Immortal Hunter

Immortal Hunter

by Kait Ballenger

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ISBN-13: 9781460325391
Publisher: Harlequin
Publication date: 04/01/2014
Series: Execution Underground , #2
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 267
Sales rank: 408,320
File size: 298 KB

About the Author

Kait Ballenger is a full-time paranormal romance author, wife, professional bellydancer, and graduate student. She lives in Central Florida with her husband, their doggie-daughter Sookie (like Charlainne Harris’ character), and two kittens, Elliot and Olivia (like the SVU characters). Kait believes anything is possible, and one day, she hopes people name their pets after her characters, too. Find Kait at

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Immortal Hunter 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 13 reviews.
Sandy-thereadingcafe More than 1 year ago
3.75 stars:   IMMORTAL HUNTER is the second full length (and third storyline) in Kait Ballenger’s paranormal, adult romance series-Executive Underground-focusing on an elite group of hunters whose job it is to protect the human world from the evil side of the supernatural element. This is exorcist David Aronowitz and half-fae Allsun O’Hare’s second chance storyline. When demons begin targeting families and children, David is tasked with uncovering the demon responsible for the destruction of so many lives. The novel can be read as a stand alone without too much difficulty although reading the series from the beginning will add a sense of cohesion to the story. Kait Ballenger pulls the reader into a graphically violent storyline where no one is safe from a demonic revenge of biblical proportions. When the identity of the demon is revealed, Allsun will become the pawn and the vessel in an ancient war between the Fae and demon kind. Allsun and David’s relationship is rocky-there is a prior history between our couple that is slowly revealed throughout the story but a history that is rocked by a Allsun’s secret that she has kept until now. There is a definite attraction between our couple but their emotional turmoil is hardened by a history of angry words and mistrust. IMMORTAL HUNTER is a well-paced story about second chances, forgiveness and revenge. Kait combines biblical mythology with the supernatural powers resulting in a storyline of sacrifice and loss. The world building continues as many of the previous storyline characters play a pivotal role in the current story and a hint that perhaps Damon’s story may continue in the near future. My only concern was the quick resolution. I felt that the ending was rushed and the epilogue jumped forward two years without acknowledging one plot point and couple in particular. Overall, IMMORTAL HUNTER is an exciting and interesting storyline. There is the potential for another Hunter to find love when Shane discovers that the woman he has been attracted to has some hidden powers of her own. Kait Ballenger writes from the heart with an emotional storyline that will resonate with many who have loved and lost.
tigerlilly_liz More than 1 year ago
Another fantastic read from Kait Ballenger. She rocked the hell out of this book. I was sitting on the edge of my set and could not put Immortal Hunter down. This is book three in the Execution Underground series. I am hooked on the characters and world. Ms. Ballenger brings us sexual tension, heavy heartbreaking past history and action/adventure. This is David's story. He is Jace's friend, an exorcist as well as a member of the Execution Underground. Allsun is Frankie's friend, a half-fay and David's past lover/love. You can see that David and Allsun are perfect for each other and once they get the past baggage out of the way they start to move forward into a new and better relationship. The sexual tension between them was out of this world and the sex scenes where hot and well written.  I was curious from the last book Twilight Hunter to find out why David and Allsun had broken up. During the story we discover a few things that took me by surprise (I love surprises) and I was not expecting such events. Some of the surprises were heartbreaking and very emotional. It was nice to see Jace and Frankie again and learn what they become later. We also get a sneak peek into who might get the next book in the series. I loved this story. It's a marvelous fast paced adventure. With amazing characters you will get emotional involved in and want to know what happens next. If you are a paranormal romance fan, you will not want to miss the Execution Underground series.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is a great series!! Can't wait for more.
Melhay More than 1 year ago
Rochester's demons are never as quiet as they have been since the child's murder two weeks ago. Now they are stirring again, possessing and killing young children. David knows they are up to something. David is on the hunt for the demon that possessed the doctor caring for his ex-fiance who's laying in a coma for nearly a month now, after the events of Twilight Hunter. Demon's being the chatty bunch, David fears the demon after Allsun already told others of her. Meaning her secret is out. Allsun wakes and her fae instincts kick into overdrive. She is compelled to save someone from the demon attacking, so no other will have to suffer as she did. The past of trying to protect the other haunts David and Allsun. This second book in the Execution Underground series focuses on David and Allsun. We meet both of them in Twilight Hunter. We do see the other hunters around David as well. Jace and Frankie from Twilight Hunter along with those in their group. We do get to see how Jace and Frankie are doing being that Jace and David are such good friends, and Allsun and Frankie too. David's an exorcist professional and demon's hate it. David feels the pain in his damaged leg is justified for what Allsun lived through, and for failing her. We know much of David and his reasons, or thinking, as to what happened between him and Allsun. David will do anything to keep Allsun save. Anything. Allsun carries her reasons for leaving close to her, secrets she keeps tight from all. Allsun is the last fae creature outside the Isle of Apples. Fae are demon's only true natural enemy. Allsun has her own internal demons to fight. Especially with David so close. Demons on her trail leave her with one thought, return to the fae home. But Allsun needs the half of her light she gave away, and there's only one way to get it back. Allsun doesn't think she can do it, not with the feelings she still has. This was a quick read for me. A pleasure read. The story is a romance of rekindling love set in a paranormal world, which brings dangers and draws lives together. A light romance read to curl up with. The demon attacks are rough, but draw on things within David and Allsun to bring out something they need to discuss. But it's great seeing them work together, both with the power that makes them special and super in the field of demon exorcism.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A MUST read for paranormal romance fans!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
BooksnKisses More than 1 year ago
NUMBER OF HEARTS: 3 3/4  REVIEW:  David & Allsún have a very heart breaking history. Even more heartbreaking for the fact that Allsún has been hiding a secret from David. A secret that she fears will ruin any chance at friendship that they may or may not have.  David has loved Allsún forever. He has never stopped. The last few years have been hell on him, but when Allsún was in trouble nothing could keep him away from her. If only he was a little quicker. These two have such a sad story. They both love each other so much. But so much has happened and so much time has past that neither know where the other stands. But before they can ever move forward David & Allsún will have to face demons of the past, present and a possible unknown future.  Another good book from Kait! Immortal Hunter is book 2 in Kait’s Execution Underground. Immortal Hunter picks up where we left off after the events in Twilight Hunter. So if you have not read Twilight Hunter I would suggest going back and read book 1. While you could read IH with our reading TH, but you would miss a bit of David & Allsún’s history.  Disclaimer:  I received a complimentary copy of the book from NetGalley & HQN Books in exchange for an honest review. This review is my own opinion and not a paid review.
JillianReadLoveBlog More than 1 year ago
Immortal Hunter is the second book in author Kait Ballenger’s Execution Underground Series and admittedly the first book I have read. First let me say that I wasn’t lost at all while reading even though I hadn’t read the first book.  Second I have to say….I loved this book and will be reading all of the installments from here on out! Exorcist and Execution Underground member David Aronowitz is used to seeing some pretty gruesome things.  In his line of work he’s come across some of the most heinous demons imaginable and all sorts of things that go bump in the night.  But the particular demon he just killed has him scared the most he’s ever been.  Not because the demon was particularly terrifying but because the demon told David something that left his blood running cold….that other demons knew about Allsún and that she was the last fae in this world.  She was valuable and vulnerable to the demon world and had remained hidden until now.  Allsún, the love of David’s life.  Once his fiancé, he would still do anything to protect her and right now she was in dire need of that. Right now she was in a hospital bed recovering from the last time he couldn’t protect her and there’s no way he’d let that happen again. Suddenly awakened out of a drug induced coma and being pulled by an indescribable force, Allsún O’Hare knew something bad was happening in the demon world.  She didn’t know what or where, exactly, just that she had to follow this feeling to where it led her and fight whatever evil lay ahead.  She never expected to see David at the house her feelings led her to.  It shouldn’t surprise her, really.  He was an exorcist after all.  But the horror that she encounters at the scene was truly a shock.  This wasn’t like anything either of them had seen before and instantly they both know things are bad. With Allsún in danger and David on the hunt for the most diabolical demon he’s ever encountered, they will be forced to work together to end this reign of terror.  Of course spending time together after years of being apart is bound to bring up all of the feelings they once shared.  Feelings that never truly went away. Oh man, I loved this book! I think one of the things I loved most about this book, and the series, is that it takes a different approach.  Yes, it’s paranormal and deals with demons and the underworld, but the rituals and weapons they use are different than others I have read.  There is a lot of Judaism in the methods David uses to exorcise and I found that really refreshing.  One of the other things I loved about this book was the love story between David and Allsún really took a front row seat instead of being on the back burner.  I really enjoyed that.  The have a whole lot to work through and I wouldn’t have been happy if their issues were resolved in a chapter or two.  Luckily, Kait gave us plenty to read and time to understand the feelings fro both David and Allsún’s POVs.  It made the connection to the characters so much stronger, which for the ending of this book was imperative.  I was a nervous wreck for the last few chapters because I was so worried for David, Allsún and the whole Execution Underground crew! They have one hell of a fight on their hands (no pun intended) and I had no idea what the outcome was going to be.  I loved that feeling! I also loved getting a peek into Damon’s very guarded emotions in the end and I am really hoping we get to see his story soon! I can imagine it’s going to be gut wrenching. Thank you, Kait, for your take on good vs. evil and for giving me a series to look forward to reading more from!
LindaTownsend More than 1 year ago
I've inhaled every one of Kait Ballenger's Execution Underground books and this is an awesome addition to that series!  Kowabunga! Kait has done it again! I've inhaled every one of Kait Ballenger's Execution Underground books and this is an awesome addition to that series! Kait's writing is polished and captivating. The suspense is gripping, the romance is hot and the twists are totally unexpected.  David is a demon hunter/exorcist and this book has DEMONS galore! The demon activity is boiling over and nasty doesn't even begin to describe how horrifically bad the creatures are. David has his hands full trying to hunt down one specific demon. On top of that, he's trying to protect Allsun, who is in a coma still recovering from events in the last EU book while also striving to keep his own feelings towards Allsun in check. LOL! I knew that last one wasn't going to happen!  David is our tortured hero and Allsun is our heroine. Both are strong, heroic and so very stubborn. My heart broke for both of them as each of their poignant stories were told. Don't worry, though... even though their situation appears hopeless, there is a light at the end of the tunnel for them.  If you love paranormal romances, you really must read Kait's EU series! This entry, Immortal Hunter, can be read as a stand-alone, but, believe me, your enjoyment would be exponentially increased if you read the preceding books 1st. You'd be introduced to the main characters, to the EU and to the supernatural creatures the EU members put their lives on the line 24-hours-a-day to protect us from. I'm willing to bet you will fall in love with the series too! 5 STARS!
Pandora422 More than 1 year ago
I knew David’s story would break my heart and Kait Ballenger did just that before she put the pieces back together! The Execution Underground series continues with the story of David and Allsún in IMMORTAL HUNTER. Born with a special ability, David Aronowitz works for a secret organization known as the Execution Underground, that regulates all things supernatural. David is the EU’s resident exorcist and spends his nights sending demons back to hell and thinking of the woman he loved and lost, Allsún. As a half human, half fae on earth, Allsún O’Hare is a target for the very demons she once hunted alongside her childhood sweetheart David. When their paths cross for a second time, David is faced with saving the world of evil or saving his true love Allsún. David and Allsún’s story is unique in that these two characters share a history that we get small glimpse of in Twilight Hunter. Through David and Allsún’s flashbacks we see they’ve known and loved each other since childhood, which makes their feelings for each other that more intense. We also learn the reasons behind their split, David decides to join the EU instead of starting a family, not knowing Allsún is pregnant which causes her to end their engagement and leave without telling him which tore my heart out while reading. David is constantly torn between what he believes his mission in life is and his love for Allsún. When he learns demons are on the hunt for her, his soul mission becomes protecting Allsún. As they reunite in the midst of all this danger, they realize the love is still there and Allsún finally shares the painful truth and what really happened the night she left and broke off their engagement. When I met David in Twilight Hunter I knew he was going to be a swoonworthy hero, what I wasn’t prepared for was how much I would love him after reading his story. David is an alpha, but when it comes to Allsún he’s the kindest and one of the gentlest heroes I’ve met in a long time. He never pressures Allsún into doing or sharing anything she doesn’t want to and gives in when she wants to help him with his demon hunting, he sees her as an equal even though he’s super protective. I love his devotion to her, especially after reading they were childhood sweethearts, it explains a lot. Allsún brings out David’s fun and flirty side which was refreshing to see after watching him interact with the guys from the EU and demons! Allsún ran hot and cold for me, I like her feistiness and strength but there were times when I was frustrated by her actions when it came to David. My heart went out to her for all of the heartbreak and pain she experienced, but I didn’t get how she didn’t trust the love of her life enough to tell him the truth in certain situations. I didn’t doubt her love for David, I just felt that David gave his heart and soul to her and Allsún didn’t respond until the very end. That being said, I do love them as a couple and was rooting for them to reconcile and get their happy ending…they earned one! I was especially thankful for a few smexy scenes between them…David might be a gentleman everywhere except in the bedroom and I love it! Kait Ballenger continues to impress me with her dark, vivid paranormal world and the men of the Execution Underground. This installment’s tone is darker than the previous books, which is expected since it deals with demons and exorcists. While this book mainly focuses on David and Allsún, we’re reaquainted with the characters we’ve met throughout the series and even get a Jace and Frankie update! I really enjoy that each book gives you a hint of who the next main character will be in the next installment, this time it was Shane and I look forward to learning more about this sexy professor/witch expert. IMMORTAL HUNTER is an enthralling read that had me turning the pages (of my Nook) in anticipation with its uncertainty. Ms. Ballenger has taken me on an emotional journey with David and Allsún’s story that was heart wrenching but beautifully executed! Well done. *I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. 
MThomas1975 More than 1 year ago
Phenomenal Paranormal World Building but One Irritating Heroine Immortal Hunter, the second book in Kait Ballenger's unique Execution Underground series, was an incredibly slow read for me which was beyond disappointing as the first book, Twilight Hunter, was made of awesome and I've been itching for David's story since finishing it. Don't get me wrong, the world building is phenomenal (as each member of the Execution Underground specializes in a different field and this is our first look at an exorcist in action) but I had a hard time relating to the heroine, Allsún. She rubbed me the wrong way on numerous occasions and I honestly couldn't see why David wanted her. At all. Even though I felt bad for the tragedy in her past, I felt she handled it in the worst way possible which made sympathizing with her difficult. Also, when she FINALLY decided to come clean with David, she couldn't have picked a worse time or venue to spill the beans. Again I found myself disliking her and wishing she weren't the heroine. If it wasn't for my intense desire for the heroine's death, I probably would have loved Immortal Hunter. Sadly, it's all that stuck with me as I struggled through the book. Regardless of my numerous issues with Allsún, I found David super smexy and getting a little more insight into his specialized field was bad ass. I also thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Shane better. Immortal Hunter set up his book nicely and I'm very much looking forward to it. *eARC PROVIDED BY HQN BOOKS VIA NETGALLEY*
PRushen More than 1 year ago
I love the Execution Underground! Kait Ballenger has another hit on her hands with David and Allsún's story. A must read for sure :)
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The Execution Underground Series by Kait Ballenger started with Shadow Hunter in the anthology After Dark with Gena Showalter. The series continued with Twilight Hunter, and now Immortal Hunter is being released TODAY. Immortal Hunter focuses on David Aronowitz and Allsún O´Hare. Once upon a couple and hunting demons together. That was… Until David chose to join The Execution Underground without talking to Allsún about it first. This wasn’t the only reason that Allsún and David went separate ways, but that my friends, is another story. After the events in Twilight Hunter where Allsún was tortured, she’s been in the hospital, her body and mind trying to mend itself. Seeing David again was a shock to her, reminding her of all the good and bad things they had together and what truly tore them apart. But not even David knows it, and the question is will they be able to forgive each other, and more importantly, themselves before it’s too late? I was VERY fortunate to be able to help Kait out, reading this as a beta. I received it Friday night, close to midnight, stayed up to 2 AM, went to work the next day, came home, and picked right up. I was done same day. I loved it from beginning to end. Every page was packed with secrets, misunderstandings, little clues, heartache, love, desperation, evilness, and hope. It was filled with Kait and her beautiful writing. She can take simple things and transform them into something entirely else, creating a world you want to sink into and never truly leave. One thing is the relationship between David and Allsún, how they’re drawn to each other, trying to protect themselves and each other, hoping against hope, knowing it will most likely end in disaster. There are so many good thing I want to tell you about in this book; their relationship, Damon’s reactions, David’s iron-will, Allisún’s secrets, the demon and the evil plan that it has created, every heart break, the part right after David finally understands what happened, the hurt I felt when I got to know Allsún’s secret…. And DON’T get me started on the ending!! I swear, my heart was in my throat! Everything, every little piece clicks into place and delivers the Immortal Hunter, the next installment in Kait Ballenger’s Execution Underground Series. It is right up in the same alley as Shadow Hunter and Twilight Hunter, even surpasses them in my opinion. So what I truly am trying to say; Immortal Hunter delivered everything that kait is known for, and more. She wrecked havoc on my heart, mind and soul, and I will definitely be coming back for more. This is one of those moments where you realize as a reader and blogger how amazing and awesome it is to follow a rising star from the very beginning. *raises teacup* Thank you Kait, for another wonderful book, may there come many more in the future. Never stop what you’re doing. You rock at it!!!