Immunology Methods Manual, Four-Volume Set: The Comprehensive Sourcebook of Techniques

Immunology Methods Manual, Four-Volume Set: The Comprehensive Sourcebook of Techniques

by Ivan Lefkovits (Editor)


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ISBN-13: 9780124427105
Publisher: Elsevier Science
Publication date: 01/28/1996
Pages: 2495
Product dimensions: 8.86(w) x 10.19(h) x 4.96(d)

Table of Contents

Volumes 1-4: Section Headings & Editors:

Volume 1:
A. Traunecker, Expression of Recombinant Proteins.
J. Adair, Engineered Molecules.
M. Kopf, Gene Targeting.
G.E. Wu, Monitoring V(D)J Rearrangement.
M.V. Wiles, The Art of Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR).
H.-J. Thiesen, Transcriptional Gene Regulation in B and T Cells.
J.A. Garcia-Sanz, mRNA Expression.
R. Nezlin, Antigen, Antibody and Immune Complexes.

Volume 2:
H-G. Rammensee, MHC Ligands and Peptide Binding.
S. Weiss, Screening of T and B Cell Epitopes.
C.J. Paige, Development of Cells of the B Lineage.
A. Rolink, Ex vivo and in vitro Methods to Study B Lymphopoiesis in Mouse and Man.
R. Benner, Modulation of the Humoral Immune Response and Its Measurement.
C. Martinez-A., Signaling Pathways and Lymphocyte Cell Repertoires.

Volume 3:
K.-U. Hartmann, Immunohistological Tools.
F. McConnell, Lymphocytes as Single Cells.
J. Quintans, Lymphoid Lines as Models for Physiological Cell Death.
B.A. Imhof, Leukocyte Migration and Adhesion.
S.A. Berger, Mast Cells.
M.H. Kosco-Vilbois, Dendritic Cells of Mice and Humans.
A. Augustin and G.-K. Sim, Isolation of Lymphocytes from Non-Lymphoid Tissues.
H. Tlaskalová-Hogenová and J. Šterzl, Gnotobiological Models.
M.P. Hazenberg, Interaction of Peptidoglycan-polysaccharides from the Human Intestinal Flora Bacteria and the Immune System.
A. Toivanen and P. Toivanen, Rheumatology in Relation to Immune Response and Microbes.
H. Wekerle, Experimental Models of Organ-specific Autoimmunity (Nervous System).
L. Adorini, Experimental Models of Autoimmune Diseases.

Volume 4:
J.J.M. van Dongen, Immunodiagnosis of B-Cell Malignancies.
R. Zinkernagel and H. Hengartner, Immune Responses Against VSV, LCMV and Vaccinia Virus In Vivo and In Vitro.
J.L. Hurwitz, HIV and the Immune Response.
W.R. Hein, In Vivo Techniques of Experimental Immunology in Sheep.
W.R. Hein and P. Griebel, In Vitro Techniques of Experimental Immunology in Sheep.
O. Vainio, Experimental Immunology in Chickens.
L. Du Pasquier, Cold-Blooded Vertebrates.
J.J.M. van Dongen and P.J.M. Leenan, Leukocyte Markers and the CD Nomenclature.
Subject Index included in each volume.

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