Immortal Survival: Book 3 of The Immortal Virus

Immortal Survival: Book 3 of The Immortal Virus

by Scott A Mehlman


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The Immortal Virus has ravaged the world, turning a large percentage of the population into mindless and hungry zombies. Those that have found themselves to be immune, and the handful that contracted the virus and recovered, are now beginning to band together in the hopes of survival and to rebuild new societies.
Oscar "Oz" Ritter and company are attempting to build some semblance of home inside a mansion turned library just outside of Cleveland, Ohio. Oz does everything in his power to bring in survivors and teach them how to protect themselves in a world where self-reliance means living to see another day. While all members of his group don't always agree on what a rebuilt society should look like, they count on Oz's strength and fortitude to keep them alive.
Omari Redson is similar to Oz and Owen Ritter in that, he too had contracted the Immortal Virus and survived. But Omari has distinctly different views on what a future society should look like. He rules through violence and intimidation and has no qualms about taking weaker survivors as slaves. In their first encounter, both Omari and Owen were carried away with what should have been mortal wounds. Both men pulled through and learned the true nature of the Immortal Virus. Now the two groups are locked in a struggle that makes the threat from zombies a mere distraction.
Meanwhile in the mountains of Colorado, Don Murphy and his young ward, Leslie, are also learning that the Immortal Virus still holds mysteries to be discovered. They are also learning that, in the emerging new world, not all survivors should be treated equally.
The pandemic has passed, but the Immortal Virus, created and released by Franz Schlepke, continues to affect the lives of those that survived it. Even the zombies, survivors of a different sort, are ruled by the virus that still flows through their veins.

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ISBN-13: 9781533490865
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 06/17/2016
Series: Immortal Virus , #3
Pages: 340
Sales rank: 830,293
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