In Dreams

In Dreams

by Erica Orloff


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ISBN-13: 9780142424070
Publisher: Penguin Young Readers Group
Publication date: 01/09/2014
Pages: 304
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.30(h) x 0.90(d)
Age Range: 12 Years

About the Author

Erica Orloff is the author of the ya novel Illuminated, the middle-grade fantasy  series The Magickeepers, and many contemporary romances. A native New  Yorker, she is an avid Yankees fan. She currently resides in Virginia with her  three youngest children and a menagerie of pets, including dogs, a cat, a  parrot, a snake, and an African pygmy hedgehog. In her free time, she  downloads an insane amount of music for her iPod and likes to garden. Connect with Erica at her website, or on Twitter @EricaOrloff.

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The dream

“The dream is always the same. This long hallway. The keys. The doors. Searching for him.”


How can I explain it? I didn’t even know it until just then. That the guy in that theater—the face I finally got to see after all these years—is the love of my life. I’m sixteen. I know that sounds crazy. Not to mention he only exists in my dreams. Instead, I mumble, “I don’t know.”

Dr. Koios nods. “Well, I’ll tell you what. Let’s try again next week. Same time. We’ll see if we can’t conquer these nightmares together. Until then, don’t do anything differently. Let’s wait to use the technique in my office, where I’m sure you’re safe and I can guide you. All right?”

His face is kindly, and I find myself nodding.

But really, inside I’m dying a little. Because all I can think about is getting back to Sebastian.

Finally. A name. And a face.

To go with the voice of the man of my dreams.

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Raves for Illuminated!

"For teens embarking on or dreaming of their own all-encompassing, meant-to-be first love, this romantic and history-tinged adventure will make them swoon. A super-romantic culmination reuniting lost loves cap this thoroughly enjoyable romantic mystery." —Booklist

"Orloff’s combination coming-of-age, historical mystery, ghost story, and romance satisfies on many levels." —Publishers Weekly

"A great read for those who enjoy historical love stories. The author beckons you to follow Callie on her journey to the ends of the earth to seek out this sought-after manuscript." —VOYA

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