Imaging Sensors and Technologies

Imaging Sensors and Technologies



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ISBN-13: 9783038423607
Publisher: MDPI AG
Publication date: 02/24/2017
Pages: 632
Product dimensions: 6.69(w) x 9.61(h) x 1.72(d)

Table of Contents

1) Depth Errors Analysis and Correction for Time-of-Flight (ToF) Cameras

2) Expanding the Detection of Traversable Area with RealSense for the Visually Impaired

3) A 3D Optical Surface Profilometer Using a Dual-Frequency Liquid Crystal-Based Dynamic Fringe Pattern Generator

4) Robust Depth Image Acquisition Using Modulated Pattern Projection and Probabilistic Graphical Models

5) Are We Ready to Build a System for Assisting Blind People in Tactile Exploration of Bas-Reliefs?

6) Extracting Objects for Aerial Manipulation on UAVs Using Low Cost Stereo Sensors

7) Reliable Fusion of Stereo Matching and Depth Sensor for High Quality Dense Depth Maps

8) Simulated and Real Sheet-of-Light 3D Object Scanning Using a-Si:H Thin Film PSD Arrays

9) An Indoor Obstacle Detection System Using Depth Information and Region Growth

10) Target Detection over the Diurnal Cycle Using a Multispectral Infrared Sensor

11) Color Restoration of RGBN Multispectral Filter Array Sensor Images Based on Spectral Decomposition

12) Penetration Depth Measurement of Near-Infrared Hyperspectral Imaging Light for Milk Powder

13) Forward-Looking Infrared Cameras for Micrometeorological Applications within Vineyards

14) Test of the Practicality and Feasibility of EDoF-Empowered Image Sensors for Long-Range Biometrics

15) Nonintrusive Finger-Vein Recognition System Using NIR Image Sensor and Accuracy Analyses According to Various Factors

16) Full-Field Optical Coherence Tomography Using Galvo Filter-Based Wavelength Swept Laser

17) A Selective Change Driven System for High-Speed Motion Analysis

18) Geometric Calibration and Validation of Kompsat-3A AEISS-A Camera

19) Design and Evaluation of a Scalable and Reconfigurable Multi-Platform System for Acoustic Imaging

20) Underwater Imaging Using a 1 × 16 CMUT Linear Array

21) Ultraviolet Imaging with Low Cost Smartphone Sensors: Development and Application of a Raspberry Pi-Based UV Camera

22) Design of a Sub-Picosecond Jitter with Adjustable-Range CMOS Delay-Locked Loop for High- Speed and Low-Power Applications

23) A Low Power Digital Accumulation Technique for Digital-Domain CMOS TDI Image Sensor

24) A 75-ps Gated CMOS Image Sensor with Low Parasitic Light Sensitivity

25) A Fast Multiple Sampling Method for Low-Noise CMOS Image Sensors With Column-Parallel 12-bit SAR ADCs

26) Long-Term Continuous Double Station Observation of Faint Meteor Showers

27) Evaluation of a Wobbling Method Applied to Correcting Defective Pixels of CZT Detectors in SPECT Imaging

28) A Bevel Gear Quality Inspection System Based on Multi-Camera Vision Technology

29) Substrate and Passivation Techniques for Flexible Amorphous Silicon-Based X-ray Detectors

30) Time-Resolved Synchronous Fluorescence for Biomedical Diagnosis

31) A High Performance Banknote Recognition System Based on a One-Dimensional Visible Light Line Sensor

32) Uncertainty Comparison of Visual Sensing in Adverse Weather Conditions

33) Object Occlusion Detection Using Automatic Camera Calibration for a Wide-Area Video Surveillance System

34) A Crowd-Sourcing Indoor Localization Algorithm via Optical Camera on a Smartphone Assisted by Wi-Fi Fingerprint RSSI

35) Parallax-Robust Surveillance Video Stitching

36) Monocular-Vision-Based Autonomous Hovering for a Miniature Flying Ball

37) Driver Distraction Using Visual-Based Sensors and Algorithms

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