worst thing happens. Cancer strikes.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book is very good And could bring tears to your eyes with this amazing story.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
While the theme of this book is about a teenage girl with cancer, it is also about a family deeply disfunctional and in denial. The mother is so concerned about aopearances that the younger sibling is even instructed not to tell anyone her sister has cancer, resulting in her having even more issues than usual at the high school they both attend. With a father who's basically checked out of the whole situation, and a mother who's more concerned with her daughter's ability to play vollyball than with her well- being, both sisters have to mature quickly to deal with the older sister's life threatening cancer.
BMartin More than 1 year ago
This book is amazing. I would recommend anyone to read it. I cried and smiled during the whole thing. I absolutely love this book and would read it over and over!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
this book was just enough emotion mixed with some boy action but not to worry there is not any detail except on kissing it is about a girl named tess who has a very popular sister and her sister ends up getting knee canser everyone struggles and some do not handle this well but you will have to read and find out what happens next i think that the author should write a book from the sisters point of veiw
Stella_rules More than 1 year ago
A few tears were shed but i loved it! after i read it i gave it to my best friend and she loved it to!! she had an experiance with cancer and could find it relatible in everyway.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
LOVED this book sooooo much!
hankesj on LibraryThing 10 months ago
I was a little nervous to try this book after I finished Gurtler's other novel If I Tell. It was okay, but not great. This book however was great! It dealt with some very real, very tough issues. I love the character development throughout the novel as well as the world Gurtler brings to life. This is very much a contemporary YA novel and I think every YA should read it. I will be reading more of Janet Gurtler, that's for sure!
ilikethesebooks on LibraryThing 10 months ago
I'm Not Her, is filled with so many different emotions it is sometimes hard for the reader to breath - but in the best way possible. I felt for each of the characters as they dealt with their own type of pain, in their own individual way. I cried a little, but my eyes watered a lot. I laughed, I gasped, I smiled, sighed - a different emotion for each page. This novel follows Tess, a girl who is just trying to survive high school. Between her art, striving for the Honor Society, and trying to hide from her sister's shadow, her life can be a bit hectic. Little did she know that her life was easy compared to now, when her sister is in and out of the hospital with a rare bone cancer. Kristina may have cancer, but she is not the only one suffering. In the same way, the events in this novel may be rooted in cancer, but it is also about coping, keeping everything together, moving on, and finding your own place in this difficult world. While reading this novel, I was surprised by how deeply such a horrible thing like cancer can effect a whole community. I have been lucky to not have yet had cancer touch my family, so I was naive to how deeply it penetrates. I wasn't just enlightened by the pain, but by the fact that each person who is effected is effected in a different way, feels different pain, and deals with it differently. This seems like something really simple to comprehend, but for me, and I think for anyone who hasn't been through something like this, it was not as easy to understand as it seems. Also, the events in this story were not at all predictable. With some books with this subject matter, the reader goes in thinking they know everything that is going to happen (and sometimes they do). This story was not at all like that. This story was as unpredictable as it would be if you faced this situation in real life. Simply put, it was real. Additionally, I really loved all the characters in this book. That's not necessarily true, I didn't like the parents that much, but I guess I could understand where they were coming from. I loved Tess, Kristina. I especially loved how the beauty in their sisterly relationship was brought out by this tragedy. It really goes to show that no matter what life throws at you, love and happiness will always prevail. This book was beautiful - almost poetic in a way. I would definitely recommend it - especially to fans of Sarah Ockler and Gail Forman.
Jacey25 on LibraryThing 10 months ago
Very well written in that the characters were real enough to be believeable and remain sympathetic. Unlike a lot of "illness/cancer" stories targeted to YA this book remains grounded in life going on around the cancer and is not from the sister with cancer's POV. I enjoyed the story and would reccomend it to those looking for a more realistic take on the "teenager with cancer/terminal illness" genre.
graceschumann on LibraryThing 10 months ago
There were some parts of this book I just thought were absolutely amazing and I loved. But then there were just as equally the same amount of other parts that made me just want to put the book down altogether. I just want to let anyone know, if you're looking for a happy everything-turns-out-ok-in-the-end story, this is not it (well basically)! I just feel bad for most of these characters. There's something tragic going on with basically each and every one of them and even though I thought the story was ok overall, it made it a very bleak and depressing read.Tess is nothing like her older sister. Kristina is perfect and beautiful, guys flock to her, she has the whole social world riding on her back, she is going to be a scholarship volleyball player, and she has the adoration of everyone. That is, until she is diagnosed with bone cancer. Suddenly, Kristina is unsure of the person who she's become and cuts off everybody she's made a part of her life. Quiet artistic Tess must stand up to the plate and be strong for her sister and her family. Tess suddenly is pushed into Kristina's shoes. She becomes popular at school, updating all of her sister's friends with the news, boys take notice of her and while all this is happening she must cope with the realization that her family life is falling apart. How will she stand when everything and everyone she's ever loved gets turned completely upside down?I did like the idea of this story, don't get me wrong. I loved how Tess basically took over a maternal role to Kristina and how she did what she thought was best for her sister and stood up for her at school whenever anyone tried to put her down. I enjoyed watching the growth of some of the characters and the maturation into discovering their true self. Tess becoming the popular at school showed her how being social isn't always a shallow thing and that some of the popular crowd weren't actually jerks but genuine good people. Seeing Kristina realize that looks and clothes weren't everything was also a breath of fresh air. She becomes this whole new person and starts to realize that she can still do the things she believes in and sets her mind to. There's a mass of other side characters: Their mom and dad (who had some serious issues by the way. I just couldn't stand how unlike parents...or good parents...they acted.), Jeremy (the boy who helps Kristina see the true her...adorable!), Clark (Tess's new best friend who helps her through the whole process), Nick (scumbag/jerk...just saying), Melissa, Devon, and just a whole slew of others.I wish this book had ended on a bit of a happier note but it was a nice read overall.
meliarose on LibraryThing 10 months ago
I really enjoyed the book! I was kind of surprised but it was captivating and I liked most of the characters. I am usually a sucker for YA romance, and there was a bit in the story, but the main point was sisterhood and dealing with illness. I found I liked it anyway. It was touching and emotional: a pleasant read.
hobbitsies on LibraryThing 10 months ago
So a lot of things went through my mind as I was reading I'm Not Her by Janet Gurtler. Most of the time it was "DUDE!" but less in a "DUDE! That's so awesome way!" but more like in a "DUDE! I am so freaking shocked this happened" kind of way. Because I'm Not Her is HEARTWRENCHING. It is GUTTING. It is painful and it is real.I was worried I wouldn't be able to handle it, actually. Way too much cancer in my life lately. But Janet Gurtler's characters drove the story forward. I wanted to read on, I wanted to show my support for Tess and her sister, Kristina.Because they seriously need the support! So much happened to them and their family over the course of this book that just broke my heaaaarrt. But it also very inspiring, how brave they could be in the toughest of times.If you're looking for a seriously awesome contemporary that's going to break your heart in all the right places, definitely pick up I'm Not Her by Janet Gurtler.
KatharineClifton on LibraryThing 10 months ago
This book had such potential. And at times, it lived up to it. But unfortunately, there were too many other times when it didn't. One minute I felt like the author had a real grasp on the characters their emotions, what seemed reasonable (or even believably unreasonable) in terms of their behavior. Others I felt like these characters were from outer space. I couldn't relate to them at all, even as flawed people, and I'm well acquainted with flawed people. Some of the things that bothered me included Tess's continual harping on the Honor Society. Really? It got annoying after the first ten times it was mentioned, much less the next one hundred times. And the art? It was supposed to be her whole sense of who she was, and I could appreciate that quality of her character, the way her parents overlooked her passion as a silly passing fancy. That was good. But then you had to hear about the Oswald prize a million times and how she was uninspired and I lost interest. Honestly, this book has a great premise, but what it needed was some careful editing. I kept hearing the advice, "show, don't tell" as I was reading because I felt like the author was trying to show us everything, over and over and over again, so we might understand. But I never did understand. And I felt the character of the mother was absurd beyond belief. Not wanting her daughter to have sedatives before major surgery because she was against excess medication? I presume there must be real people out there that have that kind of view and would attempt to impose it on their children, but I've never met a mother who wouldn't do everything in their power to protect their child from unnecessary pain - physical or emotional - so I didn't get it and I felt details like that made the mother character totally unbelievable. I wanted to like this, but I didn't. And it had moments of beauty and emotional connection. I actually liked Nick, despite him coming across as kind of a scumbag. He was real to me. Real emotions, believable actions. Unlike so many of the other characters in this book. I wish the author had done more editing, because she has something beautiful and moving here, but I think that in its current incarnation it fails to connect in any meaningful way.
mikitchenlady on LibraryThing 10 months ago
I'm Not Her tells the story of Tess and her family, and what happens to them when her older sister, Kristina, is diagnosed with bone cancer. Tess is the younger sister, not as pretty, less popular, artistic, smart, misunderstood. Kristina is the athlete, the blonde pretty volleyball player, popular, outgoing, and yet also misunderstood. The book opens as Kristina drags Tess to a party, trying to improve her social connections, but quickly moves to the main part of the plot, as Kristina's leg pain isn't merely muscle cramps, but a symptom of something far worse. As the story progresses, everyone in the family seems to disappear - Kristina from friends and her life, the father from his family, the mother from the perfect image she's created for self and family, and Tess from everyone as she tries to cope with the ensuing crisis.When no one can find out what's going on, all of the sudden Tess becomes more popular with all the people who wouldn't have given her the time of day. And she isn't all that keen on all this new attention, especially from some of the boys. Sometimes I feel such despair while reading young adult fiction - everything is tragic, every problem is insurmountable, nobody understands the teen, parents are useless. I honestly would have to hand this book to one of my high school students who is a regular reader and ask them what they think. My opinion -- too overwrought, unrealistic, and I'm not sure it adds much to the "someone is dying of cancer" genre. But, maybe it's just me, and others will find this a great read.
annettemills on LibraryThing 10 months ago
I'm Not Her is a heartfelt family story, that was somewhat overly dramatic and predictable.Tess is the unattractive, unpopular, artsy, brainiac sister. Kristina is older, popular, and has a great chance at a volleyball scholarship--until she is diagnosed with bone cancer.The rest of the book is the family's dealings with the reality of Kristina's illness. I understand that dealing with this is different for every family, much like the grief process. But this family was so dysfunctional that I had trouble feeling very sympathetic. Not until the very end of the book did they mention seeking counseling. Even the doctor was abrupt and unfeeling. No way would she just dump bad news on this patient and family and then hand them a card and leave. I refuse to believe this happens.I think the mother was most believable - at first in denial, and then trying to figure out the right thing to do but not being very successful. The father chooses to just work and golf and totally distance himself from a daughter he supposedly loves. Kristina totally cuts herself off from all of her friends. She never grows to see any value to those friendships, and her family did nothing to encourage her to realize this. None of these family members ever progress through the stages of grief. They stay the same throughout the whole book. They needed some counselling, and in the real world they would have gotten some.Tess, our narrator, was supposedly bearing the brunt of dealing with the situation, but I didn't buy that either. I just didn't feel very sympathetic towards her, and I'm not sure why. Jeremy becomes Kristina's only friend, and I did feel like that was a genuine relationship.Gurtler's writing was easy, and the plot moved along for the most part. The ending was a surprise, but didn't really impact my connection with this book. My family has experienced a situation similar to this - my brother diagnosed with cancer and being in the hospital for nine months before he succumbed to his illness. We were not perfect, and times were hard, but we were nothing like this family and maybe that's why I had trouble with this story.
GaylDasherSmith on LibraryThing 10 months ago
This was a very nice surprise. Really strong characters and wonderful insights into high school social hierarchy.