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ISBN-13: 9781771481991
Publisher: ChiZine Publications
Publication date: 07/07/2015
Pages: 300
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 8.90(h) x 1.10(d)
Age Range: 16 Years

Table of Contents

Anderson, Colleen, “The Book with No End”
Arthur, James, “Frankenstein’s Monster”
Ashby, Madeline, “Social Services”
Carroll, Siobhan, “The Correspondence between the Governess and the Attic”
Carson, Anne, Red Doc (excerpt)
Cayley, Kate, “Girls Watch in the Mirror at Midnight for a Vision of a Future Husband”
Cayley, Kate, “Neanderthal Man, Theory and Practice”
Chiykowski, Peter, “A Charm for Communing with Dead Pets During Surgery”
Chiykowski, Peter, “Turing Tests”
Conn, Jan, “In the Year Two Thousand Eleven”
Crate, Joan, “Jazzman/Puppet”
Das, Indrapramit, “The Runner of n-Vamana”
Davidson, Craig, “Firebugs”
Doctorow, Cory, “By His Things You Will Know Him”
El-Mohtar, Amal, “Lost”
Elza, Daniela, “:axiom: the calling” (excerpts)
Files, Gemma, “Trap-Weed”
Files, Gemma, “Oubliette”
Friis, Laura, “Ushakiran”
Gavin, Richard, “A Cavern of Redbrick”
Giesbrecht, Jennifer, “All My Princes are Gone”
Goldberg, Kim, “A Tall Girl”
Graham, Neile, “Ksampguiyaeps Woman-Out-to-Sea”
Hopkinson, Nalo, “The Easthound”
Howerow, Louisa, “Harvesting Lost Hearts”
Humphrey, Claire, “Your Figure Will Assume Beautiful Outlines”
Johnson, Matthew, “Salt and Iron Dialogues”
MacLeod, Catherine, “The Salamander's Waltz”
MacNeil, Tamara, “Said the Axe Man”
Moreno-Garcia, Silvia, “Nahuales”
Neville, Kim, “The Fairy Godmother”
Nickle, David, “Black Hen à la Ford”
Priest, Robert, “Jinx”
Richardson, Robin, “Knife Throwing Through Self-Hypnosis”
Richardson, Robin, “How Gods Go on the Road”
Rooke, Leon, “Conditional Sphere of Everyday Historical Life”
Ryman, Geoff, “Rosary and Goldenstar”
Strantzas, Simon, Stemming the Tide”
Tolmie, Jane, “Book of Vole” (Excerpts)
Villegas, Halli, “Fishfly Season”
Wise, A.C., “Lesser Creek: A Love Story, A Ghost Story”

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