In the End -The Beginning: The Life of Hope

In the End -The Beginning: The Life of Hope

by Jurgen Moltmann
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Augsburg Fortress, Publishers


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In the End -The Beginning: The Life of Hope

''In my end is my beginning,'' wrote T. S. Eliot, and Jürgen Moltmann's new book is a powerful testament to personal hope in chaotic, even catastrophic times.

As Moltmann's award-winning volume The Coming of God laid out the systematic framework of eschatology (the doctrine of the ''last things''), so here he explores the personal meaning of that fundamental affirmation for Christians. Debunking the classic images of Christian apocalyptic scenarios, the final struggle between God and Satan, Christ and the Antichrist-Armageddon-Moltmann instead shows that Christian expectation of the future has nothing to do with these but everything to do with new beginnings and a horizon of hope. Three parts explore three particular beginnings: birth (childhood and youth), rebirth (failures and defeats), and resurrection (death, judgment, afterlife).

This brief volume promises to be one of Moltmann's most personal and compelling books.

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ISBN-13: 9780800636562
Publisher: Augsburg Fortress, Publishers
Publication date: 05/01/2004
Edition description: New Edition
Pages: 196
Sales rank: 717,954
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.42(d)

Table of Contents

Part 1There is a Magic in Every Beginning
IThe Promise of the Child3
The Mystery of the Child: Some Perspectives6
The Messianic Child10
Jesus and Children: The Revaluation of Values12
Hope Which Shines Out for Everyone in Childhood15
IIDoes the Future Belong to the Young?19
The Modern Discovery of Youth20
The German 'Wandervogel' Youth Movement21
The Hitler Youth24
Consumer Children25
The Future Makes Us Young27
Part 2In my End is My Beginning
IIINew Beginnings in Catastrophes: Biblical Catastrophe Theology33
Personal Experiences33
The Flood and the Covenant with Noah: An Archetypal Image of the End of the World36
Israel's Catastrophe and the Beginning of Judaism41
The Golgotha Catastrophe and the Beginning of Christianity45
Catastrophes of the Modern World: An End without a Beginning?48
IVDeliver Us from Evil: God's Righteousness and Justice and the Rebirth of Life53
Critical Reservations about the Traditional Theological Interpretations of the Doctrine of Justification54
The Cry for Justice56
God Is Just when He Brings about Justice61
Jesus Christ--God's Righteousness and Justice in the World of Victims and Perpetrators63
The Resurrection of Christ with the Victims and Perpetrators of Evil74
The Right of Inheritance of God's Children76
The Justification of God77
VThe Spirituality of the Wakeful Senses79
'Could You Not Watch with Me One Hour?'80
Spiritual Paralyses Today81
Praying and Awakening83
'Watchman, What of the Night?'86
VIThe Living Power of Hope87
The Reasonableness of Hope88
The Sin of Despair93
Part 3O Beginning Without Ending ...
VIIIs There a Life after Death?101
Is Death the Finish?101
What Is Left of Life? Are We Mortal or Immortal?103
Where Are the Dead?108
The Future of the Life Cut Short and Spoiled116
VIIIMourning and Consoling119
Experiences of Life and Death Today119
Only Love Can Mourn122
Mourning and Melancholia: A Discussion with Sigmund Freud125
Consolation and the Rebirth to Life129
IXThe Community of the Living and the Dead131
The Ancestor Cult131
Hope for Those Who Have Gone Before133
Prayers for the Dead?136
The Culture of Remembrance137
XWhat Awaits Us?139
What Awaits Us at the Last Judgement?140
Does Hell Threaten?145
Is There Salvation for the Dead?148
'The Restoration of All Things'149
XIEternal Life152
What Are We Asking About?152
How Can Human Life Become Eternal?155
The Time of Eternal Life159
The Place of Eternal Life160
Will the Life We Have Lived Be Preserved in Eternal Life?161
What Can We Know about Eternal Life?163
Earlier Publications Relating to the Subjects Treated Here173

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