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Immeasurably More: More Hope, More Joy: Embracing Life With Down Syndrome

Immeasurably More: More Hope, More Joy: Embracing Life With Down Syndrome

by Linda Aalderink


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There are people in our world today who, at "face value," seem to have little or no real value. The truth is, though, that what the world sees as "disposable" God sees as having incalculable worth. God assures us of a definite purpose and a plan for each of His children, including those-and perhaps especially those-whose life package includes "special needs."

Often in the Bible we find that God uses the "least of these" to do His work,demonstrate His love, and provide the rest of us an avenue for expressing our own love. Immeasurably More is the heartfelt story of one family's journey, a journey that showcases the amazing impact one person with Down syndrome can have.

Immeasurably More shares anecdotes from the Aalderinks' life together as a family, interspersed with personal observations and accounts from siblings, friends, teachers, coaches, and others. This honest, humorous, and poignant real-life story will touch your heart, while illustrating how an unassuming young man transformed a family, a school, and even a community.


In our culture today, we look to professional athletes for inspiration. We want to see signs of God's activity and power in their achievements and testimonies. Instead, we should be looking at Zach and the Aalderink family! Zach's story shows that despite the challenges, God's plans are not hindered by Down syndrome, and that His goodness and faithfulness are not changed by an extra chromosome. I was moved by this book.

Jason Hanson: Kicker, Detroit Lions

I first met Zach one Sunday when he came into our church auditorium and I was getting ready to teach. He looked me in the eye, smiled warmly, and offered me a program. On the other side of the doorway was Zach's gentle-spirited, smiling, proud dad. Empowering these two was Linda, a loving, joy-filled, prayerful mom and wife. Her joy and journey is revealed in this book as she points us to the image of God in her son.

James Liske: CEO, Prison Fellowship Ministries

Life is about story and this book is filled with stories that highlight the joys and heartaches of parenting. Each chapter opened our hearts to the "Larger-Story" God is telling through Zach's life. We were reminded that life involves choices; and we celebrated how Zach's family repeatedly chose hope and a positive attitude in the face of disappointment and discouragement. This book reminds readers how sacrificial love and living in community can become the pathway to the sacred things in life.

Tim + Anne Evans: REAL LIFE ministries, Colorado Springs, CO

I have had the pleasure of watching the life of this incredible family as Zach has grown up in our community. Incredible is the word I use, not because they have a child with Down syndrome, but because of the way their family has affected an entire community. Zach's involvement with his school system and Hope College has had an enormous impact on everyone around him. And Linda has influenced our students as an annual guest lecturer in my courses at Hope College by articulating the life of a parent with Down syndrome in a compelling way from a parent's perspective. Now, in the context of this wonderful story, we can all peek into the life of a faithful family learning to grow together while raising a young man who matters, first because of who he is as a person, and second in the context of having a disability. You will love this story!

Steven Smith, Ph.D.: Professor of Kinesiology, Hope College

Linda Aalderink tells a real story, an honest story as a parent of Zach-who just happens to have Down syndrome. It is also a story of faith, hope and love. Zach's story is about faith that clings to God's promises that each of us, as parents, hold dear for our children. It is a powerful story of hope for parents in a future that holds so many question marks. And it is a love story because love transforms relationships.

Rev. Matthew Floding, D.Min.
Duke Div

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Linda Aalderink and her husband, Rick, have been married 30 years and have enjoyed their parenting journey with each of their children. She has been involved in Moms In Prayer International for 20 years.

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