In For the Kill

In For the Kill

by Shannon McKenna

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In For the Kill by Shannon McKenna

"The McCloud series is an auto buy for me." --Maya Banks

The risks ex-cop Sam Petrie has taken have turned his life into a train wreck. So he has nothing to lose by doubling down as the elusive Svetlana Ardova's unwanted bodyguard on a potentially deadly trip to Italy.

"McKenna writes intense, sensual stories." --The B&N Review

Ever since the McClouds rescued Sveti from certain death, her crusade against modern slavery has blazoned a bulls-eye on her chest, but when one of the threats against her almost hits the mark, Sam's protective instincts go into overdrive. Every lethal obstacle and trap they encounter ups the stakes--and the undeniable heat between them.

"Shannon McKenna makes the pulse pound." --BookPage

Now they're spiraling in on a deadly and explosive secret--one that could either redeem them or destroy them . . . and the closer they get, the shorter the fuse . . .

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781420138016
Publisher: Kensington
Publication date: 09/29/2015
Series: Mccloud Brothers Series , #11
Sold by: Penguin Random House Publisher Services
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 380
Sales rank: 76,641
File size: 574 KB
Age Range: 18 Years

About the Author

Shannon McKenna is the New York Times bestselling author of numerous romantic thrillers and several novellas. After a bizarre assortment of jobs, from singing cocktail waitress to medical secretary to strolling madrigal singer, she decided that writing hot romantic suspense suits her best. She lives with her husband and family in a small seaside town in southern Italy. Write to Shannon at her website

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In for the Kill



Copyright © 2015 Shannon McKenna
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4201-3801-6


Portland, Oregon Two days later

Sam Petrie leaned against the wall, arms folded. He stared into the dance floor, careful not to meet anyone's eyes. He wasn't here for chitchat. Against every last lingering instinct for self-preservation, he was at another no-holds-barred McCloud Crowd wedding, trolling for a chance to scope out the elusive Svetlana Ardova. She of the big, tragic eyes, the high, pointed tits. And the obscure, inexplicable prejudice against him.

It was almost two years since that kiss in Bruno's studio. But that event had transformed his schoolboy crush into a full-out obsession.

Which was why he'd snookered himself into accepting the invitation to Aaro and Nina's wedding. Nina's pregnancy had derailed it last year, but their twins, Julia and Oksana, were six months old now, so wedding plans had finally gone forward, and the gang was all there. Great food and booze and music. Squealing kids. Everyone dancing, having a good time, being curious about shit that was not their business. While he lurked in the corner, hot-eyed. Staring at Sveti like a panting perv-weasel. It was humbling. He'd locked up many specimens of the kind of obsessed asshole he was now, and rejoiced to see them off the streets.

Sveti was talking to a bevy of hotties in evening gowns, all holding stringed instruments. The Venus Ensemble, aka the eye candy orchestra. Trafficked from Eastern European conservatories, lured by promises of green cards, subsequently embroiled in a deadly scheme involving mind-control drugs and other crazy shit that Sam still didn't quite believe. Kev McCloud had saved them from an unspeakable fate, and the news coverage had given the group awesome publicity. They'd formed a hot string ensemble and were making money hand over fist.

Hurray. Chalk one up for the good guys.

The Venus Ensemble were stunners, yes, but Sveti blew them away. She was the smallest, even in killer heels, but so perfect. Vivid, in that crimson dress. His eyes hurt from the hyperstimulation. Tilted hazel eyes over Slavic cheekbones. Full, soft red lips calculated to invoke impure thoughts, and a regal attitude that instantly rebuked said impure thoughts. High, perfect tits. Taut nipples. The sight made his hands tingle. Her hair was twisted into a complicated knot. It looked great, but he liked it better loose. His fingers clenched, remembering that silken floss. He wanted to kiss the heart-shaped port-wine birthmark on her neck. Trace its borders. Study it like a map.

He sidled closer. She was talking in Russian or some dialect thereof. It turned him on, hearing her speak her native language. Then again, it turned him on to hear her talk at all, period.

Aw, fuck it. Even her sullen silences turned him on.

He wrenched his gaze away and stared out at swaying couples. There was Sveti's date, Josh Cattrell — tall, prosperous, and flushed with champagne. Might or might not be the reason Sveti blew off Sam's phone calls, texts, e-mails. Any comparisons between Josh and Sam would not be in Sam's favor at the moment. He'd been too lazy and rebellious to cut his hair lately, and had resorted to yanking his brown mane into a ponytail. He'd shaved last week, for the psych eval, but the shrink's conclusion had pissed him off so much, he hadn't bothered since. And he was too thin for his suit, everywhere but the shoulders, which strained at the seams as a result of obsessive workouts. His face looked grim and sunken when he caught it reflected in glass.

Nah, he didn't stack up well next to Cattrell's stylish haircut, fresh shave, charming dimples, fake tan. The perfectly cut suit.

Empty-headed dickface. Sam hated him on sight.

Sveti had known Cattrell since she was thirteen. He'd briefly shared her imprisonment, before they'd been rescued from the organ thieves. Most episodes involving McClouds and their pals had an off-the-charts weird factor. Weird usually turned him off, but not when Sveti was involved. It was wrist-thick iron cables, yanking him in.

Josh Cattrell was an ass-bite, flashing his overly whitened teeth at every babe he saw. Sam watched him punch the number of one of the catering staff into his smartphone, whisper in her ear, pat her ass.

This piece of shit was his competition?

The guy turned without missing a beat and held out his arms to Sveti. He pulled her onto the dance floor and dropped his hand to her hip, like he hadn't just been fondling another woman's booty. The singer crooned a slow tune as the hand crept lower.

Fuck this shit. Fuck it into lightless oblivion.

The feeling built like steam, hot and dangerous. He didn't recognize it, or have a strategy for dealing with it. He played it cool with the ladies, as a long string of disgruntled would-be girlfriends would attest. He'd heard plenty about his "commitment issues" over the years. "Man slut" was another phrase they tossed around.

Out, out, out. Get your deranged, unhinged ass out before you do something pointless and stupid. Just fuck off. NOW.

Sveti was too young for him, anyway. Josh was closer to her in age. Not a lot closer, though. Maybe five years younger than Sam's thirty-three. Maybe only four. Four fucking measly years. Four.

He barreled into someone on his way to the coatroom and mumbled an apology, but the person grabbed his arm. "Hey, Sam."

It took a few moments to place the guy. Tall, tanned, closely shorn dark hair. It was the nose that finally pegged him. "Oh. Miles."

The man partly responsible for derailing Sam's career as homicide detective. Not that he held any grudges. Miles had just been trying to keep himself and his girlfriend alive. But Sam's involvement in Miles' bizarre adventures, however slight, had not helped his career prospects.

"I've, uh, been meaning to talk to you," Miles said.

Not. Miles had been busy rolling around on sugar sand beaches with his adoring bride on their protracted, well-deserved honeymoon.

The weirdness of their tale had made the higher-ups nervous and uncomfortable. Which made people want to blame someone. Punish someone. Step right up, Sam. At the ready.

The woo-woo factor had sealed his doom. They'd put him away. Using the excuse of last year's gunshot wound and the psych evaluations that followed. PTSD, the shrinks said, but that was bullshit. His symptoms weren't that bad. Sure, he was twitchy and depressed, but so were a lot of people who were out there working. That diagnosis had far more to do with some discreet phone calls from his father to various local politicians who were tight with the police commissioner.

He pushed on past the guy. "Gotta go, Miles. See you around."

Miles grabbed his arm. "Wait. I just wanted to say, uh, that I appreciate your giving me that heads-up, back when I was fighting for our lives. I haven't said that to you directly, being out of town so long, and I've been wanting to. And you, uh ... weren't at our wedding."

"Yeah." He'd been in the hospital. Gut shot. Miles looked just too fucking relaxed, tanned, and sexually fulfilled. Choffing all those ripe mangoes, boinking his true love on all those beaches. It stuck in Sam's craw. "Where have you guys been?" he asked, just to torture himself.

Miles had the grace to look sheepish. "Bali, most recently. We rented this tree house, in a banyan jungle."

"Sweet," Petrie said.

"Pretty much. We only came back because Lara, well ... we're expecting." His large Adam's apple bobbed nervously. "So we wanted to settle into the house. Get ready for the new arrival."

"Great." Sam coughed it out like a hair ball. "Congratulations."

"Thanks," Miles said. "We're really excited. But if there was anyone I could talk to, you know, to explain how things really went —"

"God, no. Thanks, but no," he said hastily.

"Okay." Miles looked downcast. "Just wish I could help. So what are you doing with yourself these days, anyhow? Still on medical leave?"

Wow, where to begin. Loafing like a slob, when he wasn't sprinting through the park as if flesh-eating zombies were chasing him. Day trading. Reading Sveti's anti-trafficking blog. Watching the flesh-crawling adventures she sometimes live-streamed on her viral v-log, following every peep of her Twitter feed. Watching her TED talk, about her own personal journey into anti-trafficking activism. On his computer, tablet, smartphone. Obsessively. Or staring at her Facebook photo gallery. Not that she'd friended him. He'd hacked her account.

"I've been evaluating my options," he hedged.

"I hear you're getting pressure to join the family business. Some big hedge fund, right?"

Sam was startled. He'd mentioned it in passing to Kev, weeks back. Now here was Miles spouting it back at him. He hadn't thought they were so interested in his life. Hell, he himself wasn't that interested in his life. "Yeah, some," he admitted. "I'd rather slit my own throat."

Miles' eyebrow went up. "Why? Do you suck at it?"

"No, I'm good at it. But just because you're good at something doesn't mean you should be doing it." He'd gotten dangerously skilled lately at high-tech stalking, for instance.

"I hear you. I've got a few unspeakable skills myself these days."

Miles sounded like he was veering toward the issue of his purported psychic powers, about which Sam really did not want to hear. He turned to go, then jerked back into the niche in the hall that led to the bathrooms. A phalanx of blood-chilling femininity was advancing down the corridor. Tam and Becca were frogmarching a struggling, squawking Sveti straight toward them.

"You ... shut ... up!" Tam snarled. "I'm not letting you do this!"

"I have shut up for years! I am done shutting up!" Sveti lapsed into some Slavic language or other, her voice shrilly impassioned.

"No, you are not," Becca said in response to Sveti's tirade. "He would kill you if you did that. Calm down, Sveti. Keep it together."

"I will not be gagged, not again! I am sick of this...."

Her voice swelled in volume and then faded as the three women proceeded past the niche without noticing them.

Miles peered around the corner. "Weird," he said, in a wondering voice. "I've never seen Sveti freak out. Wonder what set her off."

He took off in pursuit, and after a second, Sam did, too. Anything that could drive Sveti into a hot frenzy had something to teach him.

It didn't take investigative skills to find the door. Sveti and Tam were bellowing at each other, Becca in between, bleating desperate entreaties to calm down. The two men slunk into the parlor. Nina and Aaro had rented a lavish nineteenth-century timber baron's mansion for their reception, and Tam flipped on a wall sconce fashioned of stained glass that lit the ornately decorated room with a dim glow like firelight.

"... expect me to be silent while that man smirks in my face? He did business with Zhoglo! And heroin dealers, and meth cooks, and the filthy scum who traffic women and children for slave labor and organs and sex! And I'm supposed to sip my champagne and make nice?"

"I expect you to keep your head!" Tam yelled back. "Why this overwhelming need to attract attention from people who would kill you for an insult? You've already gotten death threats! What more do you —"

"Death threats?" Sam's voice was sharp. "From whom?"

The three women swiveled their heads to glare at the intruders.

"Piss off, Sam," Tam said, with a flap of her hand. "We're busy, and we didn't ask for your input. The man is everything that you say, of course. He's also the groom's father, so you have no business —"

"They were fools to invite me to an event where a piece of filthy mafiya scum is on the guest list!"

"They didn't invite him!" Becca yelled. "He crashed, Sveti, with four big, armed thugs escorting him! So unless you want this party, full of your friends and their young children, to turn into a dangerous brawl at best and a shootout at worst, you will stick a fucking sock in it!"

Sveti hid her face. He saw a flash of her shaking mouth, painted slut red. The gloss had worn off, but the matte stain lingered.

She caught his glance. "What are you looking at?" she snapped.

"Nothing," he said. "So Oleg Arbatov crashed the wedding? That's special." And typical. This crowd liked to keep things interesting.

"He walked in twenty minutes ago," Becca said. "Nick about had a heart attack. Aaro's trying to psi-bully him into leaving. Nina's working the charm angle. He wants to spend quality time with the twins. He's sick of being put off. Benevolent old Grandpa Oleg."

Sveti shot Sam a look that was bright with challenge. "You're a cop," she said. "Arrest the corrupt old goat. Throw him in jail."

"I'm not currently representing the law," Sam pointed out.

"Can't you do a citizen's arrest?" Miles asked innocently.

"You know how the system works," Sam said. "If I don't have evidence that's admissible in court, what's the point? If you want to provoke him into cutting your throat in front of witnesses, that would work. I could arrest him then. Your move, man. Feel free."

"Shut up, Petrie." Sveti's voice quivered. "You're useless."

"Call me Sam. And what's this about death threats?"

"None of your goddamn business!"

Sam turned his gaze on Tam. "Death threats from whom?"

Tam rolled her eyes. "If she wants you to know, she'll tell you. Otherwise, fuck off."


They turned at the small voice. Rachel, Tam's adopted daughter. She held Becca's little girl Sofia by the hand. Rachel was tall, pretty, a mop of black curls. Starting to bud.

"Is Sveti okay?" Sofia piped up.

Sveti gave the girls a tremulous smile. "Of course, sweetheart."

Sofia ran and flung her arms around Sveti's waist. Sveti hugged the little girl back, fiercely.

"You're sure?" Rachel looked unconvinced. "You were yelling. You never yell. Did that old man do something bad to you?"

"No, he didn't. Everything's fine, baby." Tam clapped her hands. "Rachel, come with me to find Daddy. Sofia, you come, too. Becca, monitor the situation in the ballroom." She fixed her piercing topaz gaze on Miles and Sam. "You two stay here with Sveti. Do not under any circumstances let her go back into the ballroom. She has enough problems without getting her name on Oleg Arbatov's hit list."

Tam clicked past them and seized the young girls by the hand. Becca followed, adding her own glare to reinforce Tam's directive. The door clicked closed. The silence that followed was profound.

Miles' glance darted from Sveti, who had hidden her face behind her hands again, to Sam. He gulped. "I, uh ... need to go find Lara," he said to Sam. "Can you handle this okay on your own?"

His heart gave a sharp, percussive thud, like a jackhammer. Oh, fuck yeah, he could so handle this on his own. "I'm good," he said.

"I do not need to be handled!" Sveti flared. Her mascara had run, smudging into a sexy, wild-girl raccoon mask.

Miles backed toward the door. "'Course you don't. Good, then. So, later, dude." Miles sidled out. "All yours." The door clicked shut.

All yours. The fantasy head rush was swiftly quenched when she lunged for the door. He blocked her path. "No way."

Her golden eyes widened, shocked. "You don't think you're keeping me in here, do you? You're not serious!"

"You heard Tam," Sam replied. "You leave this room, and she comes after my balls with the bolt cutters."

Sveti's chest heaved, which highlighted her excellent nipple hard-on. "What Tam might do to you is nothing compared to what I will do to you if you try to stop me from walking out that door."

Sam reached and flicked the knob lock. "I'll take my chances."

She crossed her arms over the nipple jut. "Wrong answer."

"Yeah? What are you going to do to me? You got a pair of bolt cutters under your skirt, too?"

She snorted. "Most guys seem to think so."

He admired the hot flush staining her cheekbones. "I don't."

"Good for you. Congratulations. You're very brave. Now get out of my way. I can't stand being confined. Not after what happened to me."

He waved that away. "Don't play the captive-waif-in-the-dungeon pity card with me. It's old and tired. Move on."

Her jaw sagged in utter shock. "You asshole!"

"Yeah, sure," he agreed. "I have nothing to lose. You already think I'm a dickhead. Why not say whatever I damn well please?"

Curling wisps of hair swayed around her chin as she shook her head. "I have bigger problems than your unrequited crush, Petrie!"

"Burrrrrnnn," he murmured. "Tell me about those big problems, since we're shut in here together. You can start with the death threats."


Excerpted from In for the Kill by SHANNON McKENNA. Copyright © 2015 Shannon McKenna. Excerpted by permission of KENSINGTON PUBLISHING CORP..
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

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In For the Kill 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 27 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Davy and Margot are still number1. Connor and Erin we're number have moved down to number 3 spot. Love love Sam and sveti now number 2. Kevin and Liv number 4 at a tie with Val and tam's. Seth and Raine started it all.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Far to much sex and trash talk, not enough story line.
wminbc More than 1 year ago
In For the Kill is the 11th book in the McClouds & Friends series. I cannot tell you how long I have waiting for Sam and Sveti’s book…definitely since Tamar’s book when it became apparent that Sam’s interest was more than just as a protective officer. That scene in the park with the kids and Sam was Sveti’s bodyguard was an amazing foreshadowing of future events. Let me give you a background on the McClouds and their friends…They are bad-ass, uber-alpha protective ex-cop/ex-military/current-vigilantes who know how to fight dirty, love fiercely and copulate copiously especially in the face of death. While Davy McCloud is my all-time favourite, Sam Petrie has been a slow burning lust for both me and Sveti! Speaking of Sveti, she is complex, vulnerable and yet so fearsome it is not even real. Tam is and will always be my girl-crush, but as Tam’s “adoptive” daughter, Sveti has many of the same characteristics. She holds herself back, not out of rudeness (which it may appear on the surface if you haven’t read previous books), but out of self-preservation. In that way, she very much reminded me of Tam and boy did I enjoy Sam breaking down her barriers. One criticism would be that while Tam was truly that fierce, that deadly, Sveti took stupid risks and made bad choices, which Tam would never do…Tam is cold, calculating and cunning…she is amazing! Thankfully, every time Sveti ran, Sam pursued…sometimes not letting her know that he was at her six…but he was there. The hunger these two had for each other was palpable and I believe was the underpinning of much of the interplay between the two. I do not give out spoilers, but anyone who reads Shannon McKenna knows that she writes hot, steamy, action packed romantic suspense and this latest book delivers…over and over and over! I have read reviews of other books that actually complain about Ms. McKenna’s characters constant horizontal action while praising her suspenseful vertical action. I personally loved the moments with Sam and Sveti getting sweaty! Sam used Sveti’s sexual need for him as a device to get into her life, into her heart and own her soul. The amazing part was when Sveti realized that since “that kiss”…she had owned Sam’s soul! Love!!! I would be remiss if I did not mention…the Vor. The enemies are truly evil in this series. The fact that the back story revolves around power, mafia, human trafficking only gives the reader a deeper appreciation for the fullness and depravity within which the villains’ exist. The desperation Sveti feels in her need to eradicate the world of one more slaver is only matched by the reader cheering her on in her crusade. If you have not read this series…I cannot understand why??? Start with Seth and keep on reading…Davy and Margot are hawt…almost as hot as Tam and Nick…Enjoy!
Kezbah More than 1 year ago
Finally Sam Petrie and Sveti (Svetlana) Ardova’s story has arrived!! Sam’s an ex-cop who has lusted and obsessed after Sveti for a couple of years. They have a lust/hate relationship – but there’s more to their feelings than what’s on the surface. Sveti, as a young girl, was rescued from human organ traffickers. The horrors she endured still haunt her nightly. She has become an avenger of the innocent and dedicated her life to lecturing and hunting down these criminals. When she is filmed on one of her recents busts it goes viral. She is honoured with an award and a job offer, both of which are in Europe. After a night of lust with Sam, Sveti is abducted and tortured, before being rescued by Sam. She decides to go to Europe believing she’ll be safer there and away from her ever emerging feelings for Sam. But Sam decides to go along as her bodyguard. There’s a few laughs with Tam’s reaction and Tam’s daughter, Rachel, weighing in with her opinion. Typical of a Shannon McKenna novel, not everything and everyone are as they seem. Sveti’s job offer, the puzzle of Sveti’s mother’s suicide years earlier and her mother’s last cryptic letters to her daughter. It has the usual Shannon McKenna ingredients of a great plot, cunning evil villains, romance, sexy scenes, fun, exciting and nail biting. Sveti’s bullheadedness was annoying but I loved that about her. You make a connection with the characters, their flaws and all. I loved catching up with past characters and it was satisfying she tied-up their outcomes. The ending was poignant and Rachel’s acknowledgement. Also nice that the ending did leave a possibility of Rachel’s story in maybe a few year’s time? You can read as a stand alone novel but you would benefit from reading Shannon McKenna’s previous books. It’s the end of her McCloud series but if you’ve never read any you would be guaranteed a fun, sexy, nail biting read if you grab her previous McCloud books. She never disappoints!! Itching to see what Shannon’s next book. **e-arc for honest opinion
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I love Shannon McKenna's books, but the descent into the slave trade just got harder and harder to stomach. The two protagonists were nasty and vicious toward each other and I certainly didn't regard it as foreplay. I always finish books I start reading, and couldn't even bring myself to do that.
BuckeyeAngel More than 1 year ago
Sam was obsessed with Sveti and Sam had been a cop but he wasn’t any longer. Sam felt he had been a scape goat. Sam finally is given a chance to spend a little time with Sveti and he points out to her that she can’t help anyone if she was dead. Sam had heard from her friends that Sveti was getting death threats. Sveti told Sam that it was a hand delivered letter saying “ they” were going to kill her. Sveti then asked Sam why he wasn’t like most men and afraid of her. Then Sveti relaxed in Sam’s arms. Sam doesn’t know this but Sveti is a little obsessed with him. Sveti decided he had to be Sveti’s bodyguard to make sure she was okay or die trying. Eventually Sveti does sleep with Sam. This was a great story. I was a little confused as I hadn’t read the other books in this series so that was my fault. But things pretty much come together so I knew what was going on and why. There were some hot sex scenes, some really evil bad guys and some very good action in this story. The plot was great and the characters were great.I really liked the twists and turns of this story and I recommend. But I recommend to read the other books to this story first I am going to go back and read them. I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
6 or so years ago I picked up an anthology Bad Boys Next Exit. After reading Mac's book, I became obsessed with Shannon McKenna's Alpha males. There's something about these men that are so badass and yet when they love (sigh) it's with everything in them. Their women are like the blood in their veins. And it so soo HOT!!!!!!   Now getting to In For the Kill. McKenna brings us back to the McClouds. The last few books in the series took a turn into the paranormal but with In For the Kill its back to Obsessive male and Heroine in trouble without the paranormal twist. I was excited that Sveti was finally getting her book! I mean that girl went through some tough stuff when she was younger! ( I kinda thought she would end up with Becca's brother for awhile there bc of their shared experience). So Sam. LOVE Sam. He's totally 100% all about Sveti. I love him, think he's great. Sveti though...  While I did like the twist that she was the one who was reluctant to have feelings ( it's usually the man who does this) I had higher expectations from her based on her upbringing with Tam and the badassness that is the McCloud family. In all McKenna's books, this is by far the most irritating of the females. She had so many TSTL moments. I was growling at her. All in all I loved it. I love the danger, hot sex scenes, smoking hot Alpha male. Good book. ****Connor will always be my favorite¿¿¿****
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
If I could, I'd give this book 3.75 stars. It's not quite worthy of 4, but it's better than 3. Sam and Sveti have longed for each other from afar for a long time, and now they're finally pushed together, much to his relief and her initial dismay. It's a good story, thankfully without the mind-control drama of previous McCloud Brothers books. The ending is really happy and gave a pretty good conclusion to the series (if that's what it is). If you've read the other books in this series, then it should be pretty obvious who the villain is in this book. Also, Sam talks just like the heroes from the previous books, which has gotten kind of old. Those two reasons are why I wanted to give only 3.75 stars. I'd read it again in any case, because Sam and Sveti are really good together.
bookaholicGE More than 1 year ago
This is the first stand alone book that I have read from McKenna and the 1st book I have read in this series. I have clearly read this book out of order and do not feel as though I was confused. McKenna did a great job giving just enough information so that you are not confused but not too much so that you feel as though you do not want to read the other books in the series. This book was given to me as an ARC from Netgalley for my honest review. I can honestly say that this book evoked a lot of emotions from me. This book is perfectly written, every word that McKenna puts on the page has meaning and is there for a reason. Her descriptions are perfect, I feel as though I am in the book watching it like a movie. The romantic scenes pack a whopping amount of heat. I guess the only down side is I completely dislike Sveti! I get that she's young and has been through a lot but at times I hate how she treats Sam. At the same time Sam is not a push over he definitely calls her on her crap but I am stuck between wanting slap Sveti or hug her. Overall great book, Great job Shannon Mckenna.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I received copy of this book from author for an honest review. Hopefully I will not give any spoilers. This couple moved to number 2 on my McCloud couple list bypassing Davy and Margot. Connor and Erin are still my favorites. Sveti had a back story and was known from previous books as was Sam. They didn’t seem to go together but the more you read and got to know these characters, the more they belonged. She seemed cold and distant and just plain odd at times, but she had a really really good reason for that. She had so much to get over and get through. Then you have Sam. He was a typical and perfect Shannon McKenna alpha hero. Her books are like roller coaster rides or action flicks. They keep your heart pounding and keep you on the edge of your seat. Plus I love her villains, they are like James Bond type villains and perfect for each and every story. I love the way Ms. McKenna shows couples with their imperfect matings and windy roads to their HEAs. I hate reading a book and knowing what is coming next. I’m not talking about the ending which we know will be with the HEA and maybe even a wedding, I’m talking about an expected and boring story that you could have written yourself. You will never ever get that with Ms. McKenna. I have to say that I’m so so so sad that this is the last book in this series. I love this series and these characters and they have become so real to me. I loved reading and seeing how the other characters in the series were doing since she always had info in each and every new book. Since I got sad at the end of the book, I had to start rereading the whole series. I’m not done yet so I still have more McClouds to look forward to before I have to start my withdrawal.
TomD66 More than 1 year ago
In for the Kill was awesome – a great addition to the McCloud series. Sam and Sveti are such strong personalities, their story makes a great page-turner. Lots of adventure and steamy scenes keep you glued to the book. I never met a McCloud character I didn’t like and these two are no exception. The whole series keeps you on your toes and wanting more. . .btw, when where there be more!?
lucy117 More than 1 year ago
I received an advanced copy of In For The Kill, by Shannon McKenna. In For The Kill is steamy, and hot. Svetlana amd Sam have a very strange relationship. Where they have strong opinions on who will lead and who should follow. Until dangerous things start to happen.
J_A_Riz More than 1 year ago
I just love Shannon McKenna's work. I have read all of her McCloud series books and this one is just as exciting! I really like how she gives you a little info on the upcoming characters in her previous books, as she did with Sveti and Sam. Instead of wasting precious pages on getting to know the characters' story, you already have the facts. And, as always, she also gives you a check in with the other McCloud familes and their friends, which (let's be honest) we are all dying to hear about. I just really like how she intertwines her stories, it's really engaging! Sam and Sveti's story was fantastic. I was glad to see the evil in the book turn out to be a little different than the last few. I think most women can relate to Sveti, wanting to go for their dreams without always thinking everything through. Thankfully she has Sam to bring her back to reality and care about her so much. All in all, I would certainly recommend this book to friends. I promise, you won't be able to put it down. Even if you have a crazy busy schedule like me! As always, great work, Shannon!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Loved this book and CRAZY about the entire series!! Don't miss this book and all of the ones leading up to it!!
Rita_Kayla More than 1 year ago
I've been waiting for Sveti’s story since I knew there was one!! And finally i read it. I can’t believe this is the last book of the McCloud & Friends series. I want more. How about a story about rachel? Kevvie? Sofia? All the little ones? And their little ones too It would be interesting to see all the couples as grandpas and grandmas. Would they be always strong to fight? I imagine them always armed of course, even at 80! Okay so now let’s go back to book#11!! In for the kill was hot, sentimental, thrilling, not as shocking as the other books (some things were obvious), and psy-stuff free, no mind control. I enjoyed reading the advanced copy I received (netgalley). However, I felt like some actions were taking too long while others were ending so fast. Samuel Petrie… Excop, stalker, stupidly in love, always getting shot. He doesn't belong there, he doesn't fit in the mccloud clan and yet he is always among them. He became one of them the moment he was assigned to their case in Bruno’s story. Since the moment he saw sveti (book#8), he had no choice but to follow her everywhere...  And she was aware of him... Svetlana Ardova… Once incarcerated, now free and troubled. Sveti first appeared in book#5, when nick, tam, Aaro, and the others went to save her from organ traffickers. She had some bad experience from which she learnt to be the person she is now, a person who is willing to help others and put her life at risk no matter the consequence which drives sam crazy. He then assigned himself as her bodyguard. After being held in captivity, Sveti grew up to be a person who cannot stop doing good and exposing “bad people”. It is her job, it is her life. Her past follows her everywhere, especially with her father’s awful death and her mother suicide. But we all know the story does not end here (i will say no more, go read it, go read all the elven books). Sam and Sveti’s story started in book#8, where Petrie showed pictures of dead people to Zia Rosa. He turned the old lady pale and Sveti angry (we’ve all been waiting for in for the kill since then). And every encounter between the two since then turned into a fight, well more or less… While reading, i spent my time saying to Sveti “please do not” - i am not crazy i know she cannot hear me – but she did. I was like “why??” But I know if I were her, I would have done the same thing. As for Sam, always there trying vainly to get some sense into her but she is so focused on revealing the mysteries in her life to listen to him. After losing her family, Sveti gained a new one: Nick and Becca, Tam and Val, Rachel and Irina, and Sofia (mainly those but the others too of course). The scenes where nick gets involved are fun. He is overprotective, just like Tam. However, Tam deals with things ironically (threats embedded) while Nick is more like “you know i am going to kill you sam if anything happens to her.” In this book, Sasha, Sveti’s old captivity friend appears again and we finally get to meet his little brother Misha. It is interesting how things turned out for them. Interesting for rachel too :) It is also good to see the way Tam and Val’s couple works. Their talks were so funny so is the way they keep an eye on their children (sveti, rachel, irina). At some point, I thought Tam was going to shoot Sam and Misha but it is a good thing Val was there. I only wish Seth, Raine, Connor, Erin, Kevin, Lily, Aaro, miles and the rest had a more active role since it is the last book of the series.
Deb6066 More than 1 year ago
Wow - just Wow!! Let me begin by saying that I have always been a fan of Shannon McKenna. I was privileged to be given an ARC for this book and was not disappointed. Those McCloud boys and their extended family and friends drew me in from the beginning with Out of Control, the beginning of the series. I was so excited to read this last book in the series but sad at the same time that this was the end. Sam & Sveti were meant to be. Like all of her books, this story delivers on pulse pounding excitement and suspense; and let's not forget, the tear jerking, sigh enducing romance. I highly recommend this book as I do all the books Shannon has written. I better author cannot be found. Run, don't walk, to buy this book. You will be glad you did.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
(Spoiler Alert)  She has done it again!!!! Another amazing read in the McCloud series. Shannon McKenna is one of my favorite authors and has done an amazing job keeping each book as good, if not better, than the last. I have read her books since the beginning and still years later I cannot put them down. I have been waiting since Extreme Danger, book 5, for Svetlana’s story and cannot be happier with the book.  Sam Petrie is an ex- cop that has had a hard few years in his career, estranged from his wealthy family, and has been watching Svetlana from afar. Svetlana has a troubled past, both parents murdered, and kidnapped by a mafia vor for organ traffickers. She made it out but it looks like her past is coming back to haunt her.  Svetlana is a very brave and stubborn woman. I liked the fact that she took something that was so bad in her past and was able to help others that are in the same sort of situations now. Sam impressed me by standing for what he wanted and made sure that no one, not even his friends got in the way. I feel that they are perfect together. It was great to hear about the older characters that we haven’t seen to much of in years. I also loved that Shannon added another member to the family of friends that the McCloud’s created through the years. It was a great ending to the book.  This is an amazing read and would recommend it to anyone!
GBinArk More than 1 year ago
Great ending to the McCloud series! I received a copy of this book through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. I highly recommend this book.  I have read and loved this series from the beginning and and hate to see it end.  I found Sam and Sveti’s story to be fast-paced and exciting.  It has been a pleasure to watch Sveti grow over the course of the series, and I was happy to see that she became such a strong person despite the horrors of her past.  There are some rough times while she and Sam struggle to overcome their issues, both personally and as a couple, and a few times you want to scold Sveti for being so hard-headed.  For those who didn’t like the psychic elements of the last books in this series, you will be happy to know the villains are back to being ordinary evil psychos instead of psychic psychos.  It was great to see so many characters from previous books coming together the help Sveti.  I think this book  can be read as a stand-alone without much confusion, but you will be missing out on some great books if you miss the rest of this series.
LauraTeach More than 1 year ago
"In For the Kill" is the final installment of the McCloud series. McKenna has teased us throughout the series leading up to Sam and Svelti's story. I always wait with baited breathe for a new book from this author, and believe me, it did not disappoint. After reading the first chapter, I was pulled into the story and could not put the book down! Sam and Svelti do not have a easy road ahead of them, but through their internal emotional struggles and outside forces, they soon figure out, if they want to survive, they have to rely on each other. Sam is such a fierce character and so determined to get what he wants and that's Svelti. Svelti is determined not to love anyone and is so vulnerable, that she will break your heart. This story keeps you on the edge of your seat and has twists and turns that lead to wow moments. Anyone who buys this book, will love it! Shannon McKenna has written an amazing story!
bookwoman14 More than 1 year ago
Wow! Just when you think Shannon McKenna can't possibly top herself and write a better novel than the last one she wrote, she some- how manages to do just that! I've been addicted to this series since the first McCloud novel, and her fans, myself included, have been waiting a very long time for Sveti's story, wondering how this poor, sweet, tortured, loving soul we first met at age 12, could possibly be placed in harm's way yet again. Well Sveti isnt't 12 anymore, and no one knows that better than Sam, a serious dominating Alpha male, with a soft side just for Sveti. Sam's been on the periphery for awhile, yet we finally get into this head and his background in this novel--we learn what makes him tick, and we discover the lengths to which he'll go to keep Sveti safe from harm.  It's a great read, one of Ms. McKenna's best, and if you've not already become hooked on this series, what on earth are you waiting for? Erotic romantic suspense simply doesn't get any better than this! 
rainfrog More than 1 year ago
I received an Advanced Reading Copy from the author and NetGalley in return for a review. This was everything that I have come to expect from Shannon McKenna. It was a page - turner that I didn't want to put down to the point that I was sad when I had to put it down to get some sleep. This book about Sveti and Sam Petrie helped to bring the McCloud clan and friends come full circle. It gave insight to some of the most private characters that I have seen, from things in their past to those in their present that helped to shape them. Not to worry though there were plenty of mouthwatering love scenes that left you wanting more
BlueElli More than 1 year ago
I received an advanced copy of In For The Kill, by Shannon McKenna.  I gobbled up this next adventure into McCloud land.  We get a glimpse of Nick and Becca, Miles, and Lara, Sean and Liv, Kev and Edie, Val and Tam.  I love the brief glimpse of Val’s command of his women. Especially since Tam can be so hard core. The story focuses on Svetlana and Sam, a cop suspended from the force.  Sveti, is attracted to Sam but suppresses those feelings.  The first sixty page’s, were slower, then the pace picks up, and doesn’t stop.  Sveti, having been kidnapped when she was younger works tirelessly to bring awareness to Human Trafficking, and black-market organ selling. This subject matter and the villains reason’s for these atrocities never fail to shock and disturb. We also catch up on a growing Rachel, adorable, happy, intrepid and precocious. Rachel is a wealth of knowledge on all things Svetlana.  Very much Val, and Tam’s child.  Svetlana thinks her life is a toxic mess, that she does not want Sam to get caught in.  Sam is willing. He loves Svetlana.  Trust is an issue, for Svetlana which is understandable and annoying at times. Fortunately Sveti, as benefitted from the extremely capable McCloud Crowd.  They’re a lot of erotic scenes.  Sveti and Sam must stay ahead of bad guys. Sveti’s mother cleverly points her in the right direction. One thing, Svetlana Ardova is her name, but Sergei is Ardov?  Was this an error?  The story is fast an exciting. I love Shannon Mckenna’s, McCloud crowd. Her adventures and bad guys are fantastic edge of your seat page turners.  I hope there’s more to come.