Immortality News

Immortality News

by Mariann Sanders Regan


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ISBN-13: 9780887391927
Publisher: Creative Arts Book Company
Publication date: 04/28/2000
Pages: 278
Product dimensions: 6.01(w) x 9.03(h) x 0.83(d)

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Laura P. Hartman

The truth is that I enjoyed it immensely! I took it with me on a business trip and felt like I couldn't put it down; in fact, the topics the book raises prompted a number of dinner table conver#39;s parable asks the one ethics question that's left if we have all the answers—if we can do something, does that mean that we should?... Her tale challenges even the most thoughtful among us as it pits political correctness against selfishness against moral righteousness.... Read and think about this story. The time to address critical issues such as those posed by Regan's parable is not once they have emerged but instead long before, when we all have the luxury of time to sort through their complicated implications....

The story is one that is provocative, not only for those of us involved in ethics or health care, but for everyone who wants a stimulating read. It's a story that affects everyone.
— (Laura P. Hartman, Grainger Chair of Business Ethics, University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Ronald Klatz

Immortality News is a compelling read and a thought-provoking novel that focuses on the central most important issue of our day, personal freedom of choice in health care. Without this, few other freedoms are necessary, as the greatest freedom is control over our own bodies and our own personal health destiny. On this brink of the year 2001 and the impending biotech revolution which almost certainly will bring along with it lifespans of 120 years and beyond, we must make important decisions for ourselves today, lest we allow the government-insurance HMO bureacracy to choose for us tomorrow.--Dr Ronald Klatz, President and Founder, American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine

Celia Wcislo

Looking for a Good Novel? Managed care: does it care? That's the question asked by a new mystery novel Immortality News, by Mariann Regan. I highly recommend this book to Local 285 members concerned about our health care system, which should be all of us. This mystery satirizes the greed of HMO's and pharmaceutical companies more interested in making a buck than providing quality care.--Celia Wcislo President, Local 285, MA, Service Employees International Union

Michael C. White

In the best tradition of the social protest novels of both the thirties and the sixties comes Mariann Sanders Regan's Immortality News. Cutting through hypocrisy like a surgeon's scalpel, Regan offers us a dissected world—Medeopolis—that is at once frighteningly close and comically otherworldly. Among the objects of her wickedly sharp criticism are bottom-line HMO administrators, self-serving medical researchers, sound-bite politicians, the religious right . . . and above all, the ubiquitous modern media. In a world that depends for its economic, social, and even cultural survival on illness and death, the mysterious drug E-Moon, which should be the panacea of the ages, becomes instead its greatest threat. This novel eerily echoes several recent stories concerning American health care fraud. With compliments to both Pyncheon and Vonnegut, Immortality News is a biting but humorous satire of our contemporary health system—and more. It shines a harsh but much-needed light into the darker workings of our society.
—Author of A Brother's Blood and The Blind Side of the Heart

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