In the Beginning was the Image: The Omnipresence of Pictures: Time, Truth, Tradition

In the Beginning was the Image: The Omnipresence of Pictures: Time, Truth, Tradition


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ISBN-13: 9783631678602
Publisher: Lang, Peter Publishing, Incorporated
Publication date: 12/15/2016
Series: Visual Learning Series , #6
Edition description: New
Pages: 190
Product dimensions: 5.83(w) x 8.27(h) x (d)

About the Author

András Benedek is Professor and Head at the Department of Technical Education, Budapest University of Technology and Economics. He has published several papers on human resource development issues.

Ágnes Veszelszki is Senior Assistant in Hungarian Linguistics at the Corvinus University of Budapest. Her research interests are focused on the impact of infocommunication technology on the (Hungarian) language.

Table of Contents

Contents: Ágnes Veszelszki: Preface – Kristóf Nyíri: Towards a Theory of Common-Sense Realism – Sybille Krämer: Truth in Testimony: Or can a documentary film ‘bear witness’? Some reflections on the difference between discursive and existential truth – Valeria Giardino: Space and Action to Reason: from Gesture to Mathematics – Daniel L. Golden: Visual management of time – Javier E. Carreño: Husserl on the Right Timing of Depictions – Petra Aczél: Rediscovering the Visual in Rhetorical Tradition: Persuasion as Visionary in Suasory Discourse – Timothy Barney: The Rhetorical Lives of (Cold War) Maps – Orsolya Tünde Endrődy-Nagy: Paintings and Illuminated Manuscripts as Sources of the History of Childhood: Conceptions of Childhood in the Renaissance – Krisztina Szabó: Digital and Visual Literacy: The Role of Visuality in Contemporary Online Reading – Gergely Havasmezői: Images in the Hungarian Online News – Trischa Goodnow: The Selfie Moment: The Rhetorical Implications of Digital Self Portraiture for Culture – James E. Katz and Elizabeth Thomas Crocker: Selfies as interpersonal communication – Ágnes Veszelszki: #time, #truth, #tradition. An image-text relationship on Instagram: photo and hashtag – Matthew Crippen: Dewey on Arts, Sciences and Greek Philosophy – András Benedek: SysBook as a Visual

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