In Pursuit of Dragons

In Pursuit of Dragons

by Anne Renwick

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Secrets hidden inside a castle. The return of a lost love. A desperate fight to defeat the enemies who threaten their future.

In a laboratory behind the walls of a castle, Natalia Zakharova Kinross, Lady of Kinlarig, hides her many secrets. But for how much longer? For not only is a medical miracle embedded within her skin, a mythological dragon prowls the grounds. And there are men who will stop at little to lay claim to both.

Though Luke Dryden, cryptozoologist, is welcomed back to the castle at the tip of a blade, an old romance ignites. Until a lingering illness acquired in a secret biotechnology facility takes a turn for the worse – all while disaster circles. To help defend a lady and her dragon, he must attempt a risky cure.

As old enemies threaten their future, they will fight back to back in a desperate last stand...

IN PURSUIT OF DRAGONS is a story set in the Elemental Steampunk World, including The Elemental Steampunk Chronicles, Elemental Steampunk Tales, and Elemental Steampunk Stories.

Steampunk adventure wrapped around a romance and threaded with biotechnology. Join USA Today bestselling author, Anne Renwick, as she takes you back into an alternate past.

  • The Golden Spider (Book One)

  • The Silver Skull (Book Two)

  • The Iron Fin (Book Three)

  • A Trace of Copper

  • In Pursuit of Dragons

  • A Reflection of Shadows

  • The Tin Rose

  • Kraken and Canals

  • Rust and Steam

Product Details

BN ID: 2940161640142
Publisher: Anne Renwick
Publication date: 08/08/2018
Series: Elemental Steampunk Tales , #2
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 276,555
File size: 442 KB

About the Author

Though USA TODAY bestselling author Anne Renwick holds a Ph.D. in biology and greatly enjoyed tormenting the overburdened undergraduates who were her students, fiction has always been her first love. Today, she writes steampunk romance, placing a new kind of biotech in the hands of mad scientists, proper young ladies and determined villains.

Anne brings an unusual perspective to steampunk. A number of years spent locked inside the bowels of a biological research facility left her permanently altered. In her steampunk world, the Victorian fascination with all things anatomical led to a number of alarming biotechnological advances. Ones that the enemies of Britain would dearly love to possess.

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In Pursuit of Dragons 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
IndianaHappyTraveler 10 months ago
SETTING: Scotland. Year: 1885 Scientists vs, dragons, Russians vs. free world—the imaginary vs. the real are all mixed in this rollickingly enjoyable tale. The dragons have retreated to isolated places, such as the Ural Mountains, to escape slaughter by man. The Russians have located and captured dragon eggs and are experimenting with the hatchlings in various experiments on non-voluntary subjects. A ‘good’ Russian scientist and his chemist daughter try to escape with 2 hatchlings, but the father is killed and one hatchling dies enroute to Scotland, their intended sanctuary. The story opens with the lady scientist, NATALIA ZAKHAROVA KINROSS, Lady of Kinlarig, a recent widow, whose husband sold her dragon on the black market, and the buyer has sent someone to collect the dragon. The Russian scientists get word of the dragon and now know where Natalia has been hiding out the last 3 years. THEY send collectors for the dragon. The battle begins! CRITIQUE: I enjoyed the way the fantastical aspects of the story were mixed with accurate scientific terms for various experiments using cells, as the accuracy of the biology lent credulity to the fantasy aspects! Not too heavy on the science or too heavy on the fantasy, but a nice balance. Of course, there is a H for our h, and their story is also played out in the course of the tale, as they reach their HEA. And yes, there is ‘steam’ in this steam punk historical romance, making it geared for mature audiences. As there is a good storyline with surprises along the way, the book is a pleasant diversion. This is the first work I have read by this author, and I received a free copy of it. I now intend to read other books in this series. My review is voluntary, and I have no financial relationship with either the author or the publisher.
Kristen Bergh-Lewendon More than 1 year ago
Every time I read a book in this series, my love of words wants to run away with my review: the bigger the word the more I NEED to use it to explain how much I loved reading this story. I feel the need to hunt out words that reflect the elegance we expect of the time and also those having the dramatic impact of the adventure I’ve just been taken on. So please forgive me if this sounds like so much pretentious folderol. I did try to rein it in. The things I like about this book are the same things I’ve liked about everything I’ve read in this series. A dashing yet vulnerable hero, paired with an endearing spitfire of a heroine. Medical marvels taken from the controversial headlines of current research, blended with myth and legend from our deepest history. And all of this happens in a place and time where this mixture of past and future shouldn’t make sense together yet does. It is so easy to see the author’s great love of the science she manipulates for our benefit. She makes it accessible to those of us who aren’t technically minded, making the seemingly impossible feel perfectly commonplace. I adored Natalia and Luke’s story and I hope to see them again in future books. Zia too. I received a complimentary advanced copy of this book.