by Ronald Savage

Paperback(Book Store ed.)

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This Book is based on the True Story of music industry hip hop liaison, the original Bee-Stinger from the Universal Zulu Nation from the Bronx, New York. In the book, Jr becomes a victim of innocence at a very young age who just wanted to be down with the in-crowd and becomes a victim of innocence with a mix of emotions that damaged him in ways no one would ever understand. (This true story touches on hip-hop culture's biggest kept secret and how it damaged one of its victim's) Jr later in life growing up continues to get hurt by the people that he loved and trusted and it becomes unbearable between his relationships, to keeping his most inner secrets to himself that he falls into deep depression and then the unthinkable happens next…… In the Book, he talks about being on tour with the pop-rap group Snap ( I Got The Power), the hip-hop group ShowBiz & A.G. and more. For me to have been able to write this book it felt better to shelter behind the real person’s name that in my opinion molested me and robbed me of my childhood, I wrote his name in the book so many times then took it out still because of fear & shame. I made up a name for him in the book, I still get this big hate even when I say this fake name in the book, the only way to truly get over what happen to me I must address not the fake name for this person but the real person, I just want to know why did he do those things to me, so today this book is my testimony; This is the book that has rocked the Hip Hop world the true untold story of Ronald "Bee-Stinger" Savage biggest kept secret. This true secret has changed Hip Hop forever. Hip Hop Culture History Has Been Rewritten by Ronald Savage.

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ISBN-13: 9782893635507
Publisher: ULULY
Publication date: 06/27/2016
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About the Author

Ron "B-Stinger" Savage was born in 1965 and raised in The Bronx section of Castle Hill. As a teen, he attended Allied E. Stevenson High School and finished with his GED at the age of 18. Intrigued with music at a very young age, Ron and his sister would attend functions in their local park-as their parents would not allow them to go outside of their neighborhood. As the two matured more, they were then able to accompany music notables DJ Jazzy J and Bam, and from there, they fell in love with Hip-Hop. So in awe of this new developing culture called Hip-Hop, Ron and his sister hung out with members of the Zulu Nation. The Zulu Nation is an organization that stands for peace, love, and having fun. It is all about music and break dancing. It is about the culture of Hip-Hop. After seeing DJ's spinning at his local park, Ron wanted to be down. "I became a member of the Zulu Nation in 1979 (Age 14) and went by the name B-Stinger. Originally, I was called Ronald B, but other members saw B-Stinger as the more fitting nickname. I was truly a bee because I always tried to sting the ladies (get their attention) back in the day like a bee, so that's how I got the name", recalls Savage. Ronald was among the main chapter of the Universal Zulu Nation Council from The Bronx River Houses in New York City. Later in the 1990's, B-Stinger -aka- Ronald Savage worked for DJ Jazzy Jay and Rocky Bucano at Strong City Records/MCA where he became known as a "go-getter" in the music industry. After three years, BStinger left Strong City Records to work for Dick Scott Entertainment where he handled the careers as an Artist Liaison for Snap ( I Got The Power), Show Biz & A.G. (Soul Clap), and Doug E. Fresh (Busting Out) just to name a few. When Scott went on to manage Boyz II Men and New Kids On The Block, he focused only on those acts and Savage's services were no longer needed. This was also due to a decline in sales. Progressing, he then managed a 3-guy R&B Group called Motif (London/PayDay/Polygram Records). In 1993, he helped them market and promote their debut album, "More Than Magic". The group's single featuring Positive K called "You Told Me", did extremely well on the charts. They opened frequently for several established acts of this era like acts such as H-Town. For two years, Ronald would grind it out and endure the highs and lows of the industry. Between the music industry's constant changes and the juggle of emotional issues stemming from his teen years, he became discouraged and left entertainment all together.

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