In Search of Civility: Confronting Incivility on the College Campus

In Search of Civility: Confronting Incivility on the College Campus

by Kent M. Weeks


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Americans are troubled by the growing incivility they see in public life and in their interpersonal relationships. The lack of civility is an increasing issue on college campuses, reflecting deep societal problems.
"In Search of Civility: Confronting Incivility on the College Campus", explores the timely issue by weaving stories of four college freshmen at a large university with current research on civility issues.
The four students encounter civility dilemmas ranging from cheating, plagiarism, and misuse of technology to alcohol, diversity, and peer pressure. They want to do the right thing, but distinguishing between right and wrong sometimes proves to be difficult particularly when their personal values conflict with campus norms.
"In Search of Civility" provides relevant context for the complex civility challenges facing students, faculty, and administrators. Colleges can play an important role in instilling civility among their students in their academic and social lives. Civil conduct requires treating others the way one wishes to be treated as well as a sense of duty and responsibility to the community.
By raising questions, "In Search of Civility" challenges students to make the connection between the morals and values they claim to hold and the practical implications of those values expressed through acts of civility in every part of their lives.
Weeks draws on a wide range of experiences--as teacher of undergraduate and graduate students at George Peabody College, Vanderbilt University, and as legal advisor to colleges throughout the US.

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ISBN-13: 9781600379079
Publisher: Morgan James Publishing
Publication date: 05/01/2011
Pages: 164
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About the Author

Kent M. Weeks is an attorney in Nashville, Tennessee. A Fulbright scholar, Weeks earned a law degree from Duke University and Ph.D. in political science from Case Western Reserve University. He has broad experience as an attorney, professor, writer and lecturer--both nationally and internationally. Weeks has written several books, published over 60 articles and papers, and edits Lex Collegii, a legal newsletter for colleges and universities. His writings focus on academic and student issues such as student civility, plagiarism, alcohol and drug use, hook-up culture, and parental rights. He has been recognized for his scholarship and excellence in teaching.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments iii

Introduction 1

Chapter 1 Why Civility? 3

What Is Civility? 5

Why Focus On the College Campus? 7

Who Are The Students Now Entering College? 10

Chapter 2 Civility and the Greek System 13

A History of the Greek System 15

Becoming Greek 16

Compulsive Conformity: Lindsey 17

Pressures Of Pledging: Jacob 19

Hazing: Antonio 22

Alternatives to Greek Life: Sonam 24

Chapter 3 Civility In The Classroom 29

Pressure to Cheat: Antonio 30

Understanding Plagiarism: Jacob 34

Uncivil Professors: Lindsey 40

Uncivil Students: Sonam 44

Chapter 4 College Athletics 51

A Brief History 52

Student Athletes: Antonio 53

The Fans-Love Thy Enemy: Lindsey 58

Abusive Fans: Sonam 61

Postgame Fan Violence: Jacob 65

Chapter 5 Residential Life 69

History of College Dormitories 70

Uncivil Roommates: Lindsey 71

Incivility in the Dorm Room: Antonio 74

Virtual Violence: Jacob 77

Pirates of the Dormitory: Sonam 79

Chapter 6 The Question of Healthy Behaviors 85

Drinking and Substance Abuse: Antonio 86

Image Consciousness: Lindsey 92

Depression And Suicide: Sonam 95

Hook-up Culture: Jacob 98

Chapter 7 Diversity 101

Confronting Stereotypes And Prejudice: Antonio and Sonam 102

Coexisting Peacefully: Jacob 109

Achieving a Diverse Educational Environment: Lindsey 113

Chapter 8 Facing Civility 119

About the Author 123

Appendices 125

College Civility Initiatives 127

Civility Resources 136

Local Government Civility Initiatives 139

Notes 143

Bibliography 155

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