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“Imagination to Manifestation provides a fascinating and helpful overview on the topic of intention setting. I highly recommend that you read this book.”

— Tony Burroughs, Author & Cofounder, The Intenders of the Highest Good

Imagination to Manifestation—How To Create Abundance is a workbook about intention and action; it teaches methods to control your thinking. You’ll learn how to construct focused intentions and follow through to manifest the reality you have only dreamed of having. There are exercises and activities that give you an opportunity to experience the change and not just read about it, and to help others in their change process.

Mitch Cearbhall’s Imagination to Manifestation workbook explains the “Law of Attraction,” and helps you understand how the process of manifestation works. Recent research on consciousness demonstrates that manifesting your intentions—making your dreams come true—is rooted in your perception of the world. You were born able to create what you desire, and you remain able to create what you desire. The Imagination to Manifestation workbook provides step-by-step guidance.

This practical workbook shows how to harness your subconscious—explore your shadow—and develop mindfulness to help you live a self-determined life. Mitch presents ancient and new information on the kinds of self-development that leads to success. Using current research in neuroscience, biology, and quantum mechanics Mitch offers a practical guide to living a more fulfilling life.

Research shows what we already know: money doesn’t buy love, and having more of it doesn’t bring us happiness. Our highest joy comes from our connection with others and activities where we lose track of time. Mitch Cearbhall explains how to find your true purpose and motivation in order to unlock the power within you.

The workbook examines how to unburden our minds and gain control of our thinking processes so that we can focus our attention on our true desires. From Imagination to manifestation - how to create abundance guides the reader step-by-step toward a way of understanding how we can sabotage our happiness and how to gain, or regain our power and control over the future we desire and deserve.

As an interactive workbook, Imagination to Manifestation—How To Create Abundance engages readers on many levels and offers insightful and easy-to-follow guidance on:

  • Using relevant techniques and resources to help control negative thinking and understand our physical responses to our thoughts.
  • Learning how to discover what we truly desire, and how to use language effectively to achieve our intentions.
  • Understanding mindfulness meditation to quiet the monkey mind so we can find and follow our dreams.
  • Redirecting negative thoughts into positive thoughts to create a beautiful life.
  • Providing tools and resources for future learning and action in creating a fulfilled and abundant life and an abundant world.

Whether you’re a beginner or a teacher, there are relevant exercises and activities to give you an opportunity to experience the change and not merely read about it, and to help others in their change process. At the end of the workbook you’ll find a list of resources and activities to help you continue you’re learning.

Imagination to Manifestation—How To Create Abundance workbook includes a list of resources to help you continue you’re learning, and follow up products to support your journey. A free companion e-book of writing prompts is available on the publisher’s website:

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781941237144
Publisher: Anamcara Press LLC
Publication date: 11/10/2018
Pages: 126
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.30(d)

About the Author

Mitch Cearbhall is an author, poet, and teacher. His latest non-fiction work, From Imagination to Manifestation-how to create abundance draws on his long experience teaching and coaching students of diverse backgrounds on topics relevant to the humanities and spiritual evolution and development.
Cearbhall has been a student and researcher, as well as a teacher on topics including conflict management and spiritual and personal development, focusing on consciousness studies and new interpretations of quantum mechanics. He is an advocate of non-violent communication.
Born in Dublin, Ireland, he immigrated to New York as a child. He read a great deal in his youth, and as a high school senior melted hearts with his valedictorian. When he was 17 both of his parents died in an automobile accident. He attended the New York University, where he adopted a tough, bad-boy image and even developed a fascination with gangsters. Eccentric and nonconformist, Cearbhall yearned for a friend with whom he could talk and relate his ideals. Poetry became his confidant.

Mitch enjoys hearing from his readers. You can reach him at:

Table of Contents

  1. The Open Road
  2. The High Road
  3. The Intended Road
  4. The Path Of Imagination
  5. The Rock In The Path
  6. The Path With Heart
  7. Our Common Path
  8. The Path Of Transformation

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