Imbalanced Development and Migration: Case Study of Khartoum State, Sudan

Imbalanced Development and Migration: Case Study of Khartoum State, Sudan

by Prof Issam AW Mohamed




The book contemplates migration as one of the infamous phenomenon that represent grieve problem in modern world's developing countries. Our present analysis is based on the conception that external migration represents an intricate crisis for developed countries flooded by illegal immigrants. It is correlated with the socioeconomic internal crisis evolving in developing countries. The case study here is on the impacts of imbalanced development on Sudan's economy and the resultant internal migration towards the urban areas specially Khartoum generated a crisis situation. The capital city of Sudan is not prepared for the floods of internally displaced, economic refugees' invasion. The proper estimation for the annual demographic increase is about 10%. The city contains more than 20% of the country's population who have little chance for job opportunities, housing, medical care or education. The book concludes that country's resources should be devoted for rural and regional development. Otherwise, social diseases may explode with little that can be done to mend.

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