In Search of the Miraculous: Healing into Consciousness

In Search of the Miraculous: Healing into Consciousness

by Eliza Mada Dalian


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ISBN-13: 9780973877335
Publisher: Expanding Universe Publishing
Publication date: 03/10/2010
Edition description: Revised
Pages: 304
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

Eliza Mada Dalian was born in Armenia. In 1976, at the age of twenty-four, she immigrated to North America, where she soon came across the teachings of the twentieth-century mystics Georges Gurdjieff and Osho. Their words deeply affected her and in spite of her training in education and architecture, she devoted herself to the search for truth and spiritual enlightenment. After years of focused and committed introspection and meditation, she was blessed with several profound experiences that ultimately led to a powerful awakening at the age of thirty-three. This helped her to discover first-hand the truth that all the masters point to: we are not our body, mind, pain, and suffering but rather a manifestation of Love, Consciousness, and Cosmic Joy. This profound and life-altering experience took her some years to integrate into the ordinary world of day-to-day life. In the late 1990s, after leaving behind a career in Social Services, Dalian developed a groundbreaking new healing method - DHM (Dalian Healing Method) - to help people quickly and effortlessly transform their psychological and physical pain and suffering into health and consciousness. Described by many as a medical intuitive, healer, oracle, mystic, and spiritual guide, Dalian has dedicated her life to helping others with their own healing and awakening.

First Chapter

Excerpt from Chapter 1:


While sitting in meditation one day, a deep sadness and despair at the state of the world enveloped me. I felt a thick dark cloud of pain surrounding the planet like a heavy blanket. The pain and weight of it in my soul and in every cell of my body was excruciating. I knew that it was we, humans, who were creating this cloud of pain. Tears welled up from the depth of my being and I wept for myself, for humanity, for trees, for animals, and for the planet. I felt like I was in a dark cave without one ray of sunlight that could light up my soul. I wept and wept. Then, like the calm after a storm, the sobbing stopped and everything became quiet and still. A ray of light suddenly penetrated the dark cave, bringing the warmth of the Sun with it.

I realized then that the Earth is suffering because we are suffering. Regardless of how much we feel separate from one another and the world around us, we all live on the same Earth and breathe the same air. What happens to the animals, trees, and humans anywhere on the planet affects us all. The differences between us are superficial. They only exist in our appearances and minds. Our diverse personalities, perceptions, body constitutions, and the different paths we take on our journey determine how we live in the external world. Internally, however, we are inseparably the same.

Our attachment to our identity creates our suffering. To create a better world, we must first let go of our attachment to our differences. Every one of us needs healing from suffering created by our ideologies, fears, hatred, jealousy, arrogance, resentment, blame, judgments, and lust for power.

Ouridentification with our thoughts, emotions, and beliefs keeps us in unconsciousness. We think if we get more money, the dream job, house, car, and perfect relationship we will be happy. Yet, when we do get what we want, we still feel unfulfilled and want more. We continue to follow our mind's desires, even if they harm us, others, or our planet and its creatures. We continue to suffer when we fail to recognize that satisfaction and inner fulfillment can never be found outside of our being.

To find happiness, we need to surrender our ego-mind and grow in consciousness. Joy and peace are a direct result of a surrendered ego. To surrender the ego and grow in consciousness, we must look inside and understand that our ego-mind has nothing to do with our being. Our being is as mysterious and unknowable as the universe, untouched by the suffering created by the mind.

Love, joy, and peace always exist in the present moment independent of the past or the future. Joy is our nature, an innate part of who we truly are. Our being has nothing to do with our thoughts, emotions, beliefs, or self-identity. Our being does not need healing - it is already healthy by nature. It is like the hollow core of the bamboo flute, empty and silent yet full of divinity and joy of creation when played. The music arises out of the hollow emptiness of the flute the way joy and love arise out of the emptiness of our being.

When we experience our inner truth, we unlock the door to the miraculous nature of existence, and, for the first time, recognize that we have everything we need within us. Our feelings of aloneness, insecurity, abandonment, alienation, and not feeling loved evaporate the moment we experience the purity of our silent being. Within this silence, there is balance, peace, freedom, love, health, and all the happiness we long for.

The closer we get to our transparent innocence, the healthier, more conscious, and whole we become. When we understand and experience first-hand that joy, peace, love, and abundance are the qualities of our own inner being, we begin to manifest the limitless creativity hidden within us.

Our being is our most precious treasure - the miracle that we all seek consciously or unconsciously. This miracle exists at the core of each one of us regardless of our gender, the color of our skin, our beliefs, or religion. To find this miracle, we must tear down our ego's false identity and let go of our attachment to our beliefs, desires, and conditionings. Experiencing and knowing the being has been called enlightenment, self-realization, awakening, liberation, and union with God. I call it healing into consciousness. Healing into consciousness includes both the search and the sudden moment of awakening to the truth that "I am what I have been searching for." Like the phoenix that is reborn out of its own ashes, we are healed into consciousness through the fire of our destroyed ego-mind.


Everything within the universe, including humans, already exists in its true nature. Unfortunately, we try to discover the truth of existence outside of our own nature. Instead of looking within to find the source and mystery of existence, we focus our eyes on the horizon outside of ourselves. Whether we are aware of it or not, our genuine search for truth begins when we ask the most fundamental questions: Who am I? Where did I come from? Why am I here? Why do I do what I do? What will happen to me when I die? To find the answers to these questions we must let go of our attachment to who we think we are. If we keep looking in and continue questioning, we will eventually realize that it is impossible to find the answers with the mind alone. It's not enough to hear or think about the truth, we must experience it for ourselves if we are to truly know it.

In Zen, they call the search for Truth the search for the "original face." The original face is our pure essence before our personalities, beliefs, and conditionings covered it like layers of the onion covering its inner emptiness. Each one of us is responsible for searching and finding the original face for ourselves. To uncover it, we must embrace the present moment and the unknown it contains.

What stops us from finding the original face is our mind's fear of losing our ego-identity and disappearing into the unknown. We are afraid of the unknown because in the unknown our ego-mind cannot function. Out of fear, we cling to what we know and are familiar with: our past, our beliefs, and our relationships. Instead of embracing the unknown moment to moment, we avoid it by distracting ourselves with different activities like working, eating, having sex, watching TV, smoking, fantasizing about the future, etc. When we search for happiness in the future, we miss living the abundant joy that is already present inside us every moment.

To live in joy and fully manifest our true potential, we must let go of our desires and attachment to the past and the future and be excited about living in the unknown. If we can live in the unknown, no matter how afraid we are of losing what is familiar and known, all our problems will quickly vanish. The miraculous is the unknown, which is always revealed moment to moment in the stillness of the present.


Health is a state of consciousness. It has nothing to do with age, illness, or even the health of the body or mind. Whether we are aware of it or not, every step we take towards healing is a step towards consciousness. Everything we do in life is part of our healing journey towards the ultimate health of our true nature.

Only consciousness can heal our pain and suffering. Each moment contains an opportunity to awaken from the suffering of the ego-mind into the health of consciousness. Our bodies are full of suppressed thoughts, emotions, fears, desires, insecurities, and judgments. These create and sustain our ego-mind. In our unconsciousness, we keep our identification and attachment to our body, emotions, desires, and the world. Many unconscious thoughts and emotions are stored layer upon layer as patterns hardwired into our body's cells. These patterns create energetic blocks in the body and cause physical and psychological pain and suffering. We heal into consciousness by peeling away these layers.

Only in our thoughts is there happiness and unhappiness, right and wrong, birth and death. When we stay identified with this ever-changing play of opposites that only exists in our mind, we fail to see what is permanent - the eternal presence of our being. As we get closer and closer to our being, we gradually move away from the duality of the mind and transform the ego into consciousness.

All our physical and psychological ailments point us to where we need to focus our attention so we can transform our energy into consciousness. Usually, we believe that our pain is a misfortune that needs to be fixed, but in fact, all pain (physical, mental, and emotional) is a necessary step towards becoming conscious. When we try to avoid pain, loneliness, and death, we also avoid finding our being.

In a very real way, all pains are growing pains. When we are ready to heal from an unconscious belief or behavior pattern, we experience symptoms such as pain, anxiety, depression, and ill health. If we try to fix something on the outside instead of trying to find out the cause of our ailments from within, we continue to suffer. When we let go of our identification with who we think we are, our body and DNA literally change. Healing into consciousness is the most arduous task that can ever be undertaken. There are many fears, obstacles, and ups and downs along the way. We need courage and trust to face the darkness of our unconscious. If we persevere and stay committed to our awakening, the journey will become easier and we will even begin to enjoy it and be excited by it. No matter how intense our pain and suffering, if we stay devoted to our healing journey, we will undoubtedly come face to face with the miraculous that abides within our own existence.


For those of you who are beginning your healing journey consciously, and for those of you who are already on your way, it might be helpful to think of your healing journey as a kind of "school of life," a process similar to our educational system. The school of life can be divided into seven stages that correspond to Pre-school, Elementary, High School, Undergraduate University, Graduate University, PhD Student, and finally Professor. Unlike the school system, however, this process is not linear, and the stages are not distinct, but rather subtly blend into one another. The stage at which you start your healing journey depends on the level of self-awareness you bring from your previous lives and your understanding of the journey itself. As you progress through the school of life, your awareness of yourself and the world increases and your consciousness expands. Depending on your choices and level of consciousness, you may move through some stages faster than others.

(The descriptions of each phase and Q & A section follow to complete this chapter...)

Table of Contents


Acknowledgements xiii
Editor's Introduction xiv

Looking In: The Conscious Search
Healing: The Journey into Consciousness
Where Am I? The Seven Stages of the Healing Journey
Witnessing: The Key to Healing into Consciousness
Meditation: The Tool for Strengthening the Inner Witness
NOW is the Time and YOU are the Place
Questions and Answers about the Healing Journey

What Is Ego?
The Purpose of the Ego
The Seven Stages of the Ego's Development
Questions and Answers about the Ego's Development

What Prevents Us from Surrendering?
Learning to Surrender
The Power of Surrender
Healing into Consciousness through the Seven Paths of Surrender
The Paradox
Questions and Answers about Surrendering to What Is

Silence: The Key to Ultimate Health
From Silence to Sound
From Sound to Thought
From Thought to Consciousness
Thoughts and Emotions Are One
Five Characteristics of Thought
The Four Stages of Healing into Consciousness
Eleven Practical Ways of Moving Beyond Thoughts
Questions and Answers about Thought

The Absolute: Our Original Home
The Beginning of Life
Leaving Home: The Descending Journey Through the Seven Bodies / Chakras
The Purpose of the Human Body
The Ascending Journey Home: The Journey of Healing into Consciousness
The Seven Bodies
Stumbling Blocks Along the Healing Journey
Purifying the Seven Bodies
Completing the Ascending Journey at Death
Questions and Answers about the Seven Bodies and Chakras

1st Chakra: Foundation of Life
2nd Chakra: Ensuring the Survival of the Physical Body
3rd Chakra: Developing Self-Power and Decision-Making Ability
4th Chakra: Transforming Instinctual Lust into Unconditional Love
5th Chakra: Developing Individuality and Freedom of Expression
6th Chakra: Developing Wisdom and Intelligence and Discovering Your Being
Signs of the third eye opening
Pitfalls and dangers surrounding the opening of the third eye
7th Chakra: Dissolving the Ego
Physical signs of experiencing death and leaving the body
Completing unfinished business
Transcending the fear of death while still alive
The gift
Questions and Answers about Healing the Ego in the Seven Chakras

The Three Veils of Illusion (personal, collective, cosmic)
The World: Our Mirror Image
Self-Observation: the Key to Breaking through the Three Veils of Illusion
How to Break through the Personal Veil of Illusion
Signs of the Personal Veil Breaking
How to Break through the Collective Veil of Illusion
Signs of the Collective Veil Breaking
How to Break through the Cosmic Veil of Illusion
Signs of the Cosmic Veil Breaking
Questions and Answers about the Three Veils of Illusion


Once Upon a Time
Another Opportunity_to Awaken
The Search
The Awakening
The World
New Beginning

Embracing the Light

What People are Saying About This

Deepak Chopra

I enjoyed reading Mada's book, In Search of the Miraculous ~ Healing Into Consciousness. It has the ring of authenticity and offers a simple and elegant map of the path of enlightenment."

Jerry Gin

For anyone interested in learning about the state of enlightenment and achieving it, Mada's book is essential reading. (Jerry Gin, Ph.D, Biochemist, Director, Foundation for Mind Being Research)

Constance Kellough

This book is absolutely loaded with wonderful content, clearly expressed, and very, very helpful. It is for serious people who are committed to their personal and spiritual growth. (Constance Kellough, publisher and author of The Leap: Are You Ready to Live a New Reality?)

Pat Baccili

There are many books that I get across my desk, and many of them are amazing, but every once in a while I get a book that is extraordinary, and this [IN SEARCH OF THE MIRACULOUS: Healing into Consciousness] is one of those books... There is going to come a day when we are not going to talk about healing as miraculous. Though we are not there yet, thanks to the work of Eliza Mada Dalian, her book, and her healing method that day will come much quicker! (Pat Baccili, The Dr. Pat Show)

Albert Sturm

This book is an invaluable owner's manual for spiritual growth and transformation - a must read for any serious seeker! Like a lighthouse in a foggy world, Mada Dalian offers many meaningful and valuable insights and shows how to navigate one's life through the perplexities and paradoxes of our human existence. Had I read this book twenty years ago, it would have spared me much pain, time, and unnecessary effort. (Albert Sturm, BA Humanities, broadcaster)

L. Elstrom

For those who seek enlightenment, this book is a sparkling jewel. Bursting with specific exercises and extraordinary meditations to help heal individual blockages, the book is supremely practical. I found it to be both a thought-provoking mind feast and a step-by-step roadmap to healing. Eliza Mada Dalian belongs right alongside Eckhart Tolle and Byron Katie as a master teacher. I will use her book for a long time to come. (L. Elstrom, Ashville, NC.)

Sandra Sedgbeer

In Search of the Miraculous: Healing into Consciousness goes a lot further than Eckhart Tolle's work because when he tells you about the what Mada actually demonstrates the how. (Sandra Sedgbeer, author of 6 books)

Peter D. Marshall

In his book The Hero with a Thousand Faces, Joseph Campbell writes: 'A hero ventures forth from the world of common day into a region of supernatural wonder: fabulous forces are there encountered and a decisive victory is won: the hero comes back from this mysterious adventure with the power to bestow boons on his fellow man.' Mada's life journey took her on a long and rocky road of trials until she found the path that led her out of the dark forest - the path to consciousness. With this amazing book, which most of us can resonate with, Mada has 'returned from her adventure' to shine her bright light along our road of trials to help each one of us find our own path out of the dark forest. (Peter D. Marshall, filmmaker)

Jennifer Anderson

A timely and profoundly helpful book for anyone who is ready to transform their life. Reading the book is a meditation and a practice unto itself. I repeatedly experienced a deep vastness and silence that the words seemed to effortlessly float upon.The book is compassionately written with a deep reverence for that which cannot be expressed and yet powerfully points our awareness to it.I found myself looking forward to sitting down with the book every day and enjoying the centering effect it had on me. Mada's telling of her story through her many lives is most inspirational. Reading it gave me understanding, hope, and encouragement for my own journey. It is exciting to read something that is such a beacon of transformation, healing, and consciousness. (Jennifer Anderson, mental health worker)

Deva Premal

In the many years of knowing Eliza Mada Dalian personally, I have come to appreciate and honor her as a deep, courageous, and mystical soul. This book reflects her qualities in such a way that it can be a guiding light on the spiritual path. (Deva Premal, international recording artist)

Stephanie Walker

In Search of the Miraculous: Healing into OCnsciousness is among the most spiritually powerful, inspiring, and fulfilling books I have ever read. It provided me with incredible wisdom and insight on the practical steps I need to take to connect with my true self and live a life of lasting and unshakable joy. Applying these steps to my own life has instigated profound personal growth and transformation. This book will be an extremely valuable tool for anyone embarking on their spiritual journey with sincerity and dedication. Mada Dalian revisits the same essential message from many angles, providing a sustenance beyond the words that makes me want to read the book again and again. (Stephanie Walker, BA Psychology)

Rob Spears

This book is an essential how-to manual for living in the Now... (Rob Spears, Conscious Talk Radio)

Tracy Austin

This is a wonderful book and much needed for the world. In this book, Eliza Mada Dalian has carefully covered all the bases of human spiritual growth and transformation. She makes a lot of very insightful observations about how the human mind works and the frustration we create for ourselves with the ego. I highly recommend this book with its clear, engaging instruction and straightforward presentation of spiritual insights. This book is full of kindness, love, blessings, and soul: It will open your heart! It would be a worthy addition to the collection of anyone interested in the spiritual journey and learning to bring the mind and thoughts into the NOW! (Dr. Tracy Austin, Ph.D)

Kim H. Roth

Reading the book has been a transformative experience. It is somehow magically filled with the love and graciousness that Mada Dalian emanates herself. Each time I read it, I felt myself becoming more and more centered to the point where it seemed the words actually entered my being and filled me with light. As if that wasn't enough, the book is absolutely packed full of practical, simple suggestions and exercises for healing that can be easily integrated into today's lifestyle. This is a book I will refer to over and over again. I will eagerly recommend it to all those I work with, as well as family and friends. (Kim H. Roth, MA, Body-centered Psychotherapist, Ashtanga Yoga Teacher)

Dorle Kneifel

The concepts covered in this book take the concepts covered in Eckhart Tolle's books a couple of notches further. I am quite excited about this book because there is a lot of new material to integrate into my toolkit of understanding, which to me doesn't happen very often. It feels like a new door opening and a whole bunch of work is now possible. (Dorle Kneifel, M.D.)

Anna Amendolagine

This is a book not to be missed by those who want to start their search for liberation from fear and pain. Just reading it is a healing experience in itself. It's a step-by-step guide to the journey into consciousness. The author explains things in such a simple and clear way that it is impossible not to understand. This is a book not to be missed also by those who are already on their way to self-realization because it helps them to take a further step towards the miraculous. (Anna Amendolagine, M.A. Cultural Heritage, freelance journalist)

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In Search of the Miraculous: Healing into Consciousness 3.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Reading this book has transformed my life beyond words. This book is friendly and extremely practical, making the concept of enlightenment actually seem achievable. The book allows ease to set in a true seeker. I have subsequently met with the author and feel like a renewed human being. I genuinely feel I have moved forward "lifetimes" and am so grateful to have found this gem of a book which led me to Mada Thank you Mada dearest.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Spirit479JM More than 1 year ago
For many years I have been drawn to read books related to spirituality and personal growth. And, I've always found that the ideal book for me to read at a particular time has come across my path at precisely that time. I definitely found this to be the case with "In Search of the Miraculous" as well. This truly is a wonderful book, as it delves deeply into the elusive subject of "enlightenment" in extensive detail, uniquely combining insightful, inspiring, and thought-provoking content with practical "how-to" suggestions. The author authentically shares her life experiences and philosophy without coming across as some guru who has it all figured out. The book is very well-written and smartly organized, and makes for very interesting reading. It is ideally suited for people who have been on the path of spiritual growth for many years, as there are some intensive metaphysical concepts addressed within it that may be a bit too far out on the curve for newcomers to that path. If you are an experienced "seeker," I feel very confident that you'’ll find solid value in this work. Here's one of my favorite passages from it: "Your fear is a blessing. It is giving you an opportunity to disidentify from your mind and learn to trust the unknown. The mind can never trust or surrender. Trust always happens through intelligence and consciousness. The mind always asks for guarantees, but life never offers any. Life unfolds moment to moment, and each moment arises as a result of the moment that was surrendered before it. Life is a surprise that always arises out of the unknown. You can either embrace the unknown and live it fully and joyously, or resist it and live in pain, fear, and struggle."
Cadence7 More than 1 year ago
This book came to me at an opportune time to open my eyes on how to become more present, more fulfilled in life, and understand myself and this journey-opened me up to a whole new understanding. It has expanded my awareness of a deeper purpose, and given me deeper roots. There is such an unwavering wisdom behind this book that the doubtful mind cannot compete - the message resonates within at a deeper level of understanding and trust. I am so grateful to have come across this book and have the consciousness within it spark the consciousness within me back to life! I loved it so much because it really talks to how I can heal myself and become more conscious - showed me how to move through things that were stopping me from being happy, finding inner peace, finding purpose. Having this book as a guide is so powerful because it is a comprehensive, all-encompassing description of the stages everyone goes through on the journey to greater health and consciousness. I especially like how it provides awareness to the road blocks that occur.this makes the process so much less daunting as you can move past the blocks as bumps in the road instead of feeling alone at the edge of a cliff. It brings a clarity and everything starts to make so much more sense! Mada's work has opened a whole new dimension of existence for I know there is another level of being and have this reference guide that can continue to show me the way. Thank you thank you!
creativebvision More than 1 year ago
There are many profound insights, suggestions and signposts for every seeker of truth. It's a refreshing and timeless book. I refer back to it every now and then. Each time I read it I discover something new and deeper within myself.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago