In Search of the Lost Volume 2: Look to the Light!

In Search of the Lost Volume 2: Look to the Light!

by Emily Jane and Jeffrey Eugene Elliott


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Since the publication of the first volume of "In Search of the Lost", Volume Two, still the poems in this work are a humble attempt to explore our human search for meaning and purpose. We hope you enjoy the poems in Volume Two. We believe both works should be explored together.

Included in the Second Volume of "In Search of the Lost", by Emily Jane Elliott and Jeffrey Eugene Elliott are four poems originally included in the First Volume of "In Search of the Lost". The four poems from the first volume also included in this volume are, Streets of Fire, Gauisus Dia, Heaven Descends to Dwell, Amelia and Memories. Additionally, the poem, "Search" was added upon from the version found in Volume One. We hope that you enjoy Volume Two as much as readers indicated they enjoyed Volume One. This poetry is dedicated to Owen, Ryder, Matthew and Trace with great love and pride.

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ISBN-13: 9781481760652
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 07/12/2013
Pages: 492
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.10(d)

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In Search of the LOST Volume 2


By Emily Jane, Jeffrey Eugene Elliott


Copyright © 2013 Emily Jane and Jeffrey Eugene Elliott
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4817-6065-2



In love's light all is not lost
For the candle burns bright
And in yesterday's memories
Tomorrow's flame flickers high
And night's dreams harvests right
A fortune in undertakings hold tight
In search of the lost life is found
Be tormented not!
For every life deed
No matter how profound
Is conscience of a lost Life?
But soon in searching
You will be found
For today's search may
Find tomorrows dreams
Tomorrows dreams may
Build today's future
In fulfillment of struggled destiny
For in the eyes of the present
Lay the vision for the future
And in the past the present fades
God's decreed destiny


Love is written in my heart
And has not passed away
Love is not gone
But love rises with the warm
Rising sun of my heart
Although the night chill has come
Sweet memories linger still
Loving times; cherished moments
Strengthen my hearts tender resolve
To be faithful to our pledged love's promise
I am resolved to disallow
Doubt and criticism to overcome
Faith's enduring encouragement
Keeps love in my heart
To forever stand faithfully


When the day gently sets
At twilights changing dawn
Where both sun and moon reside
Moonlight tenderly illuminates hearts
Transparent, translucent, transcending
And penetrating both our souls
With shining soulful light rays
Passionate, unending, irresistible love
Which morning light never dwindles or shades
For gentle are twilights dawning
Effulgent dispersed of love's dawning day
Two hearts of lover's never fade
While Lover's embrace


When love is gone
It is because thy heart has dwindled
Love is diminished in the wake
Love's lost warm hearth
Hath gone cold and frigid
Romance replaced by criticism
Hearts gone cold to the gentle touch
Of love's warm ecstasy and joyful song
Hearts recede dim and close shut
As the fire of love is extinguished
Love's joyful promise
Mocked y lover's scorned
The hot sun of love sets on lover's grace
Where once warm hearts
Sung together in lover's unison
Bitter hearts embattled storm
When hearts dwindle
And love is gone!


Is not the purpose and passion
Of religion divine peace
To heal and restore
Wounded and broken hearts
To uplift and enlighten
Fallen mankind
To intercede for mortality
In immortal spheres
If so, if the purpose of true religion is peace
Where is the place in religion for hatred?
And the corruption of the human heart
Interestingly, in the bosom of the Near East
The tree of life gave birth
To three great religions: Judaism, Islam and Christianity
To be sure, the great deity in paradise
Must inquire why do these brother religions fight?
For my will is peace not death!


As each soul enters mortality
From beyond the veil
Immortals kindle fires
Imbued into the mortal souls
With a divine spark
Of immortal fire
Everlasting burning of light
To guide mortals to illuminating knowledge
And inspire mortalities better nature
Imbued with immortal fire
By fires flame to overcome the mortal beast
The divine spark to reach beyond the stars
Sacred light of the immortal quest
Born of redeeming blood and divine fire
Sacrificed in cleansing holy water
Whispers the divine voice of immortality!


Seldom is done a discouraging song
Without hope or notice
Unless a soul is crushed
With self-defeating clamor
But from the ashes
And travesties wreck
Comes more enduring glances
For a soul is eternal
And hope never dies
But only the mortal relinquishes
So fight on!
Brave mortal be not harassed!
For the mortal soul will have the last line


In the darkened skies
In the still of the night
Foreboding lightening flashes
Across the night skies
And the fiendish light
Awakens devilishly deeds
Announcing a Princely demise
Cast into hell's abyss
Rebellious drunken power
Spawned from lust and envies
Overwhelming greed
The dark prince fallen travesty
Granted power to stalk the souls keep
And does such power corrupt the dark prince's heart?
Given over to more evil deeds!
The dark powers!
Never to love again
Or return to a more heavenly sphere!
Evil power only feigned
A pure heart is a more acceptable gain
Heaven's gift a more comforting refrain
The fallen princes' rebellious demise
Satiated by greed and distain
Cause the heaven's to weep
And pray our soul's to keep!
Heavenly choirs pray!
And to beware the fallen angels reach
A weary soul to take!
Fear not, sweet child!
Look to the light!


Do Angels walk among us?
To pardon mortal folly!
Quietly performing miracles
God gifts to impart!
Do Angels walk among us?
To share the mortal load!
To grant God's mercy
And show immortal kindness!
Do Angels walk among us?
To help God's children grow
To save a fallen child
And heal a forgotten soul?
Do Angels walk among us?
God's light and love to show
To bring redemptions miracle of forgiveness!
To some lost and forsaken soul?
And provide mercies warm flow!
Do Angels walk among us?
To follow the Master's plan!
To walk in Our Lord's footsteps
To show us,
Forward to the promise land?
So it may be well advised
Wherever there are desperate straights
And mortal folly grows
To notice humble strangers
Princely passerby's
May be heaven's Angels in disguise
Angels sent by the Master's hand
From heaven's gate
As Angels whom walk among us
At our Saviors command
And with the Master's touch!


In the lair of the dragon
Rich abundance once supplied
Last of the dragon line
Once all people, tongues and kindred
Knew of the dragon's power
Now only folklore
Legends of bygone times
Speak of the Dragon's fame
Hunted by humankind

1066 A.D.

In a time long forgotten
Ancient Heralds proclaimed
The fall of Saxon Kingdoms
In the land of the Britons
Saxon might fell before Norman horse
Harold met his doom
And William, his glory in A.D. 1066
Long forgotten Saxon kingdoms
In splendored Saxon glory
Gave way to Norman aristocracy
On that fateful day!
Doomsday accounting of fallen kingdoms
Spoke the end of English Saxon reign
For on that day, English shield wall
Failed to match Norman horse
And yielded to Norman Conquest
And thus faded Saxon glory


Doth the Heaven's weep?
When mortal anger speaks
Homeless night cries
Haunt the rich man's delight
A child's unrelenting hunger
Crying unsatisfied in the night
Doth the Heaven's weep?
When mortal hands destroy
An angry undisciplined mob
Intent on murder display
Justified by their collective hate
Hatred's only Indictment:
A different religion, class and race
Doth the Heaven's weep?
When the wealthy and rich
Declare envy in class warfare
Turning to Marie Antoinette's deaf ear
And the poor partake of Stalin's hate
Tell me, doth the Heaven's weep?
At the sound of angry parents;
Neglected children;
Unruly teens and desperate mobs!
Doth the Heaven's weep?
As the needle marks another arm
Stolen voices and sold out virtue
Streets filled with sewage and fear
Forgotten and weakened souls
Devoured by others
All for the social game
And claim, the weak may be preyed
Upon by the strong
Or is this Satan's song?
Doth the Heaven's weep?
Lost faith, forsaken hope
And anger instead of love
Doth the Heaven's weep?


Time moves forward in perfect beat
And unjust deeds come to meet
Judgments steady accounting
To consummate a life chosen wrong
Fearful schemes, deceitful lies, trickery
And foolish alibis
Will be brought to light
Justice shall overtake
The wrongdoer's flight
For all to see
The wicked soul's destiny


What is the white dove's song?
It is the song of peace!
At our Lord's baptism
The white dove flew for peace!
Peace as water!
Peace as fire!
Peace on land and air!
A new birth
Filled with peace!
Heavenly messenger's faire
The white dove's song
Should fly over every angry mob
Every clashing army
Every distressed city
And sing the joyous song of peace!


To you my lady
I grant my heart
To you sweet beauty inspires
To you my lady
I entrust my soul
To you I will never depart
Although, long run the rivers dry
My dear,
Sweet waters still run through
Like rivers of love, my lady,
Love's true devotion to you
Although, the stars may fade with time
My dear,
My love will always burn
Bright for you
Eternal stars of loves affection
Love's deep warmth for you
To keep, to honor and cherish
My lady, is love's devotion true
All for your love, my lady
Hearts true devotion, to you,
My eternal Lady
Forever belongs my heart to you


Love is a kinder song
Than hatred play
Love is gentler touch
Than violence's range
Love is a softer sound
Than enraged feats
Love is a calming voice
Than jealously impeach
Love is a soothing call
Than envies harsh beckon
Love is a transcendent emotion
Than lusts momentary plea
Love is a dove
And hate a vulture
Love calls a child forth
Violence the vulture


Time begets our living earth
And mother earth breathes
Life into mortal thought
Mortals press on for eternal life
Nature, Life, Earth, Fire and Water
Inspire life's flaming destiny
Heaven and Earth
In God's workshop


The little things in life
Like a small spring
Moves heaven and earth
To bring out spring
To curb the winter cold
And to enjoy autumn leaves
And summer sounds
It is the little things in life
That creates a life time of memories


The vampires tale is a very strange tell
A tale of suspense, intrigue and dark shadows
Shadows in the night
And by twilights dwindling light
Of bloodletting strain
And cultish refrain
And the undead undying pain
To incite ungodly acts and deeds
In the dead of night
Filled with horrific scenes
And bloodlust signs in disguise
Disquiet the night
The undead walks to consume
And uncherished sight
To the vampires delight
A soul condemned to eternal night
Always hiding from the light
The price of bloodlust and eternal night
And ungodly screams haunting
The souls requiting keep

(Or Dandelions, daffodils' and daisies)

My children love the bubbling brook
The sound of hummingbirds and butterflies
The bark of their doggies dear
Playing near the water's edge
On green meadows
Full of dandelions, daffodils and daisies
Over the rocks and the bridge
My little children see the deer
And the bubbling brook
Speak volumes to my children's ears!
Now, those sweet days of wonderment
Long since past so dear
Sometimes, I often wonder
Do my children still hear?
The sound of the bubbling brook
Speaking to their ears
And do they tell their children
Of times in childhoods wonder
Listening to the voice of the bubbling brook
And think of yesteryears
Dandelions, daffodils and daisies


In the time before the apocalypse
The Skies were heavy and dark
And the white dove of peace
Had been seen flying away from earth
The rains began to pour
The oceans began to heave
The winds began to loudly howl
And in the dark sky a fearsome sight
Four fearful riders approaching
On horses wild and free
Riding ghastly across the sky
Unleashing judgment without mercy
By God's solemn decree
Warning mortals of earth's destiny!
Judgment, fire and accountability
The apocalypse legacy
The sky began to darken
And blocked the stars shine
The moon turned blood red
And produced an strange sign
Mortals in fear and wonderment
Divided into camps
The wicked on every city street corner
Against God began to chant!
Enraged by loss of wealth
Murder each mob sought
Rants against goodly deeds
And every act of kindness
Only to seek revenge
And plunder God's flock
The goodly fell on bended knee
When the moon turned to blood
And sought divine forgiveness
For every misdeed
Suddenly a light flashed
Across the hellish black sky
Many thought it was lightening
And others thought it was a meteor
In decaying orbit bound for earth
And among the goodly
Many bowed their heads
On bended knees
In an instant taken up
To meet their Lord and King!


The wild eye people
Stand dazed and confused
Before the Neon lights and signs
Bowed in prayer to flashing lights
And turning gambling wheels
Speculation excites; negligence betrays
The rush of adrenaline appeals
The God of speculation rule!
The siren's songs and temptress betrayal
The people in arrogant worship
For today they gamble on speculation rush
Without remorse thought pertinence is their lot
On that fateful day!
In a flash just outside of cash
Nature's God proclaims
Majestic skies and tall beautiful forests
And the sound of birds symphonies
Wondrous brooks and brooding sky
Heralds the King of Kings
In softer voices and more gentle times
Bespeaks nature's redemptive song!
But the people to their Neon Gods proclaim
Too busy to see what nature brings
Or the more subtle sounds of nature's wealth
Because the gambler's cash is their king
In their wild-eyed frenzy!


No, My Lord,
You may not touch my breasts
You may not kiss my neck
You promise me tonight
You are forever mine
But in the morning
Will you forget?
You may be Lord
Of this castle keep
But of my body
I must freely give!
When I am full with child
Will your promises forget?
To night
You pledge your life and honor
To gain a sweet kiss
But in the morn will you forget?
And when our baby is born
Will you turn in scorn?
And deny that we ever met!
Thus, no my Lord!
No breast shall you touch
Nor neck shall you kiss
Neither partakes of my delights
Unless on bended knee
You betrothal request!


If the stars in heaven shall shine
Thy beauty will outshine even the stars!
If the sun light is brighter than blinding light
Thy smile will outshine the brightest sun's rays
If the moon highlights the stars light
And dances as the earth's jewels
Thy beauty will never fade
And thine eyes are more gifted
Than the beauty of the earth's jewels
For thy walk is more precious
Than the earth's most brilliant rubies
And thy glance is more breathtaking
Than the earth's most penetrating diamond
The earth is thy carpet
And the sky is thy covering
The stars embroider thy beauty
And the sun highlights thy eyes
For sweet is thy smile
And blessed is your gaze
For thy beauty stands to amaze!
And if the stars fell from grace
Your beauty still lights the way
Through any dark haze!

(Consolation for the heart)

A tempest in a tea pot
Can burn a hand
A stitch in time
May not always save nine
And all wounds may
Not heal with time
But faith in God above
And hope tomorrow can be bright
With love in your heart
Can certainly help any broken heart!


To thee, my Love
I sing sweet songs of praise
Thy beauty fills my heart
Like the sound of rushing waters
My heart is full of thy love
Like a fresh pure pool
Of waters gushing from rushing waters
Filled with lover's warmth
Adorn my heart and soul
To Gods, my love
I sing sweeter songs of praise
For having created thy beauty
As a gift to mortal eye
Thine walk is as poetry
And thy movement as a symphony
Movement with heavenly grace
My mortal heart fully declares
What beauty did the Gods create?
A sweet song for mortals to embrace!


Heaven descends to dwell
Amidst this mortal orb
On love's golden cord
Heaven's highway to this earthly sphere
When love is spoken here
A newborn babies' cry
A child's tear
Healed by mother's loving touch
And grandma's quiet sigh
Her grandchild's admiring reply
Shows love's unbroken bonds
Faith's charming sanctity
Hopes deliberate seal
Father's petitioned prayer
And brother's watchful eye
Sisters loving protective hug
Brings a calming pace
Temples hallowed halls
Heavenly parents eternal embrace
When families in prayer knell
Know well, heaven's descends to dwell
When love is spoken here
This mortal orb
Takes on heaven's appeal


Pulchritudinem in caelum et maiestatis nubes
Sicut mel dulce munus amantis
Divina scintilla cor
Cor meum ad te, amica mea
In spem tu revertar donum
Sed si vos sumo negligere dilectione mea
Fuero suaviter uos diligunt
Caelum enim est scriptor gratificavit diligatis
Et terram replevit anima vestra
Conturbata sunt viscera mea pro vestra simplex risu
Et scire tua puritas
Sic inflexo genu dilectione mea
Ego coniungetur tibi


Excerpted from In Search of the LOST Volume 2 by Emily Jane, Jeffrey Eugene Elliott. Copyright © 2013 Emily Jane and Jeffrey Eugene Elliott. Excerpted by permission of AuthorHouse.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

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