The Immune

The Immune

by Doc Lucky Meisenheimer

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In the not-so-distant future, a biological crisis of epic proportions threatens the world. Genetically manufactured creatures, named airwars, attack and kill at random. Despite having captured and sequestered the airwar's creator, a hastily formed world government appears more effective in consolidating power than managing the crisis.

Hope emerges when a navy admiral discovers there are individuals born genetically immune to the deadly stings of the airwars. As the "immunes" struggle to protect humanity, they bemoan escalating government control. There is, however, one key "immune" with the intelligence and leadership to look beyond the crisis. As the government unfolds its secret plans to end the crisis, the destined future of humanity may well rest on his shoulders.

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Publisher: LJS&S Publishing
Publication date: 06/30/2011
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About the Author

Doc Lucky Meisenheimer is making his stunning sci fi debut with "The Immune," a spellbinding novel of political intrigue and fast-paced adventure.

Meisenheimer is also known as a dermatologic surgeon, chief of the dermatology division of Orlando Regional Medical Center, and author of multiple scientific and general publications. His first non-fiction book, "Lucky's Collector's Guide to 20th Century Yo-Yos" is in the Smithsonian Institution. He also holds the Guinness Book of World Records for having the largest yo-yo collection.

A competitive swimmer, he is a former Masters world record holder and national champion. A member of the Screen Actors Guild, he wrote and directed "National Lampoon's RoboDoc Dissected:The Making of RoboDoc."

This is his first novel.

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The Immune 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 36 reviews.
Catherine_Henderson More than 1 year ago
An advance reader copy of The Immune by Doc Lucky Meisenheimer is floating around the Libertarian Party headquarters. Although at first hesitant to give it a whirl (as sci fi is not my genre of choice), I was pleasantly surprised by Doc Lucky's ingenious method of fusing fictional narrative with a political agenda. Of course, the novel will appeal to non-libertarians looking for a good action/adventure tale. However, as a fervent libertarian activist, I have to say we have found our new hero: Doc Lucky Meisenheimer. We appreciate how he is a spokesperson for our party's ideologies within his art.
Wayne_Mitchell More than 1 year ago
"Every crisis offers you extra desired power." - William Moulton Marston So it is with Doc Lucky Meisenheimer's The Immune, which is the physician/author's debut novel. In the not so-distant future, a biological crisis becomes a threat of international importance. Bio-genetically manufactured organisms (known as airwars) kill randomly. A nasty trait of reproducing when destroyed hampers all attempts at controlling the creatures. A new world government formed to address the crisis seems more interested in consolidating power than overcoming the airwars. Into this maelstrom is thrown John Long, an ordinary physician with an extraordinary immunity to the lethal stings of the airwars. Consumed with morose over the loss of his fiancé from an airwar encounter, he attacks a creature and accidently discovers a technique to kill without causing reproduction. This glimmer of hope is almost extinguished as it is revealed that this killing technique can only be performed by rare individuals born genetically immune to the stings. Even more confounding is the discovery that the government has been secretly "processing" immunes to provide protective treatments from the airwars for themselves. Scheduled for "processing" himself, he's saved by a powerful admiral bent on increasing his own influence within the fledgling government. Persuaded by the offer of future revenge on the madman creator of the biological menace, Dr. Long reluctantly leads a team of others immunes in confrontations against the airwars. So consumed with vengeance, John Long blindly wages war against the creatures ignoring the changes in the world around him. As the hero approaches his opportunity for revenge, disturbing evidence comes to light that shakes his confidence in the nature of the crisis and the role which he plays. This is a rockstar novel in the genre of science fiction. Highly recommended!
Angel2011AW More than 1 year ago
Having had the serendipity to come across an advance reader copy of Doc Lucky Meisenheimer's The Immune, I can confidently say that this novel is absolutely amazing. I highly recommend that you pre-order your copy today. To entice you, let me share with you some of my very favorite quotes from the novel: "A FS maneuver is a deception hiding an underlying agenda. You can easily recognize an FS maneuver in its simplest form as a component of advertising." p.63 "In America, the most lauded and compensated skill continues to remain the ability to entertain." p. 103 "The world's most important war ended, and at that exact moment, the world was united and in peace. For the first time in history, men weren't fighting each other. This lasted thirty-seven minutes and twenty-two seconds." p. 213 "Liberty is a fragile gift, take one vial of fear, add three drops, lust for power, and it's easily poisoned." p. 341 "...for every law passed restricting personal rights, ten should be passed restricting government's power," p. 192
Alan_JacksonAJ More than 1 year ago
In 1966, Robert A. Heinlein broke new ground with his Hugo Award winning novel of libertarian revolution with The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress. 45 years later, Doc Lucky Meisenheimer has revived the libertarian movement in fiction with his sci fi debut, The Immune. The libertarian party will embrace Doc Lucky's novel as a declaration of our ideologies...which just happens to be totally entertaining and fun to read at the same time. I am pre-ordering this novel for every libertarian I know. It is my prediction that we will be his most loyal and devoted fans.
Anastasia17AA More than 1 year ago
Shocking. Terrifying. Dramatic. Suspenseful. These are the words to describe Doc Lucky Meisenheimer's first science fiction novel. Exploding with powerful metaphors, political diatribes, and engaging dialogue, Doc Lucky has succeeded in surpassing his sci fi peers with a debut novel of multitudinous layers. Like other masters in the sci fi genre, he has manifested an entirely new world yet not without an element of realism to reach a universal audience. With a lightening fast pace, he takes us on an odyssey of an ordinary physician with an amazing immunity to the lethal stings of biogenetically manufactured creatures named airwars. A corrupt, tyrannical government is hastily formed to control the airwar's threat to humanity, however its elitest members have a nefarious agenda. A brilliant navy admiral leads a corp of Immunes who audaciously conquer the airwars and deem worldwide fame for their heroism. Some may perceive the airwars as merely a dangerous consequence of biogentic engineering gone haywire, but the airwars are actually symbols of something far greater on political and philosophical terms. Thus, it is a novel of great depth and deeper meaning than some may realize. Bound to be popuar with both an academic and mainstream audience, The Immune holds the promise of being a bestseller upon its release in May 2011.
CindySteele More than 1 year ago
Doc Lucky Meisenheimer's The Immune completely knocked me off my rocker. Sci Fi is not my usual genre of choice, as I am an ardent scholar of business and marketing. However, Doc Lucky succeeded in revitalizing my love for literature by captivating me with his cunning prose, brilliant dialogue, tight plot conceptualizations, and stellar characterizations. His philosophical and dramatic narrative opened my eyes to the posssible dangers of biogentic engineering with his depiction of airwars who attack and kill at random. Also, although I am not a libertarian at heart, his novel evoked passion to question authority and governmental controls. Without giving away any plot surprises, I will say that this novel's shocking ending compeltely blew my mind and inspired me to turn back to page 1 for a second reading. 5 stars for this breakout novel and a sensational book club pick.
TopDog79 More than 1 year ago
Doc Lucky has blended science fiction, suspense, and a political thriller all in one for his debut. I blame the author, Doc Lucky, for keeping me up all night for three nights in a row. The genetically manufactured creatures called airwars completely freaked me out. The plot twists and turns were totally unexpected. I was amazed, amused, shocked, horrified, and entertained. Although it could just be an escapist novel, there are metaphors and hidden meanings that should make readers pick up the book for multiple readings. For lovers of Heinlein and libertarians across the globe, this is going to be a manifesto.
Ziggy_Soto More than 1 year ago
A genuine page-turner, Doc Lucky's The Immune offers enticing plot turns and well-developed characters that attract and engage readers from all ages and backgrounds. This novel will garner substantial interest to demand a sequel or screenplay. The humor, action, surprises, and suspense create a fantasy world any reader will find difficult to pull away from. With underlying themes that address justice and injustice along with government corruption and escalating control, The Immune is not just any sci-fi adventure, but also an intriguing look into human drive for survival and revenge during a time of disaster and loss. Doc Lucky has managed to create some of the most exciting characters with John Long ("The Immune") and Admiral Beckwourth pushing readers to root for the good guys. With this sci-fi debut, Doc Lucky has created a compelling landscape where nothing is what it seems and determination goes a long way when human existence is at stake.
Victoria1976 More than 1 year ago
Doc Lucky Meisenheimer's science fiction debut is being hailed as a prospective masterpiece of science fiction. Meisenheimer has fashioned a capacious yet intricately ordered narrative that in its majestic sweep seems to capture multiple themes executed in a fast-paced, action/adventure plot. Furiously ingenious at this stage in his writing career, Meisenheimer has achieved an incredible feat of imagination, intellect, and matchless writing talent within The Immune, which is sure to engender fiery debate, strong opinions, and much rhapsodizing over his shocking plot twists and turns. Mainstream readers will most likely deem The Immune as an entertaining, often humorous, and sometimes terrifying escapade of one man's thirst for vengeance against the deadly stings of biogenetically manufactured creatures and their maniacal, Hilter-esqe inventor, Joseph Sengele. The politically astute will compare the work of Meisenheimer to Heinlein, as his story could be a manifesto advocating individual liberty, free will, and a lack of government regulation and oversight on matters of the economy. Literary academics will perceive it as a beacon lighting the way for a new kind of novel, as Meisenheimer has cracked open the opaque shell of postmodernism, tweezed out its tangled circuitry, and inserted in its place the warm, beating heart of authentic humanism. Like other great literary giants, Meisenheimer conveys the drama of his protagonist's interior life while vividly conveying a world on the brink of total annihilation. As his contemporaries diminish the place of the single human being in complex plot conceptualizations, Meisenheimer has enlarged it while evoking empathy, excitement, revulsion, amusement, a thirst for justice, and sleepless nights of rapid page turning within his readers.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I saw an advertisement for this book in Reason Magazine and because of that I was expecting this book to be overly political in message but was curious enough to check it out anyway. Boy was I surprised. The twists and turns were fast and furious but never left me feeling lost. It was full of action, intrigue with a huge helping of humor. The political message was clear and only served to enhance the story for it's intended audience. A really enjoyable book. Worth every penny.
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Anne B. for Readers Favorite At last Dr. Joseph Sengele had been captured. He was the epitome of a mad scientist: he had created the airwars which was responsible for killing tens of millions of humans. An airwar looked similar to a Man O’War with its painful stinging tentacles, but this creature could float in the air and was much larger. Its sting paralyzed a human, and then its tentacles would lift the human into the air where it was consumed. When the airwar was attacked it reproduced millions of offspring. The world was in a panic. A world government was formed and it was proved to be as inefficient as can be expected and the citizens began losing their individual rights. However, there is hope. A few people were born genetically immune to the stings of the monsters. A mission rests on the shoulders of a single immune man. He and he alone has what it takes to end the crisis. "The Immune" by Doc Lucky Meisenheimer is a fantastic read. The action begins on the first pages and doesn’t end until the end. It would not surprise me at any time if something similar to this were to show up in the headlines, as in 1973 Herbert Boyer produced the first transgenic bacterial organism. Similar documentation continues throughout the years. Much of this book is un-politically correct and a bit cheeky. However, I was disturbed by the realism of the governmental actions and reactions. I saw truth in Meisenheimer’s words. This is Meisenderimer’s debut book. I am sure it will not be his last. He is a talented author able to create scenes that keep us on the edge of our seats and at the same time they will amuse and entertain us. Meisenderimer has set the bar high; I expect he can not only meet it but clear it next time.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
AFStewart More than 1 year ago
The Immune by Doc Lucky Meisenheimer is a vastly entertaining book, a cross between a political sci-fi thriller and a pulp fiction adventure novel. It's a stylish, clever novel that delivers a fast-paced, rousing story, and deftly rides the fine line between camp and satire without falling flat on its face. The book tells the tale of a world in crisis, where genetically-altered creatures, the airwars, have spread across the earth, attacking and killing humans. This crisis changes the political landscape, creating a central government that controls all. The only hope may rest with the "immunes" -who are not affected by the stings of the airwars- and their leader, John Long. The Immune was a nice surprise, a book that takes a unique premise and some traditional science fiction ideas and melds them together with the trappings of a political thriller into a wonderful novel. It presents a reliable, intricate plot with appealing characters, and dispenses a nice exciting page-turner. There are a few touches where the plot details veer towards the overblown, but it always stops short of outlandish. The book starts out on a rapid step, reels the reader in, and it keeps that speedy pace going for the most part. It did lag a touch in the middle, getting a bit bogged down in the explanatory where I think it could have used a touch of action, but it picks up again quickly to a brisk pace towards the finish. The plot took a turn here, where I thought the book was headed for inevitable cliché, but the story zagged, then zigged and then zagged again, until it swirled to a suspenseful, satisfying conclusion. The Immune is a fun, exciting, and cheeky sci-fi thriller that maintains an old-fashioned action sensibility.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
JoyAnneTN More than 1 year ago
I am not usally a fan of Science Fiction but this one wasn't too bad. It's a story with heavy political undertones mixed in. A fast moving story that will make you question who is right and wrong. There are twists and turns that bring you through many emotions... anger, fear, and more. Where does government regulations end? A question you will ponder as you read Immune. I give it 3 stars. I received an e-copy free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
One of the most enjoyable aspects to <b>The Immune</b> was when chaos begins to spread across the globe and the world seems to change overnight due to a quick acting multi-national group. At times Meisenheimer has some really bleak and dark moments in human history occur. There were a few times where it did not quite hit the mark but still manages to get us to believe in the swift policy changes. Meisenheimer also give you an opportunity to think about national governments and world governing bodies as well as various other political ideas and concepts. He does not browbeat you, but I get the feeling our author has some libertarian leanings. If fact, I could be wrong as the way in which he presents them is more in the vein of devil's advocate. I really enjoyed it as it got me to thinking about many of the ideas he brought up in the book as they all play a major role in how the world shift when a world-wide crisis occurs without warning. However, the biggest thrill was how the book loved to use PR or Public Relations to sway the public to either go along with what the government's plans or to single out cells of hold outs who refuse to go with what the UN has deemed required. The propaganda and its uses are interesting and a huge plot point in the book which was nicely done and did a fairly good job of keeping me off-balance. Through out <b>The Immune</b>, Meisenheimer weaves an intricate tale of characters and events that all build up towards a major ending. Except it was not the ending I was expecting. Just when I thought I knew who and why the Airwars appeared I was stunned to find out I was completely wrong. It is rare to find a book that manages to pull an ace from its sleeve and catch me unawares and I found that I liked it. The book felt a little to predictable and then the rung was pulled out from under me. Once the real conspiracy was uncovered it was resolved a little too quickly but with the big reveal there was very little more to do than deal directly with the new knowledge. <b>The Immune</b> is a nice change of pace it tells of a world-wide threat that is unexplained, how the governments of the world step in or in most cases get out of the way and, and how people cope with their new realities. It also raises a lot of questions about our world governments, the UN, and the secrets that they keep. Science and genetics are also questioned in the book. I have a feeling that The Immune may escape a lot of readers attention, but it really should not be missed. It just might be the sleeper hit of the year. A book with the same ideas as Heinlein but a bit more in your face and focused on today's current concerns. Recommended.
Liana_Elbahnsawy More than 1 year ago
Oh my gosh, all of my friends HAVE to read this book! I am 13 and wasn't expecting to like it because it's an adult novel. I also am not a huge science fiction fan. But I loved it!!! The descriptions of the airwars were really creepy, but there were some funny parts too. Talk about a surprise ending! I almost threw the book up into the air because I was so surprised.
Haydee_Watts More than 1 year ago
As a nurse in Orlando, I know Doc Lucky Meisenheimer as a prominent dermasurgeon and chief of dermatology at the Orlando Regional Medical Center. Although he is amazing at everything he does, I honestly wasn't expecting him to be a mind-blowing author of science fiction as well.However, after reading just the first 100 pages, I was totally hooked and blown away by what a phenomenal author he is. I am so impressed!!! I feel honored to have had the chance to read an advance reader copy before the release date of May 13. Three cheers for Doc Lucky!
Darine_Mosley More than 1 year ago
It is my confident conjecture that Doc Lucky Meisenheimer's science fiction debut is that of a masterpiece. The odyssey of John Long (known as "The Immune") and an audacious Navy Admiral held me spellbound with its shocking plot twists and turns, captivating dialogue, and genius characterizations. Not only is this a trailblazing first novel in the genre of sci fi, but it can also be categorized in action/suspense, political thriller, and as a libertarian manifesto. I have no doubt in my mind that this important first novel will be read and discussed in classrooms across the country. 5 stars for Doc Lucky Meisenheimer!
FUNKQUITA More than 1 year ago
OMG! This was awesome!!!! Doc Lucky is a genius. I loved it so much that I couldn't sleep for an entire week, as I didn't want to put it down! Doc Lucky is going to take the world by storm. Amazing debut!
David_Swim2011 More than 1 year ago
Okay, so this novel rocks because it's a great sci fi concept. Yet is also will appeal to open water swimmers, as that is what the leading character (John Long aka The Immune) is all about when he conquers the airwars. Doc Lucky must have a lot of knowledge of open water swimming because his descriptions of the sport are right on target.
CatherineinChicago More than 1 year ago
So,this book is one for people for love to debate and engage in topical conversation. Seriously, this would be a great novel to integrate into philosophy class curriculum. Plot concepts are tight, characterizations are vivid, dialogue is great.
SamPeterson More than 1 year ago
I don't normally post reviews, but I have to say that I'm so jazzed I came across an advance reader copy of Doc Lucky's The Immune. He's an unknown author who is bound for greatness. Totally kick ass novel.
John_Rosenberg More than 1 year ago
I lead a book club in Athens, Georgia. I totally am going to pre-order 20 copies for my book club members. This was a damn good read! 5 stars for Doc Lucky. Can't wait for his next book.