Immortal Trilogy (The Immortal Chronicles of Queen Kyra)

Immortal Trilogy (The Immortal Chronicles of Queen Kyra)

by Dawn M Hyde

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Book 1-Loss

The most terrifying, horrific day for Kyra and her family…is the day Kyra's life truly begins.

Being an ordinary college student in Southern Oregon, Kyra never gave a second thought of vampires, witches, werewolves, or any mythical creatures other than she had seen in movies or read in books.  After her families most tragic event ever…she finds that the mythical is real. 

Kyra quickly learns that not only is the mythical real…but she is part of it all.  She may have a bigger role to play then she or anyone else could have ever imagined.

Her family secrets unfold while Kyra is searching for herself a realm away.  Will her family truly believe she is gone?  What happens when they decide to look for her?

Book 2-Fulfillment

With Kyra's visit home, disaster calls her back earlier than planned with mystery surrounding Marcus' absence.  To help her restore order her family joins her from the human realm….and they brought reinforcements.

Kyra's attention is quickly divided between her prophesied duties and her pursuit of righting the wrongs of the past.  Love fills the air as they begin accomplishing tasks...turning all negative into positive with their return and Kyra's drive to make life better for all who supported her. 

Now the time has come for certain people to meet their justice.  What will happen when it's her turn to confront Marcus?  Who else did he have hiding in the shadows with him?

Can Kyra accomplish this with her support system or is this her battle alone?  Have all the cards been laid out on the table?  What does the future still hold for all involved?  Can Kyra find the strength to continue fighting though pieces of her are slowly slipping away?

Is there such a thing as having the best of both worlds?

Book 3-Ever After

With Kyra's wedding soon to arrive…what else could go wrong?  If they can pull off the wedding without any glitches…what about the honeymoon?

As they await their 'happy ever after' the group united faces more turmoil and unforeseen twists thrown their direction.  With the unexpected return of Marcus justice may finally be served.  Who will get dragged into the fray while trying to sift through to the true source of all this darkness?

But what about that age old prophecy that started this whole mess?  Were those united able to push that aside and push forward…or does Fate still request its due?

Does Kyra ever find her true self lost in all the insanity leaving her vulnerable, insecure, and scared?  What happened to the confident, energetic, and forever hopeful Kyra?

The final answers come together one piece at a time until truth and justice finally prevail.  Do these answers allow the 'happy ever after' this immortal collection dreamt?  Or is there something better that waits?

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BN ID: 2940156143948
Publisher: Dawn M Hyde
Publication date: 09/13/2018
Series: The Immortal Chronicles of Queen Kyra
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Format: NOOK Book
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About the Author

I am an Independant Author from Oregon.  Writing had been a very secret passion of mine for years until I began publishing not so long ago.

My scenery, life, and beautiful family are my inspiration to finally share my work passion with the world.  

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