by Tom Lansford

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ISBN-13: 9780737741582
Publisher: Greenhaven Publishing
Publication date: 03/13/2009
Series: Global Viewpoints Series
Pages: 224
Product dimensions: 6.30(w) x 9.10(h) x 0.60(d)
Age Range: 14 - 17 Years

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Table of Contents

Foreword 11

Introduction 14

World Map 19

Chapter 1 Immigration and Citizenship

1 India Has Made Citizenship Allowances for Foreigners of Indian Origin Poorvi Chothani 21

2 Sweden Changed Its Citizenship Laws to Better Accommodate Immigrants Per Gustafson 28

3 Russia Struggles to Balance the Need for New Citizens with Domestic Opposition to Immigrants Zygmunt Dzieciolowski 38

4 Germany May Require a Test of Loyalty to Obtain Citizenship Turkish Daily News 45

5 The United States Needs to Improve the Processes That Allow Immigrants to Become Citizens Souheila Al-Jadda 51

Periodical Bibliography 57

Chapter 2 Immigration and Economics

1 Ireland's Economic Growth Has Reversed Centuries of Outward Migration Piaras MacEinri Paddy Walley 59

2 Some Low-Income Countries Depend on Remittances from Migrant Workers Dilip Ratha 70

3 Chinese Immigrants in Hong Kong Are Socially Excluded in the Globalization Age Law Kam-yee Lee Kim-ming 77

4 Japan's Economy Is Increasingly Reliant on Immigrants Tony McNicol 89

5 The United Kingdom's Immigration Improves the Economy Shunil Roy-Chaudhuri 99

Periodical Bibliography 108

Chapter 3 Immigration and National Identity 108

1 European Union Members Need to Actively Promote Assimilation of Immigrants Amitai Etzioni 110

2 Zimbabwe's Denied White Farmers Are Increasingly Welcomed in Neighboring Countries Neil Ford 126

3 Canadian Pluralism Demands Compromise from Both Immigrants and Natives Graeme Hamilton 134

4 Some Hungarians Seek to Expand Citizenship Outside Hungary's Borders Maria Kovacs 140

5 The United States Needs to Better Assimilate Immigrants into the National Culture Stanley Renshon 149

Periodical Bibliography158

Chapter 4 Immigration and National Security

1 The United Kingdom's Immigration and Asylum Practices Unfairly Detain Immigrants Christine Bacon 160

2 Moroccan Migration Creates Security Concerns in Spain Lisa Abend Geoff Pingree 167

3 Australia Changed Its Illegal Immigration Policy in Response to International Criticism Stephen de Tarczynski 173

4 Russian Fears of Immigration Are Exaggerated Mikhail A. Alexseev C. Richard Hofstetter 179

Periodical Bibliography 188

For Further Discussion 189

Organizations to Contact 191

Bibliography of Books 196

Index 200

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