In High Regards

In High Regards

by Donna Felton


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Despite thousands of poems that have been written, there are new approaches that still stir the soul. Poetry stimulates our five senses, heals internal scars, weaponized words, amasses and galvanizes people. Poetic techniques at times, can be more complex than your native language, but easier to understand. Poetry can encapsulate concisely and precisely the essence of a being.

In High Regards is a collection of poems written by Donna Felton touching upon all of those areas.

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ISBN-13: 9781523801169
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 05/27/2016
Pages: 64
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.13(d)

About the Author

The world says that I'm tiny; some say I'm petite.
My son and daughter make my life complete.

Yes I am giving that's just my way
I believe in God so every day, I forget not to Pray.

Born in June at home in 1972.
Left Handed are how my words come on through

Love writing and reading and art on display
Try to be righteous what else can I say.

Feel out of place with no smile on my face.
There are some people I can never replace.

Had my heart broken, some wounds must still heal
Doing what is right and not what I feel.

Don't moan or complain just go with the flow
Seek out to find the things I don't know.

Proud of my culture and I wear it with pride
What's in m heart shows from the outside.

I try to be positive and always uplift.
I just want the world to appreciate my gift.

Not the best cook but I will always help you prepare
Always give half I'm willing to share.

Far from perfect some things I need to re-just
I fully rely and in God I put my trust.

I had a few setbacks and left with some pieces
But watch while God is so grateful that my blessing increase.

So I'd told you a little so you see the light
And I hope you enjoy the poetry that I write.

Move up and down and be through some stages
I poured out my heart and soul into these pages.

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