Imaniman: Poets Writing in the Anzalduan Borderlands

Imaniman: Poets Writing in the Anzalduan Borderlands

Imaniman: Poets Writing in the Anzalduan Borderlands

Imaniman: Poets Writing in the Anzalduan Borderlands


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Poetry. Literary Nonfiction. Latino/Latina Studies. Native American Studies. Women's Studies. LGBTQIA Studies. In homage to Gloria Anzaldúa and her iconic work BORDERLANDS/LA FRONTERA, award-winning poets ire'ne lara silva and Dan Vera have assembled the work of 54 writers who reflect on the complex terrain—the deeply felt psychic, social, and geopolitical borderlands—that Anzaldúa inhabited, theorized, explored, and invented.

Named for the Nahuatl word meaning "their soul," IMANIMAN presents work that is sparked from the soul: the individual soul, the communal soul. These poets interrogate, complicate, and personalize the borderlands in transgressive and transformative ways, opening new paths and revisioning old ones for the next generation of spiritual, political, and cultural border crossers.

"Within shifting borders—it is good to enter into these voice worlds—to stand, bow & listen in their presence. Peoples, familias, cities, towns, rancherías and the wilderness of all border-crossers & messengers of border spaces open in these pages."—from the Introduction by Juan Felipe Herrera, US Poet Laureate

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ISBN-13: 9781879960930
Publisher: Aunt Lute Books
Publication date: 11/01/2016
Pages: 216
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.70(d)

Table of Contents

Introduction: Anzaldúa Lives On Poetry, Transformations & Flashes into the Serpent Eye Juan Felipe Herrera 1

Coatlicue Rodney Gomez 5


A Tlamanalli for the Netted God Daniel E. Solís y Martínez 9

Hermana in the Sky Carmen Calatayud 13


Everything must be a little wild ire'ne lara silva 17

A Startling Illumination of Words Tara Betts 22

One-Off José Antonio Rodríguez 26

Un Grito for GEA David Hatfield Sparks 29


Dove Barbara Jane Reyes 37

This body Miguel M. Morales 38

Things That Are Known about the Death of Roque Dalton, a Revolutionary Poet Cecca Austin Ochoa 39

Cenote Dreams, a 21st Century Utopian Fábula Cordelia Barrera 42

Follow Me Down, Down, Down (Under Skin so Brown) Oswaldo Vargas 46


From Todavia El Valle us una herida abierta A 'transplant' in Aztián (2015) Emmy Pérez 53

Anzaldúa as Exile and Antidote to Fatal Simplicity Dan Vera 61

The Exile Michael Wasson 67

Eclipse in Morristown Melanie Marquez Adams 70

What's the Brown Part of You Tomas Moniz 72

When You Insist I'm Mexican, You Bring Out the Guatemalan in Me Gabriela Ramirez-Chavez 78

White Dog, Femur Shrinking D.M. Chávez 79

Nepantlando: Soy Hija de Coyote Inés Hernández-Avila 83

To Mexico City's Raging Aztec Nidia Melissa Bautista 90

Articulating "homeland": A sensuous and political journey Nadine Saliba 93

Comedy Curanderismo Monica Palacios 97

Black Card Jennine DOC Wright 99

New Mexica Meditation César L. De León 101

Secret Nia Witherspoon 102


Allegory of the Rattlesnake Joe Jiménez 105

Self-Portrait According to George W. Bush Roy G. Guzmán 107

Aqui in the Palouse Veronica Sandoval 114

Water Dream at the Border Carmen Calatayud 115

Our Hieroglyphics Juan Morales 116

Keep On Crossin' Manifesto Victor Payan 117

Este Puño Si Se Ve/Dispatches from Barbed Wire Abigail Carl-Klassen 118


My body is all memory Sarah A. Chavez 123

Some of Us Understand the Reason for the Drought Rachel McKibbens 124

Inheritance jo reyes-boitel 126

Mujeres Adela Najario 128

Dar a Luz Elsie Rivas Gómez 130

Photograph of "Woman in Red Dress, Sunflowers, Sitting With Blanket" Lupe Mendez 133

In the fields I walked to where you hummed T. Sarmina 134

Messenger Hornets Shauna Osborn 135

Rearranging the bones Marie Varghese 136

I Went to Pray My Grandmother's Prayer Allen Baros 137

Xiuhatl (Becoming Turquoise) Alexis Pauline Gumbs 143

Translation Ysabsl Y. González 146


At Night My Body Splits and Splits Sarah A. Chavez 151

Nocturne for Rattlesnakes and Lechuzas Joe Jiménez 153

Dawson, NM. 1913 Rachel McKibbens 156

Regeneration Minal Hajratwala 158

Form Miguel M. Morales 159


Where the wild tongues are Karla Cordero 163

The Waters de Mi Nombre Xochitl-Juiisa Bermejo 164

Cosecha Pablo Miguel Martinez 169

Spanish Ghazal Barbara Brinson Curiel 171

Gnarly Mexican Words Desgranando La Lengua Olga Garcia Echeverría 172

The Multiplicity of Language, Thought, and Experience Adela Najarro 177

FAQ Barbara Jane Reyes 180

Mother Tongue Suzy de Jesus Huerta 182

Braided Soul David Bowles 183

Babel's Son John Fry 184

The Bringing Forth Kim Shuck 193

Contributor Biographies 195

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