Impacting Change in Marriage: Marital Change Begins With Me

Impacting Change in Marriage: Marital Change Begins With Me

by Bryan A. Moten


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This book was lovingly crafted with the intent for men and women to understand that marriage is designed to work a certain way. God manufactured marriage like a Mercedes Benz sedan, which is intended for the road. It is not designed for pulling a boat. It is not designed to float. It is not designed for rugged mountain terrain. It is designed for the road-asphalt, concrete street driving. It may drive on a wet road, but it's not for off-road mudding. Worldly ways run contrary to the divine design. God's ways are spiritual, not secular. Herein lies the contrast between God's design versus your application to marriage. Secular methodologies take your Mercedes Benz off road because they run contrary to God's intent. Ideologies such as "My way or the highway," or "What he doesn't know won't hurt," or "Happy wife, happy life," or "My money, my house, my way," or "Giving your spouse fifty-fifty effort," or being simply selfish, abusive, and unloving. Too many goodwill couples have become bewildered in the marital wilderness simply because they lack the compass of God's Word to navigate their course to love, joy, passion, romance, and the desire to live together happily ever after. Remember, marital change begins with me.

Bryan Moten, Minister


Goose Creek, South Carolina

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ISBN-13: 9781644166482
Publisher: Christian Faith Publishing, Inc.
Publication date: 12/10/2018
Pages: 128
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