In The Beginning

In The Beginning

by Pastor Gloria M Taylor-Boyce


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In the Beginning: Masterfully crafted from the teachings and wisdom of Pastor Dr. Gloria Taylor-Boyce, 'In The Beginning" helps readers remove the barriers, inferiority and limitations between them and a life of plenty. Pastor Dr. Taylor-Boyce's first goal is to get readers back in control of their own thoughts and then, after helping them understand why they can live their dreams, kick-starting a powerful journey of organizing their thoughts to guarantee positive results. Everything follows God's bold example, and the volume has already been hailed a "stellar work" by critics. If there's one universal plague in humanity, it's the crippling and self-limiting belief that a life of plenty and prosperity is reserved for "other people" other than one's own self. As a passionate and dedicated Pastor, Dr. Gloria Taylor-Boyce has seen this mind-set embedded into every facet of society. However, though her powerful new book, Pastor Dr. Taylor-Boyce is out to prove that people can have anything they want in life.In The Beginning calls on foundational principles of the Christian faith to lay out a proven blueprint to afford each and every reader the cornucopia they have been searching for their entire lives. All it requires is an unshakable belief in God, a few simple thought adjustments and enough brevity to embark on a new life with gusto.Synopsis:Are you secretly afraid of losing what you already have? Fear of losing what you already have will keep you from being prosperous. These are the deep truths embedded in this book. Many people live with the belief that there are plenty of excellent things in this world-luxury, beautiful houses, opportunity for travel for others but just not for them. They settle into and accept the conviction that these things do not belong to them but are for a different class of people. They place limits on themselves and accept the lie that "those things" are not for them. Thoughts of inferiority and lack and limitation cause you to erect bars between you and plenty. This book is going to remove those bars once and for all. Did you know that life is just waiting for you to lift up your eyes? Until you become conscious of expansion, expansion will not be conscious that you exist. The moment you start lifting up your eyes, things will start rising for you. Jesus lifted up his eyes to heaven and the bread started multiplying. Everything in life waits for you to give it a lift. You have to lift up your eyes above material things and see only Spirit. Let this book by Pastor Dr. Gloria Taylor-Boyce give you that helping hand. The Holy Spirit knows that all you need is a little hand up, and you can take it from there, for all things are ready when the mind is ready. This book will help you to still your mind so you can begin to see the manifestation of your desires. "Everybody knows the phrase "bad things only happen to good people" and, while that could be true to some extent, the absolute truth is that the solution often lies just beyond the problem, but people are too wrapped up in the negative to see it," explains Pastor Dr. Taylor-Boyce. "This book is about seeing the solution by stepping back, shifting consciousness and not taking anything personally. Nobody knows what is in your world, and you don't have to agree with their negativity toward you."Continuing, "The best thing is that the entire book is presented as a "wash, rinse and repeat" system; something that can be replicated as many times as necessary throughout life, when you catch curveballs. It's time to get back in the driver's seat and realize that you not only can live your dreams, but you deserve to."

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