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In My Eyes

In My Eyes

by Narine Chamichyan


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"In My Eyes", is a great book of poetry. With a different tone to each word, as well as a unique style to each page. The book, is about life, love, hate, drama, dreams, sad, and deep poetry. I&tacute;s about good and bad men, and how the justice system declines good people, causing them hurt and suffering. The book contains poems, about a girl overcoming her pain and hurt for a guy, and being happy, while the guy is miserable and chasing her. And, about a man making a woman feel one of a kind, and beautiful in every way.

Next, therés a lot about the pain, young and mature people go through. The book also contains poems about finding true love, the mistakes we make when we are in love, and crushes. Also, the feeling of writing, and dreaming. The book also contains a poem about, how God sacrificed his only son because of his love for us all. There are also poems about gangsta and thug boyfriends/girlfriends, and what they go through because of the dangerous life they live. Also, there is a poem about the 1915 Armenian Genocide, which might make everyone understand the scars it left on us Armenians. This book, is a combination of both the young and the mature. This book will help girls/guys understand how each girl/guy feels when it comes to love. It will also help to understand how most people today think, feel, and live.

"In My Eyes", got i&tacute;s name from one of the poems in the book, which is based on Narine Chamichyańs(the poe&tacute;s), real life. I&tacute;s about how a young girl, along with her entire family is going through so much hurt and pain because of people who have money, and buy justice workers, turning everyone against them, and how shéll fight till her last breath to prove all of this to the whole world.

Its more than just unfathomable words and unbelievable rhymes. I&tacute;s outstanding characters and unique questions and answers. There´s so much this book is about but so much little time to explain. Get a copy for yourself and you will see why its so great and unique!

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