Immune Memory and Vaccines: Great Debates

Immune Memory and Vaccines: Great Debates


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ISBN-13: 9781621821540
Publisher: Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press
Publication date: 01/31/2018
Series: Perspectives CSHL Series
Pages: 350
Product dimensions: 10.30(w) x 7.20(h) x 1.00(d)

Table of Contents



1. Do memory CD4 T cells keep their cell type programming: Plasticity versus fate commitment?
Shane Crotty, Federica Sallusto, Chen Dong, John O'Shea

2. Do memory B cells form secondary germinal centers?
Mark Shlomchik, Michael McHeyzer-Williams, Jason Cyster, Marc Jenkins

3. What are the primary limitations in B cell affinity maturation? How much affinity maturation can we drive with vaccination?
Michel Nussenzweig/Gabriel Victora, Garnett Kelsoe, Bart Haynes, Patrick Wilson, Kai Michael-Toellner

4. Is it possible to develop a "universal" influenza vaccine?
Jon Yewdell, Peter Palese, Adolfo Garcia Sastre, Jim Crowe, John Mascola, Barney Graham

5. What is the value of animal models in predicting vaccine efficacy in humans?
Dan Barouch, John Wherry, Emilio Emini, Mark Feinberg, Hana Golding, Stan Plotkin

6. Is a human CD8 T cell vaccine possible? If so, what would it take?
David Masopust, Louis Picker, Bob Seder, Andrew McMichael

7. Which dengue vaccine approach is the most promising? How concerned should we be about enhanced disease after vaccination?
Eva Harris, Scott Halstead, Gavin Screaton, Kanta Subbarao

8. Do the microbiota influence protective immunity to pathogens? Can this be exploited to improve vaccine efficacy?
Yasmine Belkaid, David Artis, Dan Littman, Andrew MacPherson

9. Is it possible to develop cancer vaccines to neo-antigens? What are the major challenges and how can these be overcome?
Phil Greenberg, Robert Schreiber, Olivera Finn, Steve Schoenberger, Ton Schumacher

10. Will systems biology deliver its promise and contribute to the development of new or improved vaccines?
Ron Germain, Bali Pulendran, Rino Rappouli, Mark Davis

11. What should be the global polio vaccine policy after "eradication" of the virus and when should this be implemented?
Walter Orenstein, Paul Offit, Vince Racaniello

12. Is there NK cell memory? Can this be harnessed by vaccination?
Uli von Adrian, Joe Sun/Lewis Lanier, David Raulet, Rolf Kiessling

13. What are the most powerful immunogen design vaccine strategies?
Ian Wilson, Peter Kwong, John Moore, Pamela Bjorkman, Bill Schief


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