In Search of Coherence: Introducing Marcel Jousse's Anthropology of Mimism

In Search of Coherence: Introducing Marcel Jousse's Anthropology of Mimism


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ISBN-13: 9781498297967
Publisher: Wipf & Stock Publishers
Publication date: 11/10/2016
Pages: 322
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.64(d)

About the Author

Edgard Sienaert is Honorary Research Fellow in the Centre for Africa Studies of the University of the Free State, South Africa. He edited and translated Marcel Jousse's published works into English and is the author of a study, in French, of Jousse's unpublished 1931-57 lectures program: "In the beginning was mimism. A holistic reading of Marcel Jousse's oral lectures."

Table of Contents

Foreword Werner Kelber ix

Preface xvii

Acknowledgment xix

Part 1 Marcel Jousse's Anthropology of Mimism

Introduction: The Anthropology Methodology and Terminology of Mimism 3

Chapter 1 Mimism, a Comprehensive WorMview 13

Chapter 2 Mimage or the Process of Mimism 25

Chapter 3 The Mimismic Worldview: On Science and Religion, Style and Civilization 41

Part 2 Marcel Jousse: Seven Oral Lectures on Mimism

Introduction: On Reading Marcel Jousse's Oral Lectures 73

Lecture 1 The Methodology of Mimism-Marcel Jousse on His Scientific Itinerary 83

Lecture 2 The Anthropology of Mimism-Marcel Jousse on His First Year of Lectures on the Anthropology of Mimism 102

Lecture 3 The Pedagogy of Mimism-Mimismic Pedagogy, a Pedagogy Not of Words But of Life 117

Lecture 4 The Sociology of Mimism-Algebrosis: The Death Knell of a Civilization 136

Lecture 5 The Worldview of Mimism 1-Mimism and Metaphor: The Humanizing Geste 153

Lecture 6 The Worldview of Mimism 2-Mimism and Comparison: An Interconnected Universe 167

Lecture 7 The Worldview of Mimism 3-Mimism and the Invisible: Ethnic Liturgies 182

Part 3 Marcel Jousse: Five Essays on Mimism

Introduction: Oral Lectures and Written Essays: Fluidism and Formulism 203

Essay 1 Human Mimism and Manual Style-The Primordial Universal Human Expression Is Mimage 206

Essay 2 Human Mimism and the Anthropology of Language: The Development of Human Expression - 1 - Mimage, from Manual to Oral 223

Essay 3 From Mimism to Music in the Child: The Development of Human Expression - 2 - Mimage, from Manualage to Langage 236

Essay 4 The Psycho-Physiological Laws of Living Oral Style and Their Use in Philology: Language Takes Form - 1 - Prepositional Patterning and the Formula 245

Essay 5 Human Bilateralism and the Anthropology of Language: Language Takes Form - 2 - The Construction of an Oral Text 260

Index 293

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