In Denial

In Denial

by Cuger Brant

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In Denial; in the psychological sense, denial is a defence mechanism in which a person, faced with a painful fact, rejects the reality of that fact. They will insist that the fact is not true despite what may be overwhelming and irrefutable evidence.

Climate Change Denial; In the hedonistic sense, climate change denial is a defence mechanism where people will lie or cleverly construct excuses as to why they should do nothing to sever themselves from their comfort zones, well being and way of life, to the detriment, suffering and survival of their offspring.

I am interested in the psyche of human nature and our ability to deny the facts, the truth and the inevitable. We are in denial because we are minded to adhere to government policies, thoughts and the feeling of security that governments provide out of necessity. However these indoctrinations are not in our best interests as a race, family or individuals. They are only in the immediate interests of the nation states.
This book is not a warning, neither is it a cure. Rather it is to remind you of the sheer stupidity of mankind and our inability to solve the most fundamental dilemma it has faced as we grow and multiply across the planet.

Its aim is to educate you while you pose with your latest gadget to impress. Its intention is to make you to think for yourself for a change instead of having it done for you.

It is not a piece of boring gibberish, founded on deliberations from logical, great scientific minds with postulations, calculations, graphs and numbers to awe you, because in this case, they simply do not exist (great scientific minds on the subject) however, for now, you do!

So what are you really going to do to save your children, your children’s children, or are you, like most, in denial and sailing along on the current of hedonistic gratification?

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BN ID: 2940011326950
Publisher: Cuger Brant
Publication date: 05/31/2011
Series: Kyoto procrastination , #2
Sold by: Smashwords
Format: NOOK Book
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About the Author

I was born in London, England, being an experienced environmentalist and have been working in this field for the last 30 years. My family and I currently reside in the southern counties of England. To me, writing, is just as much 'Art' form as a painting, sculpture or music. Art is to give the mind a concept, expressed by the artist. My 'canvas' is projecting concepts through the written word. As far as I am concerned; I am a philosophic psychologist with a twist of comedy and, as far as you are concerned; I am either a madman or have a point. Well… is that not art? I write stories to stretch your imagination and your awareness. I hope they give you pleasure, food for thought and change your perception about you, your world, and your safe little place in it! My philosophy is: if you give a man a Stradivarius, it doesn’t mean that you will get a good tune, But, if that man has a seed of inspiration to explore, and a need to express his inspiration through his music, then you have something worth listening to. Paper is my 'Stradivarius' and, with the pen, comes my inspiration; an opportunity for me, a journey, exploiting the art of imagination and an opportunity for expression of my concepts to you. My writing is not too ‘character’ driven, neither is it supposed to be. Its aim is to inspire, enjoy and educate a little. I sincerely hope that, if you read my books, they were not what you were expecting! Author Note: A word about my writing, facts and study material: Trust me when I say; I get all my facts right before I put pen to paper. This gives me the privilege to distort them as much as I please with a clear conscience. In all my stories, the political or religious connotations are fictitious. Any offence taken by oneself or on behalf of another is by personal choice!

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