In the Devil's Toolbox: The Hidden Tools Used by the Devil to Gain

In the Devil's Toolbox: The Hidden Tools Used by the Devil to Gain "Legal Access" to Your Life, Part One: Emotions-A Hiding Place for Demons

by Richard Oswalt
In the Devil's Toolbox: The Hidden Tools Used by the Devil to Gain

In the Devil's Toolbox: The Hidden Tools Used by the Devil to Gain "Legal Access" to Your Life, Part One: Emotions-A Hiding Place for Demons

by Richard Oswalt


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Have you or your family members given the Enemy "legal access" to your life?

Billy Graham one wrote, “the wars among nations on earth are mere popgun affairs compared to the fierceness of battle in the spiritual unseen world.” A battle in which mankind is both the pawns—and the prize. And, emotions are one of the devil’s favorite tools to engage us in this battle.
Do you struggle with poor self-image or low self-worth? Have you held onto grudges or resentments for extended periods of time? When you look into your past, can you recall physical abuse, mental abuse, sexual abuse, fears and phobias, or repeated generational issues? Have you, your parents, or your grandparents ever dabbled in the Occult, witchcraft, Satanism, New Ageism, drug use, Voodoo, Eastern religions, or solicited contact with any demonic entity?
If you answered “yes” to any of these questions . . . then you may have given the devil “legal access” to your life.

Crack open In the Devil’s Toolbox and discover . . . 
• The spiritual entities we battle, and the weapons of this warfare
• The hidden game plans of Satan and his host of demons
• The three heavens referred to in Scripture—two of them are battle zones
• The Laws of the Spiritual Realm . . . not knowing them leaves you completely exposed to the Enemy
• What conduct can give the devil “legal access” to your life
• How your emotions can become hiding places for demons
• The three different levels of spiritual warfare, and the characteristics of each
• Steps to determine if you are suffering from a demonic stronghold or bondage
• The mighty weapons of warfare God gives us to demolish Satan’s assaults
• Instruction for breaking free of Satan’s grasp and experiencing true freedom in Christ

The devil’s deepest desire is to keep you from accepting Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior. If he fails at this, he attempts to trap you into his strongholds and bondages to destroy your witness for Christ, and lead to your demise. Receive instruction for breaking free from the devil’s hold on your life, so you can experience true freedom in Christ.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781943027453
Publisher: Electric Moon Publishing
Publication date: 04/20/2021
Pages: 300
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.20(d)

About the Author

Richard (Dick) Oswalt has practiced law in the state of Kansas for over thirty years. In his early thirties, he had a bout with spiritual warfare that forever changed his life. "Growing up in the Presbyterian Church, I had never even heard the term 'spiritual warfare' let alone knew what it was," he remarked. Forced to confront an issue that he didn't understand or even knew existed, Dick spent the next twenty years developing his knowledge of the true nature of spiritual warfare, the spiritual laws that this war operates under, and why it destroys so many lives. When Jesus said the Spirit of the Lord was upon Him to proclaim deliverance to the captives (Luke 4:18, BLB), one of the areas that He came to deliver us from was Satan's strongholds and bondages. The Bible tells us that Satan's objective is to kill, steal, and destroy mankind, and he uses his strongholds and bondages to do just that. This book is designed to teach the untaught on this important subject known as spiritual warfare-a subject every believer needs to understand-a subject greatly overlooked by the Church-and a subject the devil hopes you never learn. For those who refuse to believe such things exist, it matters not to the spiritual entities that roam the earth and inflict harm and torment on those who fall subject to their ways. For more information on this and other titles by Richard E. Oswalt, J. D. please visit www.

Table of Contents

Introduction 9

Section 1 The Invisible Battle 15

1 What Devil? 17

2 Isn't the Devil Confined to Hell? 19

3 The Three Heavens 23

4 Scientific Evidence of the Three Heavens 31

5 How Did Satan Obtain His Authority in This World Anyway? 35

6 Why Didn't Someone Tell Me about Spiritual Warfare? 39

7 Our Three Sources of Attack: The Devil, the World, and the Flesh 41

8 Laws of the Spiritual Realm 53

9 Identifying the Devil's "Legal Access" Points (Thoughts, Actions, Occult/Witchcraft, Drug Use, Sexual Abuse, and At God's Discretion) 61

Section 2 Our Emotions 79

10 Our Emotions Can Be Used Against Us 81

11 Thoughts-The Origin of Our Emotions 89

12 The Heart-Gatekeeper of Our Emotions 95

13 Our Three Emotional Vulnerabilities (Temptation, Accusation, and Salvation) 97

14 The Three Levels of Spiritual Warfare 105

Section 3 Our Defenses 113

15 Our Authority Over the Devil's Assaults 115

16 The Weapon of Prayer 127

17 The Weapon of God's Word (God's Promises) 135

18 The Weapon of God's Power and Authority (Deliverance) 141

19 The Whole Armor of God 155

20 The Good News about the Toolbox 161

Section 4 In the Devil's Toolbox 171

The Devil's 15 Emotional Tools of Attack 173

Tool #1 Fear 179

Tool #2 Worry 187

Tool #3 Regret / Abortion 191

Tool #4 Guilt 197

Tool #5 Anger / Rage 203

Tool #6 Doubt 207

Tool #7 Negativity 213

Tool #8 Anxiety / PTSD 217

Tool #9 Pride 223

Tool #10 Lust / Sexual Sins / Pornography 229

Tool #11 Insecurity / Lack of Self-Worth 237

Tool #12 Hopelessness / Despair / Depression / Suicide 243

Tool #13 Jealousy / Envy 255

Tool #14 Unforgiveness / Resentment 259

Tool #15 Rejection 263

Appendix 275

About the Author 277

Notes 279

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